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Trading is concerned with the amount of items a player can sell in their shop at once. When you first build a shop (see Constructing), you will only be able to sell a few items at once. As your trading level goes up, you will be able to sell a lot more items. Trading also affects how much bids and auctions you can have at the same time (at the auction house: Cave of Trades).Trading will also unlock the 'Shop search' option. Good traders know where to find shops to buy the stuff they need.
Below is a table of trading search option levels.

Level Unlocks
10 Search an item in the current location.
20 The search now also displays the shop owner and title at the current location.
25 The search now also displays the quantity of the item which is sold in the shop at the current location.
Closed shops are excluded from shop searches with the check-box option to include them.
30 You can now choose to search either the current location or the entire region from a drop-down menu. Region search results show Item name and Shop location.
40 Region search results now show Shop title and Shop owner.
45 Region search now shows item quantity
50 World wide search available, shows Item name and shop location
60 The search now also displays the shop owner and title of worldwide shops.
75 The search now also displays the quantity of the item which is sold in shops worldwide.

To get your trading level up, you need to study. Studying will cost you money.
Select the University or School option at an appropriate location to start studying.

Where to study

Trading, like Construction, can be studied to boost experience. The locations are usually the same, and so are the level limitations.

Name Location Level needed to study Maximum level you can
study up to
School Rile - Remer Island 1 10
University Unera - Dearn Island 10 25
University Hooks Edge - Skull Island 1 40+
University Xanso - Mezno Island 25 40
University Kanzo - Kanzo Island 40 50
University Maadi - Anasco Island
50 80
University Rima City University, Calmere Island
80 ?

Remember, like the Construction skill, to study trading, you need to pay gold pieces. After each session, when the timer reaches 0, you will gain 20 Experience points and the gold costs are automatically deducted from your inventory. If you do not have enough gold to continue, then your training stops until you are able to return with more. The cost increases as your levels rise and is the same across all Schools and Universities in Syrnia.

Levels Gold cost
per session
1 - 5 2
6 - 9 3
10 - 13 4
14 - 17 5
18 - 21 6
22 - 25 7
26 - 29 8
30 - 33 9
34 - 37 10
38 - 41 11
42 - 45 12
46 - 49 13
50 - 53 14
54 - 57 15
58 - 61 16
62 - 65 17
66 - 69 18
70 - 73 19
74 - 77 20
78 - 81 21
82 - 85 22
86 - 89 23
90 - 93 24
94 - 97 25
98 - 101 26

Player Shops

Players can also use shops to sell goods to others. First you need to build a shop, this requires Construction and also plenty of wood to build with. You need to make sure that you have a high enough Trading Level, as your trading level controls how many shop slots you can run. If you can only support 20 slots in a 50 slot size of shop for example, then you can only use those 20. The other 30 are unavailable.

Once you have built a shop, you can then put items in it. Set the price of the items and how many you wish to sell. You can keep on doing this and add or remove items until you are happy. Remember that if you want to change the prices, you will need to remove all items of that type and put them back in with a new price. Give your shop a name and maybe a description and you will be open for business. Your shop will be selling items whether or not you are in the area or even if you are online or not. Every time an item is sold, you receive a message telling you who bought it, how many they bought and for how much gold. This gold is then stored in the shop. It remains here until you go there to collect it. Remember that if you do not collect it regularly, it may get stolen (see Thieving).
It is also possible to close your shop, by checking the box in the Edit my shop details, but you have to be at the Shop location. This will stop any sales and also any potential thieving of the Shops Gold.

Safes and securing your Shops

You can complete a Quest which will enable you to install a safe in your shop. These can protect a percentage of the gp in the shop from purchases by Players

Trading Level and Safe Installations
Level Metal Tier and Number of Safes
Level 10+ 1 Iron Safe
Level 20 2 Steel Safes
Level 25 2 Silver Safes
Level 30 3 Silver Safes
Level 35 3 Gold Safes
Level 40 4 Platina Safes
Level 45  4 Syriet Safes
Level 50  5 Obsidian Safes
Level 60  5 Puranium Safes
Level 75  5 Tiromyth Safes

Trading Posts

Trading items between players can be done at any of the trading posts located around the islands. Once at the city, click trading post in the city menu. Once the screen refreshes you will see a list of player names in the centre of the screen. Click trade next to the player's name you have agreed to trade with and once they accept the trade request you will be taken to the trading screen. Add the items and the quantity of each you wish to trade and once all the agreed upon items are displayed click accept, located above the items lists. (Should you click accept before the other player is ready, they will have the option to "change trade" to add or remove items or to "accept") Once the screen refreshes you will see an overview of the items being traded and will be given one last chance to cancel the trade before it is completed. Click accept one last time and wait for the "Trade completed successfully" and you're done.

Island Location
Remer Island Eully
Dearn Island Kinam
Mezno Island Franer Mines
Webbers Island Web Haven
Skull Island Hooks Edge
Ogre Caves Ogre Trading Post
Serpenthelm Castle Rose
Kanzo Island Kanzo
Exrollia Island Pensax (lvl 10 trading required to use)
Anasco Island Maadi (lvl 25 trading required to use)
Calmere Island Rima City Center

Cave of Trades

There is another method of item sale available in Syrnia. This is known as the Cave of Trades. It was founded by Ogre Trendus. Players can go to these places and they can auction their items. All Cave of Trades on the map work in exactly the same way and will all offer the exact same selection of auctions and offers. Players will decide which item(s) they wish to put up for sale, how many of that item and then for how long they wish to leave the auction open. An auction can be left for either six hours, 12 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours. Once the item has been put up for auction, it cannot be taken down.

During that time however, players can bid for that item. They must bid at least 1% more than the current highest bid to take control and have the top offer. At any time though, someone could go into the Cave of Trades and place a bid on that item that is higher than your bid. If that happens, they spend their gold to take control and hold the highest bid and the player who originally had control is sent a message informing them that they have been outbid and their money is returned. At the end of the time, whoever holds the highest bid will win the item, which is then delivered to their inventory. If however, no bids were taken on an item at all, you receive a notice that it did not sell and you must return to the Cave of Trades to collect it. You can have auctions running while bidding on others, (but you cannot bid on your own lots!).

Unsuccessful Auctions will need to be collected from the CoT location they were placed in and will affect the ability to add more auctions, according to your Trading level ability.

Upon successfully selling an item in the Cave of Trades, the gp will be sent directly to the seller. Due to the public nature of CoT auctions, this will prompt local thieves to try and immediately steal back this newly earned gp.. To avoid this, sellers can pay attention to when their auction ends and position themselves to be in a town with an active invasion at that time (or simply be offline).

Island CoT Locations
 Remer Island
 Ogre Caves
 Ogre Trading Post
 Exrollia  Pensax
Calmere Island Rima City Center

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