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Forum -> General -> The marriage of Smeagol and Lyssa

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01-11-2019 01:11

~~ You have married Lyssa! You have married Smeagol! ~~

If anyone wishes to gift a banquet of any flower they can all gift will be placed in my closed shop located at port senyn. Thank you to all those who congratulated us including you errant . We officially were married at 01:01 the 1st of November syrnia time but 7:01 cst October 31st on Halloween. Again thank you all and thank you lyssa for taking my hand in marriage. <3
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Mr. Addy
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06-11-2019 04:14

Congratulations you two!

Here's wishing you many years of Syrnian bliss!
07-11-2019 22:25

Thanks so much for the shout-out hubby!
Ford Prefect
11-11-2019 05:27

Wishing you many happy anniversaries and an abundance of towels!

A hoopy frood always knows where their towel is.
Mr Tiddles
13-11-2019 03:00

Congrats to both of you!
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Forum -> General -> The marriage of Smeagol and Lyssa

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