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Fame & Pirates

One's level of fame serves as a measure of their righteousness. A positive fame value indicates adherence to the righteous path aligned with the Syrnian Army. Individuals with fame above 0 are considered commendable for consistently making righteous choices. Conversely, pirates are characterized by negative fame, reflecting their inclination towards nefarious and ruthless actions.

To increase your fame, engage in combat against pirate invasions and successfully defend locations from their capture attempts. On the contrary, fame decreases when one adopts a pirate lifestyle or employs dark magic. For instance, utilizing the invasion orb or summoning rats using a Rat Summoning Orb are considered acts of evil magic that result in a reduction of fame.


Skull Island is the designated residence for pirates, and they have the ability to navigate to any island except Remer Island, Mezno Island, Dearn Island, or Webber Island, all of which are under the jurisdiction of the Syrnian Army. Consequently, pirates cannot exert control over buildings on these specific islands. However, their houses and shops remain intact, and upon their return, pirates regain full control of these structures. The same principle applies to Skull Island: when a pirate departs, they lose access to their buildings, but upon returning, they can resume utilizing them.

Pirates are actively involved in developing their pirate community, and they undertake the training of pirate units for strategic attacks. It's important to note that the pirate players themselves do not engage in direct attacks; instead, they delegate the responsibility to their trained pirate units.

Joining the Pirates

Pirate recruitment occurs randomly, triggered by the decision of the current Pirate captain when they feel prepared for an invasion. To join the Pirates during an invasion, simply obtain a keg of Rum and head to the port of Xanso. The Pirates may launch an attack at any given time, depending on their readiness.

Upon meeting the requirements and joining the Pirates, the journey will lead to Skull Island. However, it's crucial to note that if you possess any positive fame upon arriving at Crabs Nest, you will be promptly imprisoned for perceived betrayal to the pirates. The duration of your imprisonment increases with higher positive fame. Once you've served your time, you will be released with a fame level reset to 0.

Life of a Pirate

Pirates engage in resource gathering and are encouraged to contribute to the Pirate Stockhouse at Skulls Nose, where resources are utilized for training pirates and constructing boats. These pirate armies, under the Captain's command, have the ability to invade mainland locations. While player contributions are optional, they can enhance the likelihood of success and lead to gold rewards.

Pirates often experience faster skill progression in some areas, though they may lack mid-range skills in other disciplines. Notably, there's no designated location for low-level magic users within the pirate setup.

Training pirate units takes place in the Skulls Nose bar. Players need to wait for the appropriate resources to be deducted from the Stockhouse, enabling the training of a pirate and earning a small amount of experience.

Successful invasions require sufficient boats, as each Brigantine can accommodate 500 units. The player with the highest negative fame becomes the pirate captain, responsible for launching invasions and setting targets at the Pirate Stockhouse. Donations from pirates contribute to the invasion's success, and the more one donates, the greater their rewards if the invasion succeeds.

When ready, the Pirate captain selects a target island, and the forces are dispatched to attack the mainland without warning. Pirates earn gold and negative fame for each successfully captured town during an invasion. In the event of failure, players fighting against the pirates gain positive fame and gold. After a failed attack, a new pirate leader is chosen, with the individual having the most negative fame assuming the role.

Players can leave the Pirates at any time but need a boat for escape. Choosing to leave at Crabs Nest and using a Small Fishing Boat, Sloop, or any other boat allows for a safe exit. Attempting to escape without a boat may lead to capture and imprisonment for treason. Upon returning to the mainland, escaped pirates are jailed based on their negative fame, with release occurring after serving the sentence and a reset of fame to 0.

Training Cost
Pirate Cost Combat Level Req. XP per pirate
(all combat related skills) 
Pirate 3 iron bars, 1 cooked herring CL 8+ 1xp
Dread Pirate 5 iron bars, 1 cooked cod CL 11+ 3xp
Keelhail Pirate 10 iron bars, 4 cooked herring CL 21+ 5xp
Roughneck 15 iron bars, 4 cooked cod CL 24+ 8xp
Pegleg 10 steel bars, 6 cooked mackerel CL 34+ 11xp
Buccaneer 10 silver bars, 6 cooked pike CL 47+ 14xp
Hooked Pirate 1 gold bar, 7 cooked salmon CL 60+ 17xp
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