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Put simply, Thieving is the art of stealing without being noticed. A good thief will gain gold from other players, and won't get sent to jail that often! Speaking of jails, every island has got it's own jail.


Player Thieving

Player thieving is simple to undertake but is also rather difficult to succeed in. Choose a player who is at the same location as yourself and search for their name in the "Players at this location" list. Select their name and below the player's stats will be a link to "Thief player". Click the link and you will have a go. The result will be seen instantly. If you are successful, you will be notified that you have stolen money from them. The amount you receive is random, but the more money the player has on them, the more money you are likely to get. The target is not told about the attempt and you are also given an option to try again. For a successful thieving attempt you earn 20 EXP.

If you fail to steal from them however, you will be captured and put into jail. The player is told that you have attempted to steal from them. Jail time varies but is determined by your thieving level compared to your targets level. If you have a higher level than your target, you will get more time in jail. The lowest time available though is 150 seconds (2 minutes 30 seconds). Even if you fail though, you will still get 5 EXP for trying.

Shop Thieving

At level 10, players can attempt to steal items from shops. Go to a shop and next to every item is an option to steal the item. The higher the price, the lower the chances of being successful. There is always a chance of being successful no matter what the price, however the chances might be very low. If you are successful, you will take the item and have an option to go back to the shop. Like player thieving, the owner of the shop is not told if you have been successful. If you fail to steal the item though, you will be caught and thrown in jail. The player will be told of your attempt and your time in jail depends on what you tried to steal. For every gold piece the item was worth, your time in jail increases by 25 seconds. So for example, a 10 Gold pieces item would result in a jail time of 250 seconds.

Value of Item EXP
1 0
2 - 3 1
4 - 5 2
6 - 7 3
8 - 9 4
10 - 11 5
12 6

You can also attempt to steal gold from a shop. This is more risky but the rewards can be much greater. On the shop window, click the button at the top to steal gold. If you are successful, you will take gold that the shop is currently storing and gain 30 EXP. The owner is not notified of your attempt. Failure however, results in a jail time variable by the amount of gold in the shop. The player will also be warned and you do gain 5 EXP for trying though.

The Thieving Guild

The Thieving Guild is located on Mezno Island at the town of Mentan. However you will need to do the thieving trail quest before you can enter. When you are a member of the thieving guild you will be able to do special thieving jobs that will gain you gold as well as thieving experience (exp). For these jobs, you are given a time limit and a target. You will be told their last known location and you will need to thieve them to scare them. You must be swift, find your target and strike. Success or failure in your attempt does not matter. You will have scared them enough to satisfy the guild. Then make your return to the guild in your own time to collect your reward. The quicker you strike, the greater your reward.

Locked Chests

Another good way to practice thieving is picking locks. However, you need locked chests, which are hard to get. Using a lockpick you will be able to open locked chests. Simply equip the lock pick and then click on the box in your inventory which you wish to unlock. Wait for the timer to reach 0, and the box is unlocked and ready to open.

Image Name Level Needed
  Lockpick 1
Candy cane lockpick 1
Bone lockpick 40
Skeletal lockpick 40

Image Type of Chest Level Needed  Locations EXP
Locked Toolbox 1 Random Monster Drops, Arch Caves N Digging, while fishing, Arch Caves (Floor spawns and combo chests), Woodcutting at Unera, Penteza, Avinin, Festival Forest 50

Locked Wooden Egg

1  Random Monster Drops during Easter Invasions
Locked Christmas Present 1  Random Monster Drops during Christmas Invasions 100
Locked Spectre Chest 1  Random Monster Drops during Halloween Invasions 100
Locked Pirate Chest 1  Arch Caves N Digging, Random Monster Drops 100
Locked Large Pirate Chest 1  Arch Caves N Digging 100
Locked Small Chest 10 Random Monster Drops, While boat fishing
Locked Moldy Chest 15 Random Monster Drops, Arch Caves N Digging, Arch Caves (Floor spawns and combo chests), Woodcutting at Aloria, Outlands 52, Festival Forest 125
Locked Ancient Chest 25 Random Monster Drops, Arch Caves (Floor spawns and combo chests), Woodcutting at Kayha, Ammon 200
Locked Large Wooden Egg 30 Random drop while unlocking Easter chests with Easter keys at Rose Gates. 300
Locked Sarcophagus 40 Random Monster Drop, Arch Cave (Combo chests), Woodcutting at Ammon 500

Locked Contents:

Hover mouse over images for drop amounts.

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Regular Contents

Locked found only during holidays.

Holiday Contents

Gifts or boxes randomly found.

Gifts Contents

Special Events

Every so often, a mysterious chest will appear somewhere. These boxes are combination locked, hidden within a certain range of numbers. Players get one guess every 20 seconds. You can guess as many times as you like, with every failed attempt giving you 4 experience for trying. If you manage to successfully guess the combination and open the lock, you shall receive whatever mysteries lie within...

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