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Nothing quite beats a good stroll in the countryside of Syrnia. In order to get around Syrnia, a player must move between locations. Walking takes time, and this time can be affected by several things. If you are using a horse or a mule, your journey will be a lot quicker but you gain no experience from it. Using Leather Boots or Eagle Boots reduce travel time by a few seconds, so too does the affect of Travel Time enchantments (See Magic).

Using mounts can get you to a place a lot faster. Each one takes a large amount of time from your journey, with better mounts taking even more time off your route. Using mounts though, has a slight penalty, you do not gain any Speed Experience for your journey and you will not find flowers. Also, mounts have a slight and random chance of dying. If it dies it is removed from your inventory and you will then have to walk.

Wearing boots speed items also decreases travel. Leather boots decrease them a fair amount, but there are plenty more different types to be found that make you even faster. Some can be found in combat, others bought. Watch out where you step though, as your boots might break and leave you barefoot.

Speed Suits & Other Items
Speed suits can also be used to decrease your traveltime.
Be careful when wearing these, as special items can break whilst travelling with them.
See (Random) Events as holiday specific suits reduce timetravel when the event is active.

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