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Smithing is a skill used to smelt ores (from mining) into bars, and working with the bars and a hammer to create various items of armour, weapons and tools. When you wish to smelt, go to an appropriate location and select the smelt bars option for the bars you wish to make. To smith, equip your hammer and select the smith option. You will be given a choice of metals to work with. Providing you have the correct bars and necessary smithing level, you will be given a list of things to make. Select one of these and you will make that item providing you have the sufficient materials. You will continue to make this item until you select a new item to make, run out of materials, or stop smithing. Below you can find information on smelting, smithing, and where to smelt/smith.

For smelting bars of metal, you need ore. You can get this from Mining. When Smithing the bars, you may also need to do some Woodcutting and get some wood to make tools.

The tools made from this skill can be used to woodcut, mine or even used in Combat.

Smelting Bars

Image Type of bar Ores required Level Required
Bronze  1 Copper Ore + 1 Tin Ore 1 5
Iron  1 Iron Ore 10 6
Steel  1 Iron Ore + 1 Coal Ore 25 10
Silver  2 Silver Ore 40 15
Gold 10 Gold Ore 55 250
Platina  8 Platina Ore, 6 Gold Ore, 4 Coal Ore 70 300
Syriet  1 Syriet Ore, 6 Silver ore, 8 Coal Ore
85 400
Obsidian  1 Obsidian ore, 5 Syriet ore, 15 Platina ore
100 5,000
Puranium  1 Puranium ore, 5 Obsidian ore, 10 Silver
120 8,000
Tiromyth  1 Titanium ore, 1 Bloodstone ore, 1 Ancient wood, 1 Puranium ore, 1 Obsidian ore, 1 Syriet ore
135 10,000


Using better hammers reduces the Smithing time.

Image Name Level requirements
Bronze hammer 1
Iron hammer 10
Steel hammer 25
Silver hammer 40
Candy cane hammer 50
Gold hammer 55
Platina hammer 70
Bone hammer 75
Skeletal hammer 75
Syriet hammer 85
Obsidian hammer 100
Puranium hammer 120
Tiromyth hammer 140


When you have smelted some bars, you can make them into tools. Note that for some tools, you may also need some wood. While working, some of your items may be formed to a higher standard. This is called "Durability". Durability items can break more often than normal items as when they do break, instead of being removed from the inventory, they lose one point of durability.

Image Name Smithing
Cauldron 1 4 3 Bars
Dagger 1 1 1 Bar
Hatchet 1 3 1 Bar
1 Wood
Pickaxe 1 3 1 Bar
1 Wood
Safe 1 8 6 Bars
Hammer 1 3 1 Bar
1 Wood
Sabatons 1 3 2 Bars
Medium Helm 1 2 1 Bar
Short Sword 1 3 2 Bars
Scimitar 1 3 2 Bars
Small Shield 1 4 1 Bar
1 Wood
Mace 1 5 2 Bars
1 Wood
Hands 1 4 2 Bars
Long Sword 1 4 2 Bars
Medium Shield 2 8 2 Bars
2 Wood
Chainmail 3 9 4 Bars
Legs 4 9 4 Bars
Large Helm 5 6 3 Bars
Axe 6 7 3 Bars
Large Shield 7 9 3 Bars
1 Wood
8 9 4 Bars
Plate 9 13 5 Bars

Where To Smelt

Location Name Ores
Remer Island Endarx Bronze, Iron
Dearn Island Kinam Bronze, Iron, Steel
Skull Island Ten Cliff Bronze, Iron
Webber Island Web Haven Bronze, Iron, Steel
Ogre Caves Lava Lake Silver
Exrollia Island Mt Flag Iron, Steel, Gold, (Only available at certain times)
Anasco Island Beset Syriet, Obsidian
The Outlands Various
OL 3 & OL 42 - Bronze,
OL 42 & OL 59 - Iron,
OL 59 - Steel
Heerchey Island
Arch Cave 4.7
Iron, Steel, Gold, Platina*, Syriet*
*Platina and Syriet only available at certain times.
Arch Cave 5.13 Platina, Syriet, Obsidian* and Puranium*
*Open Wednesday and Saturday only for these Ores
Calmere Island Tirnus Cave -
North Cavern

Please note that each additional player concurrently smelting adds 2 seconds per Player as a crowding effect.

Where To Smith

Location Name Ores
Remer Island Endarx All but Obsidian/Tiromyth
Dearn Island Aunna All but Obsidian/Tiromyth
Serpenthelm Castle Rose All but Obsidian/Tiromyth
Skull Island Ten Cliff All but Obsidian/Tiromyth
Webber Island Web Haven All but Obsidian/Tiromyth
Ogre Cave Ogre Camp All but Obsidian/Tiromyth
Anasco Island Beset All but Tiromyth
The Outlands OL 29, OL 92 All but Obsidian/Tiromyth
Calmere Island Tirnus Cave - North Cavern All but Obsidian

Please note that each additional player concurrently smithing adds 5 seconds per Player as a crowding effect.

Durability Additions

Item Name Durability Level Required Exp
Soft Silk +1 15 75
Hardened Silk +2 30 150

The option to add durability to an item is found at all Smithing Locations.

Please note that special holiday tools cannot have additional durability silked onto them.

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