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17-02-2009 Desert arena & Trophy's

Today we've finally launched the desert arena rewards. Every player can exchange desert arena medals to receive a random item from any of the arena sets(16 new items). There are four arena sets: Equites, Retiarii, Hoplomachi and Samnites. The items from these sets don't require attack/defence levels, but instead require you to have a combat level of 30,50,70 or 90. We also increased the arena fights by about 25%. The arena now has a new group: The 40-150 group has been divided into 40-59 and 60-150

What use are rare items without being able to show them off? At the 12.50 donation level we've added an option to show off an item in a Thropy slot on your character. This 8th slot can contain any item (From the "Worldmap of a new island" to a Syriet axe you can't yet wear). Throphy items can not be damaged in combat, but be carefull; trophies can be lost when dieing. Enchantments/upgrades on trophys are not used. You can edit your Trophy at the Options->Donation options screen. All those who had already donated 12.50 or more can of course use this feature right away.

23-12-2008 Christmas 2008

At 00:01 Syrnia time on 25th December the 2008 Christmas celebrations will commence with the opening of Party Island. You can reach Port Party from Port Senyn, Crab Nest, Burning Beach or Eylsian docks, and this year you will be able to return to your originating port via Port Party. However, do make sure you return to your originating port before 23:59 as otherwise you will be returned to Port senyn or Crabs nest. This celebration will last 24 hours.

We don't like to disappoint so this year will involve the now firm favourates of chest opening competitions and invasions in addition to sitting on Santa's lap. A new "Dress your own Christmas Tree competition" has been created and to add some extra Christmas spice to the day we have introduced one or two new monsters. Who knows you might even find one or two new items!

Can we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support during 2008 and wish you and your family a fun packed Christmas period!

05-11-2008 Moderation and rules changes

We've made some changes regarding the rules and moderation to improve Syrnia for both the staff and the players.

First of all, we updated the rules to be more accurate and relevant. Please read them over again, to look at the changes and to refresh your memory of all of the rules in the game. There were quite a few changes made, but most were minor in nature. We regret to tell you that we don't have a master list of all changes made. The new rules will apply immediately.

To encourage everyone to behave and get used to the new rules, we've cleared all past moderation logs. This means all logs of previous mutes/forumbans etc. have been cleared. These logs are used to determine if a player is a repeat offender. If a player has a big moderation log, the punishments are accordingly. This log clearing is a fresh start for everyone.
There is one minor exception to this: there are a few (3 or 4) players of which we will take their history in account if they return to their old behaviour. Their history has of course also been wiped and we hope everyone will benefit from this.

From time to time, the moderators may send a warning to different chat channels when the situation requires it. This can be send via a whisper or in the public chat, depending on the situation.

Last but not least, we've once again expanded the moderation team. There are also a few more public moderators that you may see from time to time.

As usual we welcome constructive feedback about any of the changes on the feedback forum.

01-09-2008 Game updates: Chat, smithing and more

Region chat

The "Region" chat channel has been added. This channel will allow you to talk to, and hear from, players who are at the same island or cave.
Login messages have also been moved to region chat.

The new region chat should do the community well. You can now talk to players who got the same level range/interest as you, as they are at the same island/cave.
The world chat has not been removed, but it has moved to channel 2.
The chat channel ignore option has been reset because of all the changes, you will need to reselect the channels you want to ignore.

Chat report

A new link has been added next to the chatbar; "Report".
Using this link you can report unacceptable chat behavior. You simply need to enter one or multiple usernames, select one or more channels and add a description. Moderators can then use your report and take action where necessary. The report function has replaced chat tickets. Please note that we've chosen not to give feedback about reports. This saves us a lot of work (just imagine how much reports are sent when someone abuses world chat), but besides that you also do not have to worry about it any more.
We hope that you'll notice that sending in chat reports does help, instead of receiving feedback about every single report.

Adding the chat report function, and the region chat also changes the way that players experience moderators. Moderators will no longer talk in chat. This also means no more confirmations of mutes etc. are given in the chat. This could be nasty for some players when they cannot reply to players that are talking to them, but it's pretty safe to say that people who are muted deserve just that ;).

Furthermore, the last moderation change is that players can notice if their tickets have been replied to by a senior moderator due to it being marked as such.


You can now whisper players privately. You can do so by typing "[email protected] there!" in the chat input bar. This will send "Hello There!" to the player Joe. It does not matter what channel you've selected, as the @ sign will overrule the channel selection. The ignore function works on whisper, and do also note that the chat report function can be used against whisper abuse too.

Some new options for donators

Hide public login:
You've got the option to enable and/or disable the public login message. There are three options: "On", "Disabled for region chat" or "Disabled for both region and clan chat".

Double history chat lines:
The chat history's chat lines double.

Show yesterdays chat history:
You can now view the last part of yesterdays chat history.

Two of these options have been added in the higher donation range, but don't worry: We will be filling up the gaps, and always try to add more donation options for all donation levels.


We've added 11 new seeds, in the range level 53 to 100.
Two of these have been added to Aloria, and some of the new seeds have also been added as monster drops. However, lacking proper forests, and monsters not all seeds are truly in-game yet.. We will be adding the seeds where possible.


The smiting tables always were pretty inconsistent. Because of this, and other changes in this update, we have changed the smithing tables.

The following table now counts for all metals (bronze,iron...syriet).
You only need to add the base metal's level.

0 Pickaxe
0 Dagger
0 Hatchet
1 Sabatons
2 Medium helm
2 Short sword
3 Scimitar
3 Small shield
4 Mace
5 Hands
6 Long sword
7 Medium shield
8 Chainmail
9 Legs
10 Large helm
11 Axe
12 Large shield
13 Two handed sword
14 Plate

The metal base levels:

-5 Bronze
10 Iron
25 Steel
40 Silver
55 Gold
70 Platina
85 Syriet

Because the items have been moved around, experience has too. Looking at the tables, it doesn't look like experience has changed much for smithers. If we somehow notice it has affected smithing (experience wise) we will consider the feedback and balance it where necessary.

Weapon and armour level requirements:

Until now, most of the smithed items were useless.

Level requirements have been added on every single smithable item. These level requirements are the same as the smithing requirements.

Reasons to add it:
  • Motivation and more reasons for every level up
  • The smithing items all have use now
  • More trade
  • The rare sets (such as Elven) have more use too, but do not rule out smithed items.
  • Also, because we wanted this change, it needed to be added now, at introduction of Syriet.

We realize there is one reason to complain for some players: You are not able to wear some items, that you were previously able to wear. This means it could be possible you are now 'weaker' than you would have been before this change.

This problem only really affect players that are level 10,25,40,55,70 or a few levels higher, as higher level players will be able to wear almost or exactly the same as before. Luckily, the above problem doesn't count for all players. However we've tried to reduce/eliminate the problem.

1. This is a 'temporary' solution for the complaint. You can keep wearing any items you were wearing before the update (even if they would now be a too high level for you to equip).

2. More sets will be added, such as at least two arena sets (that can be gotten by exchanging arena medals). Sets like these are of course rare, but will allow equal or better stats than before on the same levels. About the arena sets: We expect to add these in one of the very next game updates.

3. The most important fix for this complaint is that we've raised a lot of the items stats, according to their level. E.g. a plate now requires a higher level to wear, but also has more armour. A lot of the weapons and armour have raised stats, so that they should be close to, or better than before.

We have tried to combat this one and only complaint against this level requirement change. However, we hope that there are plenty of players that not only look at their own player, but also at whats good for the game itself. In the end that's what we had to do too.

Changes to other level requirements:
Finally, we felt it was necessary to change the level requirements on the following three item/sets:
Valera sword: 5 ( was 1)
Ogre: 10 ( was 1)
Lizard: 20 (was 1, and 25 for hatchet)

Syriet (ore) in game !

Syriet ore has been added to the game, this allows smithing the best available items at the moment.

Syriet ore has been spotted in the Arch. Caves. Syriet smelting is now also possible. It is not sure if the Syriet ore will exhaust in the future, and if the smelting conditions will stay as favorable in Arch. Cave 4. (We want to be able to give it a better spot if required ;) ).
The platina ore respawn amount has increased at the Arch caves.

Some other changes:

  • Fighting: A "Critical hit" message will appear if you hit very high for your doing, taking the weapon into account. In other words; The critital hit message will appear if you hit close to your maximum hit thats possible with your weapon. This has changed nothing to the actual damage done and received.
  • Warning for everyone who links to Syrnia: All links that used to end with ".m2h" have been renamed to ".php".
  • A rare inventory display bug has been fixed
  • Fixed the ":(" forum smiley that disappeared after an edit.
  • Changing your avatar will now also change all old (clan) forum posts
  • New username restrictions (only a-Z 0-9, spaces and "_" allowed in your username)
  • The Platina, and Gold hatchet smithing level has been fixed (was level 2)
  • Based on feedback: Soft spider silk, and Hardened spider silk drops are a bit more rare
  • The tutorial no longer allows camping.
  • New players only see the help channel, they can see and use the other channels after completing the tutorial.
  • All tutorial locations now use the map to move on.
  • A lockpicking and cooking "work" images have been added.


While we have thought a lot about balancing/changes, it might still be possible we need to tweak some things that we've missed. So it could be possible we adjust some of the changes a bit later, we will be also watching your positive feedback about the changes.

28-06-2008 Happy Holidays!

Dear all,

While we wanted to launch some big new updates before the holidays, we decided to postpone the plans to be able to properly test them. Adding a great new, but bugged, feature would ruin everything.
We can (for a change) tell you some details about these planned updates though:

1. Syriet ore will be coming to the game. This will unlock the best available weapons and armour for now!
2. We will have something set up for any desert medals to be exchanged for special weapons and armour.
As a reminder, we still are working on resolving all bugs.

These are just some expected updates for the month of August.

One last thing, every few days there will be an invasion. This will start this Sunday, 29/6, and go on until 21/7, a Monday. No location will be used twice during this to ensure that every location is utilized with the invasions and that everyone can join in as they wish.

Enjoy your holidays!

18-06-2008 Webbers island

As some of you might have hoped: the invading Sorer spiders did not came out of nowhere! They came from the Webbers island that you can now reach via Mezno island - Xanso.

Webbers island
On an unknown island, a breed of spiders evolved to become a dominant force and quickly infested the entire island. While humans gained control of a few locations, the spiders still lurk in the shadows, ready to prey on the weak and add to their collection of webbed corpses.
You can help the citizens of Web haven defend this last location of the island not under danger by the spiders, and who knows, you might get some of the rare Spider silk!

Smithing upgrades
Smithing upgrades have been added. You can now use certain items to upgrade armour/weapons. At the moment you can use Hardened and Soft spider silk as a Durability upgrade. (Yes, spider silk can be very strong!).

Pirates can not reach Webbers island. They should not miss much because pirates can still gather the spider drops at other locations.

However, jealous pirates can attack this island though...Let's hope they won't invade the island as a surprise party today!

Some notes about these game updates
  • No new quests have been added. We do want more quests in Syrnia, but we want to update the quest system first. Once that's done, we will add quests to all existing islands.
  • While we did want to give pirates access to the Webbers island, we decided it was better to let them have a new island to attack. Plus, most pirates are not in the level range that the island is designed for.
  • We know there's need for new higher level locations/features, and we will of course be working on higher level features and/or locations.

Boat fishing
It looks like the pirates are more active on the Sea again: You can now find Locked small chests on the open sea.

The staff
Besides game updates we've especially been working hard on our staff structure and organisation. It has been completely renewed last week, and we have expanded the staff.

Bugs & Tickets
Our top priorities now are resolving bugs and all open tickets.
A few minor bugs have been fixed already, but not much worth mentioning yet:
  • Bouquette stacking has been fixed.
  • Thieving shop gold; the minimum time is now 900 seconds, max. time is 1800 seconds. It was already coded like this, but due to a bug the times were messed up.

Please help Syrnia, and the staff, by marking any of your tickets as solved if it's solved or not important any more.

24-04-2008 Ignore option

It was a popular subject at the feedback forum, has been requested by many and was already around previously: The ignore option.
The ignore option allows you to specify a few usernames to ignore, you will then no longer see their chat lines and you will not receive any of their messages. However, the ignore option does not cover the chat history and the forum. The message block only applies to player messages, not game messages such as thieving notifications.

You can access the ignore tool via the chat options. There you'll be able to specify at least 20 players to ignore. Donators can ignore up to 40 players.

If you were online during this update, you will need to relogin to use the ignore option.

23-04-2008 Visual update

We have updated some game visuals. The fishing, mining and the jail image have been improved, furthermore we've added two new images: sailing and farming.

We've seen discussions about the server performance and images like these: Some players were worried about the server performance related to the images. Rest assured that these images merely have any effect on the game's speed (Only dial-up users might want to switch the images off at the options page).

We expect to have updated/added the last 10 images in +/- 3 weeks (Cooking, smithing, smelting, constructing, school: trading, school: constructing, moving-islands, moving-caves, lockpicking).

14-04-2008 Performance improvement

A lot of users have been experiencing LAG lately. We've found and solved the bug that caused this LAG. This fixed server side LAG that affected everyone.

You should experience no more LAG from our end. However, you can still experience LAG by having when your PC slows down noticeably or when having connection issues. While connection problems can't be fully resolved, there are still methods to help improve your PC's performance. We advice everyone to ensure they are running up to date antivirus programs, and to frequently scan their PC to remove any malware/adware/spyware. There are many good and free anti virus programs and anti spyware tools available via the web.

23-03-2008 Easter

Easter 2008 is upon us, and what is Easter without easter eggs!?

This year the easter eggs can be found while walking around the islands of Syrnia.
Each hour there are only one or two islands where the eggs are hidden, so it is important to figure out where to look!
You can only find the easter eggs while traveling , you also get speed experience. For example you won't find the easter eggs when traveling on a horse.
To add to the events today there also will be some contests, and expect some invasions as well!

We wish all players a happy easter, and good luck finding the special easter egg!

05-03-2008 Celebration time!

The fifth of March is Syrnias birthday, it all started 3 years ago when the first players arrived. Exactly those 1096 days ago, Syrnia looked a lot different. Much has been improved to make the game stand where it is today. Step by step Syrnia is expanding and growing daily, and due to that its important to remember and celebrate the day it all started.

All of the players are invited to celebrate this glorious day with us, many events are scheduled throughout the day, starting from 00:00 till 23:59. Below is a list of activities scheduled:

  • The battle arena has fights scheduled all day. Each fight is limited to certain combat levels. Everyone can participate 3 times today. Remember: If you die in the Desert arena you will not lose any items, so it's safe to try.
  • Craft unique blue balloons at Festival forest ! Yes blue; no red balloons this year ;).
  • If you're lucky you can get one of the few Birthday cakes from the chests that appear during the day.
  • You can fish (the red striped fish) at Holiday lake
  • There is a trading post at Syrnia celebration center
  • You can woodcut at Festival forest, the forest has very high seed rates.
  • You can collect a free gift at Syrnia celebration center (You can choose a Kanzo teleport orb).
  • Rumors go about never know when the monsters attack!

You can reach party island via Port Senyn, Crab nest, Burning beach or Eylsian docks.

We, once again, want to thank all players that have played, continue to play and welcome all newcomers. Syrnia could not have been where it's today without YOU! We hope you will enjoy yourself today, and calibrate Syrnia 3rd birthday with us.
Thank you on behalf of the Syrnia staff.

26-02-2008 Server upgrade

Tomorrow morning we are moving Syrnia to a new server. The only difference anyone should notice is a performance improvement.

Syrnia will be taken down at 10:00 Syrnian time. We are expecting around a 45 minute downtime for the game, assuming all file transfers go smoothly.

No items/levels or anything else will be lost. We do advise players to stop fighting before Syrnia is taken down.

Thanks to all the donators that helped make this server upgrade possible!

20-02-2008 Big performance update

We have just launched the new update we've been announcing.
The changes come down to performance improvements, a lot of bug fixes and some new/improved features.

For the full information about this update, read the following forum topics:

Announcements -> Syrnias update CHANGES
Announcements -> Syrnias update F.A.Q.

18-02-2008 Lots of improvements, coming soon !

We've been working a lot on the new Syrnia code these weeks and it looks like it's done. No more new serious bugs are found for a while, and it's far more stable than the current Syrnia version. A lot of bugs have been fixed, and some new features have been added. A list of changes will be posted after upgrading the game.

Unless some huge problems are found in the meanwhile, the beta will be released this Wednesday between 10.00 and 11.30 Syrnia time. Most likely we will finish the transfer to the new code sooner than the given time. You will not be able to play Syrnia from 10:00 (Syrnia time) untill the upgrade is ready. You will not lose any stats/items etc.

22-01-2008 Some downtime

There was +/- 1 hour of downtime today during which the website was inaccesible. This was beyond our control: there were problems at the servers datacenter. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Speaking of the hardware behind Syrnia: We are going to move Syrnia to a different datacenter next month. This server will be faster and even more reliable. This move should cause minimal downtime, we're aiming for max. 15-45 min. We need that time to safely transfer all your items, levels etc. to the new server. When there's more information about this move you will be notified beforehand (provisionally on or around 20 feb).

We will also soon be sending invitations to a group players to join us in testing the new Syrnia code if they like. These players have already been chosen, so please do not apply for a testing job. The new code has already shown a massive improvement on speed, especially at Trading and in the Outlands.

18-01-2008 Progress

We've got some exciting news.
We have previously stated we were re-working the entire game, by now we've almost finished it!

The re-working basically means better performance, lots of bug fixes and a few new small game features which bring the game to a new level.

While we have been working hard on the improved version of Syrnia, our ticket support had to suffer. That's mainly the bug tickets, as in this stage it's not very usefull to fix bugs in the current version of Syrnia while the new version fixes them already. However, if you've still got a support ticket running, you will get an answer for sure! All tickets pending a Moderator reply will be answered as soon as we are able to solve your problem. After we've launched the new improvements we will try to solve all open tickets. This especially relates to all the bug tickets!
We will soon start testing, and hope to be able to launch the improvements in February or March.

24-12-2007 Party island

The party island has been opened to celebrate christmas.
It will be open today, 25 and 26 december.
You can reach it from Port Senyn, Crab nest or Eylsian docks.

You will of course be able to cut the perfect christmas tree again, but as we've got more snow this year you're able to make snowmans.

Note to all players on Kanzo; You can ask Santa for a Kanzo teleport orb, so you can go to the party island without any worries about getting back to Kanzo island.

14-11-2007 Guides and Events

Players who enjoy spending time helping new syrnia players learn to play the game, or help more experienced players with questions, can be granted a special [Guide] tag in front of their name. The staff will contact you should they think you would be a good addition to the [Guide] team. This will not give these players any additional powers in the game, but does show new players who they can trust to help them out, and gives recognition to the players who are trying to help make Syrnia a great game to play.

We also have an official Events Moderator in Syrnia. Manda has been helping out with events over the last few years, and has decided to concentrate his efforts on improving the Syrnia Experience. Contests will resume again, as there will now be the ability to directly award the player whom wins the contest. All contests will be posted in the Forums and broadcasted to the public in world chat when they are launched. He will also try to coordinate future events in Syrnia, including planned invasions and other events. He has helped with invasions over the last few years, and will continue to do so. ANY attempt to request invasions from him may result in jail/mute.

Spindoc, Manda and Saucywhopper are now being displayed with the moderator tag on the chat. Their efforts have made Syrnia a great game, and they keep improving it. So we're lucky to have them as part of the staff.

Reminder: Please do NOT contact game staff requesting to become part of the [Guide] team. Please do NOT contact game staff requesting invasions/contests or other events. Any of these infractions can be considered staff harassment, and may be dealt with accordingly.

06-11-2007 For your information..

You might have noticed a lot of bug fixes the last few days as we are still enjoying the ticket system, thanks to all for the (bug) reports.

Other news: Have you (ever) donated but did you not get the donation reward right away ?
Then worry not; as listed on the support page you should contact us right away and we'll add the donation as soon as possible. So this is an reminder to open up a ticket with any donation problem right here.
However, good news for any future donators: we are currently improving the donation system to make sure any donation is always added right away (in the past mainly the "e-cheque" donations were troublesome). This should be finished within a day. Any donations during this maintenance are manually being watched, so nothing can go wrong.

Furthermore we are busy re-coding the whole Syrnia framework. This means we won't add gameplay updates for a short while as it would only be more work to re-create these updates on the new framework. But this new framework is worth it as this will add more speed, gameplay and layout features. We have already been working on it for a while so you don't have to wait much much longer (Sorry; I cannot give any estimate yet..and I hate making any false promises). We will of course still fix any bugs in the meanwhile.

03-11-2007 Staff update

We are adding some staff tags to the chat and forum. This way Syrnia is more transparent, and the hard working staff earns some credit.

You'll notice ladyraven143 has got the (Mod) tag, she has been helping Syrnia loads for a long while. I am very thankful and I'm sure everyone is as she is one of the people making sure you are not spammed to death.

31-10-2007 Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007 is here! Come and join in the festivities. The activities will begin at 00:00 Syrnia time on October 31st, and will last all day. Please visit Port Senyn, Crab Nest or Eylsian docks for a free trip to the Party Island (Note: There's a free trip from Eylsian docks to port party, but you cannot return to Kanzo without an teleport orb).

- Come fight new creatures
- Try to collect rare items
- A contest
- A free trick (or treat) for everyone at Syrnia celebration center !

15-09-2007 Maintaince

There has been some maintaince today, this had to be done because of the strange errors popping up everywhere. The cause is known, and we hope we've fixed it now.
This error is the same error which casued for short maintainces earlier this week.

15-09-2007 Ticket system

We've added a new ticket system to replace the current email & message support.
All support now runs trough the ticket system, which you can also use without owning a Syrnia account.
This should really improve our support to all players.

We will try to answer most open questions from the current emails and moderation messages, however we suggest you to open a ticket for any pending problem/question you've got.
Any website quests can use the ticket system via this link, this link is presented to players who have trouble logging in, activating their account etc.

Now, let's hope you'll never need the ticket system ;).

29-08-2007 Level requirement changes

The following combat level requirements have been changed for wearing armour/weapons:
Saurus armour: level 40 defence to wear.
Centaur armour/weapons: level 30 defence/attack to wear.
Rose armour/weapons: level 15 defence/attack to wear.

These levels should have been 45, 35 and 15, but due to a bug they were all 0.
They have been changed to 40, 30 and 15 to make this change more reasonable.
I hope you will all understand it's better this way.
Everyone who is currently wearing one of these items but does not meet the level requirement can keep wearing it(!), but if they try to equip it again they DO need the level requirement.

07-08-2007 Server Performance

Over the past week we have been going through Syrnia's backend code and database and have been working on optimisations. There were a few bits of random lag yesterday afternoon/evening and this morning as we implemented some of the optimisations, but now we are pleased to announce that Syrnia's backend systems are now running 100% faster and should be able to handle 100% more users at peak times.

Thanks go out to everyone who plays Syrnia!

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