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Remer Island
Now that you are familiar with the playing screen it's time to get to know the game itself a little better. By now you have reached Rynir Mines. Here you can start mining Tin and Copper ores (and once you reach level 10 mining you can mine Iron ore.) You will need equal amounts of Tin and Copper ore to make Bronze armour, weapons and equipment. To mine equip your pick and click either "Mine Tin" or "Mine Copper". (See Mining for more details).

If you decide to explore the island, first move north to Lisim. This is where you can begin to fish Shrimp with your net equipped and once you level up to level 5 and buy a rod you can also fish Sardines, Herring and Mackerel. Eventually with your net you can also fish Trout here as well. (See Fishing for more details).

Continuing north of Lisim you will find Valera. Here you can buy Mules at the stables, or you can visit the Training Grounds. We recommend waiting to fight until you have a full set of Bronze armour and a weapon. You will also want a good stock of cooked fish or crops to heal with. Optional is a house (250 or 750 wood to build one with a hammer in any city) in which you can safely store your GP and any extra items you have that you would not want to lose if you die in combat. Should you die in combat you lose everything in your inventory, but you keep your GP and all of your experience. (See Combat for more details).

After Valera you have a choice. To the left is Endarx, where you smelt ores into bars and then with a hammer can Smith the bars into items (see Smithing for more details). To the north of Endarx is a dead end where you will find the city of Rile and the school where you can train your Construction and Trading skills up to level 10 for GP. (See Construction and Trading for more details).

To the right of Valera you will first find the city of Isri where you can Woodcut with a hatchet. During woodcutting you find seeds which you can plant on farmland at your house/s (750 GP buys a small 25 slot farm which you make using a spade,) and random rare small chests which you can open to get free items from. (See Woodcutting for more details).

From Isri you move further to the right and you find the market city of Eully. Here you can trade items to other players at the Trading Post, put items up for auction at the Cave of Trades or bid on items. You can buy and sell basic items at the market as well if you're really short on GP or need to replace a piece of equipment. You can also meet Bluebell the witch here and begin several quests for her. (See Quests or Magic for more details).

South of Eully is the city of Harith where you can cook all of your fish, as long as you have an equal amount of wood to the amount of fish you have and a tinderbox equipped. In Harith you will also find Remer's House of Floral where you can sell the flowers you find walking around each of the islands. Each type of flower means something different and once the shop has 10 of one kind of flower in stock you can pay a fee and send a bouquet of flowers to another player. (See Cooking for more details)

The last and final stop on the tour of Remer Island is Port Senyn, here you can fish using a small fishing boat. You can catch Pike, Cod or Salmon once you have the correct fishing levels. For 20gp you can set sail for Dearn Island or for 50gp once you have enough levels you can enter The Outlands. However if you have a boat of your own, you can travel to most places in Syrnia for free! Certain boats move faster than others.

A Warning!: The Outlands is where you can fight other players and can be killed by them. You can train any skill here with low timers, but at high risk. In order to protect new players, you cannot enter this dangerous place unless you have 60 Total Skills or a Combat Level greater than 5.

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