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Cast spells, and perform many acts of wizardry and skill! To perform magic, you will need to begin with the Bluebell Quest. If you have not completed the Bluebell Quests, then you cannot perform magic. Every magician also needs a staff, otherwise how will you cast those spells?

To perform magic, you need to go to Bluebell. Select enchant from the menu, and then select the item to enchant. Simple as that!

Spells can vary in effectiveness and the skills they affect. You will also need Gems/Stones to perform the spells, as well as other ingredients found elsewhere in the world of Syrnia.

Bluebell can only go so far though. She does not yet know how to make the mysterious orbs. You must go to other, more powerful mages to learn these skills.

For all magic though, you need gems. Gems can be found in many ways. They can be dropped by monsters in combat, they could be found inside boxes, or they could also be dug out of the ground while mining. (See Mining for more information).

-Travel time spells cannot be applied to Horses or any form of boat.

Advanced Magic:

If you have level 20 Magic, you can also perform Magic with the powerful White Wizard of Kanzo island. To get to him though, you will need to use some magic of your own and get a Kanzo Teleport Orb to transport you there. You would also need a Penteza Teleport Orb or Heerchey Teleport Orb to leave this mysterious island.

In Penteza, there is another mage, who will also teach spells to the high levelled player. You will need Level 20 to train with him as well. They will allow you to create teleport orbs. 

The Spells

There are many spells that you can perform with your magical powers. And the results of these spells can vary depending on the ingredients used and your magic level. These spells are summarised below:

Magic level Spell Exp Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Orb
1 -1 Travel time 60   Amber
3 -2 Travel time 100   Moonstone
5 +1 Armour 220   Spar
7 +1 Aim 250   Garnet
10 -3 Travel time 290   Amber
12 +1 Power 320   Diamond
15 -4 Travel time 350   Amber
17 +2 Armour 380   Spar
20 Penteza Teleport Orb 350   Spar
20 +2 Aim 400   Garnet
25 Rat Summoning Orb 450   Diamond
25 +2 Power 500   Diamond
30 -5 Travel time 520   Avril
30 Kanzo Teleport Orb 530 Moonstone   Diaspore
35 +3 Armour 550   Spar
35 Bonebreaker summoning orb 600   Amethyst
40 +3 Aim 570   Garnet
40 Griffin summoning orb 650   Amethyst
  Diamond   Orb
50 +3 Power 600   Diamond
50 Gold scaled gaman summoning orb 800 Amethyst
  Amber   Orb
55 Heerchey docks teleport orb
900 Carnelian
  Amber   Orb
60 -6 Travel time 750   Avril

* All Orbs require level 5 magic skill to use & are only good for one use only. Also, orbs can only be produced at Penteza, Kanzo or Maadi, not Eully!

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