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Fame and Pirates


Fame shows how good you are:
Fame above 0 means you are a good player, staying on the right side of the Syrnian Army.
Pirates have fame below 0, since they are bad, and ruthless.

How to get fame?
You can raise your fame by fighting any pirate invasion and saving a location.
You can get negative fame by being a pirate, or by using evil magic.
The invasion orb is evil magic for example. Using a Rat Summoning Orb is evil magic and will lower your fame.

About pirates

Pirates live on Skull Island, they can sail to all islands except for Remer Island, Mezno Island, Dearn Island. or Webber Island. These islands are in control of the Syrnia army. Therefore pirates cannot control their buildings at these locations, but their houses and shops will not disappear and whenever a pirate decides to return to these islands they are in full control of their buildings again. The same is true for those on Skull Island. If a Pirate leaves Skull Island, they cannot access their buildings or homes on Skull island but should they return, they can go back to using them.

Pirates build up their pirate community and train pirate units to attack, the pirate players do not attack themselves.

How to become a pirate?
Pirate recruitment happens at a random time. Whenever a Pirate army invades, simply grab a keg of Rum and if you go to the port of Xanso, you can join them. The Pirates can attack at any time, its all about when the current Pirate captain feels that they are ready to strike. Once you have got the required items and joined the pirates, you will sail to Skull island. If you have any positive fame however, on your arrival at Crabs Nest, you will be instantly jailed for being a traitor to the pirates. The more positive fame you have, the longer you will spend in jail. After you have served your time, you will then be released with 0 fame.

The life of a pirate
Pirates gather resources and are encouraged to contribute some towards the Pirate Stockhouse at Skulls Nose. They are then used to train pirates and construct boats. These pirate armies can, at the Captain's order, invade locations on the mainland. Although players do not have to contribute, it is beneficial at times,  as it may help the chances of success and to earn gold for your efforts.

Pirates tend to experience lower timers on some skills, however can lack the mid ranged skills in others, there is also no location available for low level magic users.

Training costs of pirate units
Unit Cost Combat level required
Pirate 3 iron bars, 1 cooked herring (Combat level 8+ required)
Dread pirate 5 iron bars, 1 cooked cod (Combat level 11+ required)
Keelhails pirate 10 iron bars, 4 cooked herring (Combat level 21+ required)
Roughneck pirate 15 iron bars, 4 cooked cod (Combat level 24+ required)
Peglegs 6 cooked mackerel and 10 steel bars (Combat level 34+ required)
Buccaneer Pirate 6 cooked pike and 10 silver bars (Combat level 47+ required)
Hooked Pirate 7 cooked salmon and 1 gold bars (Combat level 60+ required)

Pirate units are trained in the bar at Skulls Nose. Simply wait and then the appropriate resources are deducted from the Stockhouse, the Pirate is trained, and you gain a small amount of experience.

If the pirates want to attack they have to make sure they have enough boats, since 1 Brigantine can contain 500 units.
The player who has the highest negative fame count will become the captain of the pirates. They are then responsible for launching invasions and setting targets at the Pirate Stockhouse at Skulls Nose. They will request that pirates donate resources and time to make the invasion a success. They will then train some pirates to attack the mainland. The more a pirate donates to the Stockhouse, the more gold and negative fame they will earn if an invasion is successful.

When they feel ready, the Pirate captain can pick an island to attack. Then the forces will be sent to attack the mainland. There is no warning, so you will have to be watching.

Pirates will earn gold and negative fame for each successful town which was captured during the invasion. If they fail to take over a town, all players who helped fight against the invading Pirates will gain positive fame and gold for defeating the pirates. Also, after a failed attack the pirates will mutiny and a new pirate leader is assigned. The pirate with the most negative fame will become the new leader.

Players can leave the Pirates at any time, but they must have a Boat to escape with. Simply go to Crabs Nest and choose to leave. They can either use a Small Fishing Boat, Sloop or any other boat to escape. Be careful though, if you try to leave the pirates, you may get caught trying to escape, especially if there is another player there. If this happens, you will be returned to Skull Island and thrown in jail for being a traitor. If you manage to escape however, on your return to the mainland, you will be thrown in jail and forced to serve time because of your Pirate actions. The more negative fame you had, the longer you will spend in jail. After you have served your time, you are released at Sanfew and your fame is reset to 0.
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