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Quests and Jobs

Syrnia has in addition to the skills, many quests and jobs which you can do for rewards and experience. These are a great way to earn money and keep yourself busy, if you die before completing the Quest it will be reset and you will have to start again!


Quests vary in size and nature. Complete these and good rewards will come your way...

Witch Bluebell Easy (Finish this to unlock "Witch Bluebell 2")
No level requirements.
Hidden within the bustling crowds of a busy Market, a lonely witch looks for assistance in gathering various ingredients, many adventurers have avoided such a suspicious looking individual but what sort of potion is she making with these ingredients?

Witch Bluebell 2 Easy
No level requirements.
Bluebell is seeking help once again; you were such an aid in her brewing of potions last time she has specifically asked for you to once again provide her with more ingredients.  The witch has requested a Gem of some kind as her last potion did not work, surely it was not the ingredients you provided her.

Valera Knight Easy (Finish this to unlock "Monster Training")
Minimum of combat level 5 or total level 60.
A tale in the Training grounds of Valera tell of a mighty warrior, a gladiator in the Outlands, slayer of beasts and monsters. Revered for their fighting prowess but suddenly they vanished, fighters claim they killed the great warrior, others think they just retired in solitude, as the training grounds start to fill a warrior enters looking to have suffered a defeat he claims he is that masterful warrior but now he needs someone’s help in retrieving something for him. 

Monster Training Easy (Finish this to unlock "Slaying the monster")
Must have completed Valera knight quest.
Must be able to defeat a level 15 creatures.
The Valera knight has retired, still feeling the wounds of his defeat the great warrior is now looking to train a young warrior to defeat the mighty beast he can no longer attempt to kill, After you aiding him last time he has requested you personally to go and see him.

Slaying the monster Medium
Must have completed Monster training quest.
Must be able to defeat a level 21 creature.
Stories start to spread through Remer about the warrior, the great Valera Knight is training to kill the dreaded Bunyip, many still do not believe the dreaded beast can be slain but there is a small percent who have faith in the new warrior and believe the dreaded beast can be slain and those who lost their lives to it can rest in peace knowing the Bunyip will be no more. Are you ready to fight the dreaded Beast?

The abandoned Shopping list Easy
Level 10 combat and 15 woodcutting required.
Unera is well known for its builders, none more so than Dean known to many as Dean of Unera. However, predictions tell of a storm brewing and something has happened over on Dearn, all you know is you have a shopping list belonging to the famous Builder. Can you help resolve the issues happening there?

Thieving Guild Trail Easy
Minimum of combat level 5 or total level 60.
Level 6 speed and 3 thieving.
Ever had that feeling that you were being watched from the shadows? For decades rumours of a guild that operates from the shadows have spread through Syrnia, recently thefts have been on the rise and many blame this guild for it all. You have managed to find the Thieves Guild Home; you are greeted but can you complete the trials ahead and join these masters of the shadows.

Got to love locks Easy
Must have completed Thieving guild trial quest.
Level 15 speed and 5 thieving.
Making a name for yourself is all well and good but there are legends within the guild that tell of masters who can not only blend in the shadows but they can open any lock and empty any shop, these masters are long gone but the Guildmaster is a descendant of these legends and has offered to teach you about unlocking locks. Provide him with the materials and you can become one of those legends of tales.

Earning the family respect Medium
Level 20 Combat and 10 mining required.
Syrnia has many Highborns, a long time ago a family settled on a remote island and over time developed the most amazing cave system uncovering some of the hidden wonders of Syrnia. The Family is well known and govern all things on Heerchey, if you want to freely traverse and use their facilities you will need to earn the family's respect. Someone on the Island must know a way to do that.

The kidnapped lunchbox Medium
Must have partially completed Earning the family respect quest.
Must be able to defeat a level 32 creature.
There are many dangers when digging in the mighty cave system, monsters, cave ins, kidnapped lunch box.. Wait what? Apparently, the monsters of the cave system have taken a liking to what was in that box, the owner has requested some help in finding the locked box and key.

Frogs and Monkeys Easy
Must be able to defeat a level 9 creature.
There are many arguments in Syrnia but one heated debate has taken a turn for the worst. Serpenthelm is famous for its fishing and its wildlife however two children seem to have taken the argument to heart and have done nothing but argue by the fountain. Can you help them decide once and for all what is truly better between a frog and a monkey?

Lonely bard Easy
No level requirements.
Castle Rose has always been known for its connection to blossoming love, however despite this a young talented bard has lost his inspiration for music, I wonder if he could see the beauty around him then he might find that passion to create music once more.

Sick fisher or sick of fishing? Easy (Finish this to unlock "Damsel in distress or just clueless")
Level 10 fishing required.
The regal lord Serpenthelm has seen merit in your actions and offered to reward you if you aided his Island. He hears of a rumour regarding an old fisherman who has come down ill, Singing River is a beautiful location known all over for its net fishing and delicious catfish. However, does the fisherman really look that sick? Either way the lord has asked you to aid him.

Damsel in distress or just clueless Easy (Finish this to unlock "Damsel in more distress or really clueless?")
Must be able to defeat a level 8 creature.
Many dangers lurk outside the protected walls of Castle Rose, but you would think getting lost was not one of them. The lord has requested your aid once more and spoken of a young lady who has gotten lost, the dangers outside can be made a lot worse if you are lost, we better rush to her aid before anything bad may happen.

Damsel in more distress or really clueless? Medium
Must have completed Damsel in distress or just clueless quest.
Must be able to defeat a level 25 creature.
The Girl has gone and gotten lost again but this time it could be serious, when visiting the dense deep jungles, the young lady might have been taken by the residents of the jungle the native Lizardmen. there is no time to lose, they are strong powerful creatures that vary in strength so we must be prepared before embarking to save her.

Protect the ancient woods Hard
Must be able to defeat a level 44 creature.
The ancient forest is home to bountiful trees but also deadly creatures, it seems these creatures have begun leaving the woods and started to ravage and eat the crops of the local farmers, a strong fighter has been requested to take down the creatures before they damage anymore livelihoods.

Huge problems Hard
Must be able to defeat a level 80 creature.
Stories always circulate among the drunks and gamblers, one is a story that has led many to their deaths, it is no secret of the giants that roam the Exella Mountains but tales tell of a monster larger than most giants, could it be their leader? More information is required maybe head to the casino and see what you can find out.

Clearing the Tomb Easy
Level 30 mining required.
1 torch required.
The Catacombs of Beset have decayed over time and the residents are upset they are not able to pay their respects to the departed, you can help clear the rocks blocking access to the tombs but you wonder if it is such a good idea? Just remember to bring a torch down there.

Repair the Smokehouse Easy
Level 30 woodcutting and 10 construction required.
You walk up to the smokehouse, the recommendations telling you about the delicious grilled meats that taste like nothing you have ever eaten before, your stomach growls but you see the Smokehouse is in need of repair, unable to eat you are left with little option but to repair the smokehouse so you can try this delicious meat.

Hidden Forest Easy
Level 30 mining and 15 construction required.
1 torch required.
Legends tell of a sacred forest of Ammon, not much is known about this forest but old text. As you see no way to access this forest you should seek help locally and see if anyone has an idea of how you can reach this hidden forest.

Mighty Warrior Hard
Must have completed Clearing the tomb quest.
Must be able to defeat a level 85 creature.
1 torch required.
Ancient tales tells of the Goddess Sekhmet and her cruel and evil abuse of the Anasco residents. You start to think your gut instinct about clearing the rocks was right as you start to get a bad ominous feeling as you head into the catacombs. The darkness engulfs you as the Sekhmet Screeches. Light the way and defeat her before she can do damage to Anasco once more.

Squid of the Deep Hard
Must be able to defeat a level 67 creature.
Fishing isn’t an easy task especially when you enter the domain of an ancient creature. Fishing has halted as these deadly creatures are defending their homes from the fishers, maybe if you defeat these creatures you could fish here. They might be protecting something, maybe some rare fish?

Accessing Arch. Cave 5 Easy
Must be able to defeat a level 92 creature.
1 torch required.
The Heerchey Family were very surprised when the digging team uncovered what they call the lost caves. Dangers await the diggers though and they have given up going any deeper. The Lava has hardened and the way is clear, will you go deeper and help clear the way for the diggers? The heat is unbearable, but you hear sounds from deeper within, what can be down there?

Protecting the Camp Hard (Finish this to unlock "Killing the Dragons?")
Must have completed Accessing Arch. cave 5 quest.
Must be able to defeat a level 118 creature.
1 torch required.
A poorly equipped camp stands before you, as you wonder how they remained here for so long, but you discover they are getting attacked by creatures. They ask you to aid them in defending their camp and have offered to reward you with knowledge to slay the mightiest of beasts, you are not sure what this beast could be but it sounds like a fair trade.

Killing the Dragons Hard
Must have completed Protecting the camp quest.
Must be able to defeat a level 426 group fight.
DRAGONS? To think such a beast lives, the info you secured has told you how to defeat them but you now find you are not the only one down here looking to reap the rewards from slaying the greatest beast in Syrnia. Dealing the killing blow will not be an easy one but can you land it?

Securing your Shops Easy
Level 5 magic (to use teleport orbs) required.
15500 gold pieces required.
Not everyone is the adventuring type some just prefer to settle down and  hone their craft, You hear of a master trader who is willing to share his knowledge of successfully running a shop, will he really share his secrets? Who are the other traders he speaks of?  

Santa's Little Helper Easy | Holiday
Only available during Christmas.
It's almost Christmas, and the Santa Gnomes are running a bit behind on their toy quota for the year. They've asked for your aid in the Gnome Workshop. Will you step in and help them build some toys? You might even get to keep one or two for yourself!  

An Old Man's Trouble Easy
No level requirements.
For years, Calmere Island was lost to the world. Fortunately, the sailing routes opened again in 2020, and trade on the island began again. Arin Dah is an old trader who moved to Calmere from Serpenthelm long ago before the lockdown. Now, he wants to build a wall, and he needs your help to gather some of the resources for it due to his increasing age and the restrictions still in place in Rima City.   

Cleaning the Lake Easy
No level requirements.
In a small cottage by Osis Lake resides Ko, an old storyteller with a single purpose in life: Protect the lake from those who would do it harm. Unfortunately, the task has proven impossible for him over the recent years due to the constant pollution of the lake by the careless soldiers of Rima City. Will you help Ko restore the lake to its former glory?  

Learn About Hops Easy
No level requirements.
There is a gardener named Anda who farms a mysterious plant that can only grow on Calmere Island. She is willing to give you some if you are willing to help her weed her garden for a while. The fertilizer stinks to high heaven, but your curiosity over this strange plant might just overpower the smell. Is this really worth it?  

Open Sesame Hard (Finish this to unlock "Paying the Fee")
Must be able to defeat a level 120 creature.


Friddik Brothers
The Friddik Brothers, found on Remer Island, are known to give odd jobs and rewards. Fancy giving them a hand?

Thieving Guild
The Thieving Guild is known to give jobs to its members for good rewards.
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