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(Random) events in Syrnia

A very good thread on this can be found in the Forum Help section Ultimate Guide to Syrnian Holidays

There are various (random) events within Syrnia:

This is when random numbers of monsters attack a place in Syrnia. A place that is being invaded will have all its features disabled. You will not be able to work there, access houses or shops or even thieve other players in a place that is under attack. Players must then work together to defeat the attacking monsters within a matter of minutes. If they are not killed before the timer reaches 0, the monsters will take control of the town and their numbers will increase, making them harder to kill. If they are beaten however, the top three players based on the number of kills, will receive a gold bounty for their hard work. See Combat for more information on fighting.

A contest will require you to deliver a certain item to a location, and the one to bring the best of that item will win a prize. You can enter as many times as you like, keep searching to find the best item you can get and win the prize.

The first to open the chest will get the contents. You will need to guess a number within a given range. See Thieving for more information.

Rare Flowers
These can be found in the Speed section of the Manual, only found whilst walking

Party Island
At special occasions, a mysterious Island becomes available. This is sometimes accessible at major holidays, e.g. Easter, Christmas or to celebrate Syrnia's anniversary. Boats are available to the island from Port Senyn, Crabs Nest, Burning Beach and Eylsian Docks.

There are various things that can be done at different times of year. The key part of the island is the Syrnian Celebration Center. At Christmas, Santa will give out one gift per person, at Easter you meet the Easter Bunny and so on. This is also the location of the island's trading post and Cave of Trades. (Please note that any items added to the CoT during Party Island open times must be sold, or they will remain inaccessible for collection until the next Party Island opening time) Also, if there are any contests going on, this is usually where you can submit your items. North of this is Holiday Lake. Here you can either fish with a net or rod for normal fish, or alternatively, if you use a net, you may be able to find a striped red fish. However, at some times of the year, an organisation known as "S.S.S.R.F (Syrnians to Save the Striped Red Fish)" will prevent you from fishing there. Instead there will either be something else available or it will not be used in that event. West of the centre is Festival Forest. Here you can chop down trees and try to get Christmas Trees or you could find Balloons and various other items. Party Island is only available at certain times and it will usually be announced in advance. After it has served its purpose, it will vanish. Any players left on the island will be returned to either Senyn or Crab Nest.

Battle Arena -
Every so often, Arena battles will be scheduled in the Desert Arena. These are unannounced, so you need to check to see when the next match will be. These matches are a fight to the finish with only the strongest player left standing as a result. There are two places where you can access the Arena from, these are Kinam and Toothen. If you wish to enter one of these fights, there are several rules that you must follow:

  1. Make sure you have the right Combat Level. If you are higher than the level boundary then you will not be allowed to compete. If you are too low, it will also refuse entry.

  2. Remove all cooked food and edible items from your inventory. You have to empty out your inventory of anything edible. This can either be done via a house or leaving them with someone. You can take raw fish into the arena.

  3. Remove all locked/unlocked items from your inventory, such as Mouldy Chests, Ancient Chests etcetera. This is the same as with food. Either store them in a house or with another player.

When the timer reaches 0, all players are free to enter the arena. This is no risk combat. If you are defeated in the Battle Arena, you are returned to your point of entry completely unharmed. You keep all the items you had on you. However it will register that you have been killed by a player if you check your statistics. The match continues until one player is left standing. The winner receives 50 experience in each combat skill and wins a Desert Arena Medal. They are then returned to their entry point. See Combat for more information.

You can find details of the next Battle on this thread; Forum > General > Battle Mage Schedule

Seasonal Events or random events
Occasionally Syrnia will be visited by a visitor- you can chase the character from place to place and they will travel to different islands in random orders. The Non Player Characters (NPC) appear in different guises, Jack Frost, Halloween Witch or the Easter Bunny etc. and will appear at the top of the Players list at the chosen town.

They will move every 15 minutes on the chosen days and their island location can be seen in red text in World Chat.

Once you find them you can thieve the character and successfully thieve an item or you may end up in Jail for 120 seconds! Lots of bailing and chatter usually occur in Region Chat [1]. You should stay near the NPC for the time they depart and players may be awarded another prize, which may appear in your inventory.

It's random, so everyone at that location who has thieved the NPC has the same chance of getting a prize, so good luck and happy chasing!

Serpenthelm farms is an event added during Halloween 2019. It is a farming event at Rose gates where you can bring a spade and dig for farming experience and some fun rewards. Any spade will work at this event, but as you use better spades, the timer and drops get better. It's at Rose gates from when the NPC character for Halloween arrives to when it leaves.

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