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20-07-2007 Chat History

[1] 14:03 (Mod)Moderator:*Spills a tin of paint in Syrnia History page* Whoops...Oh dear what have I done. Oh looks different...

This was the announcement for the new and improved Chat History. It marks the completion of various major changes it's been undergoing. Chat History has been changed to show all chat channels which you are allowed to view.
Only Pirates see Pirate Chat, only Clan Members see their own Clan Chat.

Thanks go out to a few beta testers, and a Chat Mod with an eye for colour.

15-07-2007 Platina smelting

A spot for platina smelting has been discovered. Even though it is not a perfect place for platina smelting, it looks like we're able to smelt platina at certain times.
It's somewhere deep down in Arch. caves...

12-07-2007 Exrollia island

Our 17th map has been added, called Exrolia.
This island is accessible to pirates and all other Syrnians, it adds 9 new locations to explore. Do bring some decent combat gear as there are some nasty creatures over there.
Some unique features are located at Stanro and Mt. Flag. This also finally enables us to bake bread ;).
Oh, if you plan on settling in: You are only allowed to build at Pensax.

The arena fights are now also divided in 4 groups: 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40+. Make sure to collect some medals, they might come in very handy soon...

Broke pirates can now also clean their jail for some extra gold.


07-07-2007 7-7-7 changes

For all who havent noticed yet:
The chat history page has been improved and is much more user friendly.

The clan forums "last replies" now shows the 20 last replies instead of 10, it also groups the replies to topic, like the main forum does.

23-06-2007 The battlemages revised their rules...

The Arena Battlemages have revised their arena rules after a recent fight and wanted to announce them here.

"You are no longer allowed to take locked and unlocked containers with you because they could contain food. We have decided to block all containers, even those without food because we haven't got the time to check all containers."

The battlemages did admire the clever combatants who found out about this food smuggling ;).

21-06-2007 Extra chat channel

A "Game Help" channel has been added as 5th chat channel.
All new players will only be able to use this chat channel, untill completing the tutorial island.

This has been added to save frustrations about new players (Feel free to disable this channel at the Chat Options window !).
However it is not only beneficial to experienced players; The new players will benefit as well as they will be able to get help a lot easier. Experienced players who'd like to help newbie's can join this channel anytime.
A login of a player who logs in at the tutorial island will be shown in the [5]Game Help channel instead of the [1]World chat.

Lol....everyone who saw the update in progress; Calm down next time, was the green color that bad ;) ?
If anyone still see's a green or black channel 5; Just refresh once.

26-05-2007 Back in Business

Syrnia had a downtime of about 72 hours because Syrnia has gone through a complete architectural restructure to enable us to fix bugs and release updates faster than ever, we thank you for your patience. This took longer than expected due to unforeseen problems.
You -might- also notice a bit more speed, but this wasn't part of restructure plans.

The farm crop times had been adjusted to +24 hours, sorry it couldn't be 72.
No gameplay updates have been addded, this was a 'maintaince' update.
We believe there shouldn't be any other problems. If you do notice a problem please message the Bug moderator in-game.
Enjoy Syrnia.

23-05-2007 Server updates

A small warning: Syrnia might be going down for maintenance for an unknown length of time over the next 24 hours. However, hopefully everything goes well without any noticable side-effects.

07-04-2007 Easter eggs

Has the easter bunny lost sense of time?
He was spotted hiding eggs all over Syrnia a few minutes ago !
However, it looks like he did not have enough paint for the Red eggs this year ..

You will be able to search for 7 different colors of eggs the next 25 hours (Yes: 25, thats not a typo!).
So make sure you got some eggs before 23:59 tomorrow.

03-04-2007 Rules update

Syrnias rules have been updated, make sure you've read and understand them all.
The Wallie donation option is nearly finished as well, we are currently awaiting a response from Wallie before launching it.

25-03-2007 This week

There won't be any big updates this week as I am pretty busy with several tests.
I do hope I get a few spare hours to do some minor updates.

Something which will be added this week is the option to donate using a Wallie card. (A.T.M. wallie supports just 3 countries, but they are expanding in Europe).
This is an much easier option to donate for anyone who cannot use a credit card or the other paypal methods.

11-03-2007 Roughnecks

A new type of pirate has been added; The Roughneck (level 24).
It can be used to attack the mainlands.
It costs 15 iron bars, and 4 cooked cods to train.
Pirates: Check skulls nose for details.

You can now only add requested items to the skulls nose stock (you can add up to 25% above the requested amount).

06-03-2007 Serpenthelm Island

Serpenthelm island has been opened.
This islands adds 7 new locations, 4 quests and several monsters and items to Syrnia.
This island is probably very interesting for anyone with a combat level of 7 or higher. You'll also need a few coins for the Rose gate pass and the boat trip.
You can travel by boat to Burning beach via Xanso or Crab nest.
Enjoy this addition.

05-03-2007 Syrnia's 2nd Birthday

Syrnia started exacly 2 years ago. Therefore we've opened the Party Island today, for some extra fun.
If you are curious about Syrnia's history you can read last years birthday news post.

14-02-2007 Serpenthelm

People from a yet unknown island called "Serpenthelm" have come to our islands. They are running a chapel service today which they are used to do on their island. These people can be found at both Barnacle bay and Port Dazar. We will be exchanging map information with these people, if they cooperate we might be able to set off to their island soon. ..this all might have something to do with the increase of roses we've been spotting.

22-01-2007 Donation & Chat

The chat has been updated, this might fix the freezes users have been reporting when using FireFox.

The donation process has been improved: From now on donations will be added instantly & automatically.
Donations still work nearly the same, with just one change;
  1. You go to the support page.
  2. Select the Donation options page and click on the “Make a donation” button.
  3. Paypal will now guide you trough the donation process.
  4. When complete: You will be returned to a Syrnia page where you will be able to select what account(s) do donate for and how much. The ability to add an (anonymous) message has been added too.

10-01-2007 Chat channels

I've add the option to leave/join the current chat channels.
For example; You can now decide to leave the trade channel if you're not interested in trades at the moment.
You can change these settings at the options page.
The Options page has been restyled to fit the new theme.

04-01-2007 Chat system updated

The chat system has been rebuilt, it now offers us different Channelts to chat in.
1: World chat, for everyone.
2: Trade chat, for everyone.
3: Clan chat, chat with your own clan.
4: Pirate chat, pirates only.

Each channel has it's own color.
This new system allows us some nice future updates, like: jonining/leaving channels maybe even pm/emotes.

Thanks to SaucyWhopper for helping me on this update.

30-12-2006 January the 2nd

An event will be organized to celebrate the New Year, have a drink with your Syrnia friends and win some nice prices. All times are 'Syrnia time', you'll see the current Syrnia time at the chat window.You will be able to gather new and/or rare items this day, make sure to show up at least a few minutes!We are also interested in how much players we can get online simultaneously.
The event will be held Tuesday January the 2nd (2007 of course).

Creatures from a country far away are moving towards our Islands…
Time: 15:00 & 21:30.

Syrnia promotion
You can promote Syrnia from now on using your own special link. There will be no rewards per sign-up, but the best 3 promoters (who get the most new players to Syrnia) will be awarded:

1st Silver crown + 3 Locked moldy chests
2nd Silver crown + 1 Blue gift
3rd Bronze crown

The awards will be given at +- 21:00, every new player you refer to Syrnia counts until 21:00 (for this event that is).
If there are some people who have run a very funny/innovative promotion campaign there can be extra prizes.

To use your referral link go to the ‘SUPPORT SYRNIA’ page and click on ‘Promote Syrnia’. Your link will be displayed on this page. Copy and paste this link on forums/msn/email to promote Syrnia and let Syrnia know which members you've referred us.

Beer stalls
There will be various beer stalls available, the exact times are unknown but they’ll be open between 14:00 - 21:00

Desert arena
There will be scheduled desert arena fights:
02:00, 06:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 23:00

The Desert arena medals will be exchangeable for special items soon. Exchanging the medals will be the only way to get these items...

Time schedule
02:00 Desert arena
06:00 Desert arena
10:00 Desert arena
14:00 Desert arena
+-14:00 Beer stalls open
15:00 Strangers...
16:00 Desert arena
18:00 Desert arena
20:00 Desert arena
21:00 Syrnia promotion awards
+-21:00 Beer stalls close
21:30 Strangers...
23:00 Desert arena

There might be even more...

25-12-2006 Christmas

The Syrnia staff wishes you all a merry christmas.
Do not forget(!): Make sure to visit the Santa on Party Island today or tomorrow, I'm sure he's got a present for you !

22-12-2006 Kanzo Island

A new island has been added, this island was created on request.
For similar requests read about the wishes on the 'How to support Syrnia' page.

This island is mainly a high level area and adds some spots for high level related skills. It is only accesible by teleporting.

A note from kenny666 to the rest of the player has been added below:
Syrnians syrnia is a big thing to me and I have been waining to help progress the game for the exp players. I hope the new island is what we needed. I am sorry it took so long to do. Also sorry about what i did. I am happy im still here to be apart of this great game.

01-12-2006 Polls

I've added a poll system, there is currently one poll available.
You will be notified about any active polls at the "logged-in screen" (The screen you get after logging in, not the in-game screen).
This poll should help me to see what's on your minds.

27-10-2006 Forum layout

The forum layout has been updated to make it a lot easier to read.

Various bugfixes have been added too:

-Hatchets, pickaxes, hammers and nets will not break on the tutorial island anymore.
-The 'Invisible players' are fixed.
-Password changing at the options page is fixed.
-Clan tag/name/password changing is fixed.
-The thieving jail time which always displayed "600 seconds" has been fixed.
-Aunna shop bug.
-Fishing error message when an rod breaks.
-Some in-game typos.
-Improved the Donators search option at the forum.

21-20-2006 In-game layout

The in-game layout has been changed a lot.
However, it is not fully done yet, it will be tweaked the next few days. There can be some wrong (text) colors at various places.

Besides the new standard layout an layout change option has been added at the options page.
You will be able to change to an extra layout which is very basic, with only a few images, this will be handy to play Syrnia at work and/or school ;). This layout is still being worked on, the main layout will be finished first.

20-10-2006 Shop searching

The shop item searching has been greatly improved. It used to give only 50% of the items you were looking for in the current location, but it will now show you all correct results. Don't know about Shop searching? You can search for an item in all Syrnia shops, read the trading manual for more details.

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