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14-04-2019 16:17

Ok, there are currently topics not allowed in chat, one of these regards a drug that was mostly recreational but now is regarded as a medical plant, my goal here is to get community response on the matter and then have it presented to staff and borneo, but first I want the community to speak out on this and the numbers will mostly decide but we need as many people to weigh in as possible.

this plant is used medically to treat many illnesses now but still is not allowed to be discussed in chat, now I could get warned and the post could be removed however I would ask that staff allow the post specifically for the use of working on whether we can get discussion of said plant allowed to be discussed in chat only from a medical standpoint.

everyone please feel free to express your opinion either way, and to the forum mods if I have violated any rules I will accept any response for this but please try to be patient with this post and myself, Thank You.

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Moderator edit:
Unneeded word removed.

Please keep this topic strictly to whether it should be allowed in a treatment context only.

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14-04-2019 16:18

Scary Bacon
14-04-2019 16:18

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14-04-2019 16:20

No - I do not think this should be allowed. It is a bad influence point for younger players, which this game allows.
14-04-2019 16:27

^ Lol at being a bad influence. Makes no difference to me. Minimal effect on anyone who can think for themselves.
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14-04-2019 16:31

In my country it is legal, personally it gets talked about all the time throughout a conversation here. I personally think that if you are talking about the medical benefits that are associated with it, it could be alright. But because 90% of its users are not using it for the medical side of things, and are more so using it for recreational purposes, i can understand and agree that it should still not allowed to be used in chat. For the sake of the younger players and for the fact that i don't want to see players talking about how high they are, or chats like that.
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14-04-2019 16:31

Personally, I think talking about the recreational durg/medicine plant is on the same level as talking about cigarettes, alcohol or legal medicine like antidepressants or pain medication that have a chance for addiction. If we are allowed to talk about drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, then I think that should be accepted too. It's probably only a matter of time until the recreational durg/medicine plant is a normalised addictive substance like alcohol or nicotine.

However, if the chat is intended as PG or PG-13, we shouldn't be talking about drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Children or early teens don't need to be exposed to any of that. Cigarettes and alcohol are somehow acceptable because so many people use it, but it shouldn't be.

If there is a chance of rules, I for one would say we should add alcohol and nicotine to the 'Drug related references', because they are addictive and can cause more harm than good. In ways they are even more harmful than the recreational durg/medicine plant that is on topic here.
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14-04-2019 16:32

Personally i couldn´t give a monkeys what people discuss or not, but clear rules with clear lines are needed or it spirals out of control, so i say no.
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Max Dekker
14-04-2019 16:44

14-04-2019 16:45

Its a no from me, the current rules work fine regarding this
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14-04-2019 22:16

Frankly the argument of "bad influence for younger players" and the like is utter nonsense. Your child is more likely to be exposed to narcotics, violence and/or sexual content from far worse sources than some free online game. I would then go into a conversation about how parents should be carefully monitoring what their child is doing online and parenting properly but that's an argument for another day...

The game rules state that, Section 2:

1. Syrnia is available to anyone over 13 years of age or older. If you are under the age of 13, unfortunately you will not be able to register to use Syrnia.

2. If you are at least 13 but under 18, please also ask a parent or guardian to read and agree to the terms and conditions of this site. Parents and Guardians of users under 18 will be responsible for their minor's use of the site. They agree to the terms of use on behalf of themselves and any minor 13 or older.

So that reads to me like it would be, to use BBFC classification, not far off a 12A certification or a parental guidance. However it would mean, to use that certficate, you can get away with dangerous behaviour conversations, mentions of misuse of narcotics, moderate bad language and moderate sexual references. All these though should usually not be glamorised and discrete/infrequent. The American PG-13 rating is also not far off, nor are the French standards or pretty much most other nations with content geared at the 12+ age range.

Syrnia guidelines though seems to be in this odd state of affairs where it's rules allow one course of action but its moderation doesn't, going far too heavily in the conservative. Which therefore suggests either the game needs to change its rules so as to set fair expectations for what are and are not permitted or the staff need to back off.

As per any actual media guidelines then you would surely be fine to discuss drugs as long as it were not glamorising the taking of and references tended to be infrequent or with an educational slant on it.

Edited on 14-04-2019 22:20
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15-04-2019 03:28

Personally I don't care if the rule changes or not though I'm in favor of an over haul. Half the rules we have are legit in place to "protect" the younger members of this site....the SAME members who are the ones BREAKING the rules put in place for THEIR safety. Like cursing. Without fail 70% of the time users who curse are under the age of 18. Why? Because they think it makes them sound cooler/older than they are.

I do, however, agree with Calgor. We should be able to talk about anything in such a way that would be allowed in a PG-13 film. If parents complain to Borneo or the mods? Just point out that their children should have gotten THEM to read the rules and agree/disagree and that Syrnia is PG 13. Syrnia is not a free baby sitting site. Parents need to parent their OWN children and monitor what they do/see online NOT us.

If we continue to ban talking about medical uses of the plant in question than I move that we also block discussions regarding ALL use of medicines even over the counter ones. On top of that I move that if we are to baby the children under 18 years old then we should disallow discussion of anything not suitable for children. Including the use of nicotine products, vaping products, and alcohol. This would of course necessitate the removal of elven cocktails, barrels of rum, and mugs of beer from the game. As well as necessitate the redesigning of how one joins the pirates as right now they need the keg of rum.
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One Burnt Pea
15-04-2019 06:07

Oak's words echoed... There's a time and place for everything, but not now.
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15-04-2019 06:53

While using it in a conversation for medical purposes etc is all fine and dandy, one cannot ensure that the rule change will not be abused. And given the community, I know that at some point and time it will be. That also creates a bit of a "grey area" regarding terminology.

I am not naive enough to declare the argument of sheltering young players who play this game, as I know with social media now and days they are exposed to far worse. I simply think that at this point and time, changing the rules is not effective. Creates too much of an iffy situation for staff in terms of who should and should not be warned based on context. So a blanket "no discussion at all" seems better.
15-04-2019 09:59

Interesting, We can talk about a lot of hurtful things in world chat, knife crime, cancer, murder, suicide, terrorism even cannabalism.

I dont see the harm in talking about the subject mentioned, but I also dont see the need to talk about it.

It is illegal in my country but its not illegal to talk about it.

All in all, I think the rules are fine as they are, there is no real demanding need to talk about the OPs subject but if it comes up in general chat, mod can just say to move it along

Edited on 15-04-2019 10:00
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15-04-2019 12:55

Someone once said to me, if you make adjustments or allowances with rules, then it is one long road to shitcreek.

you make amendments or allowances to one rule, people will push and push for allowances to others, rule enforcement becomes nonexistent and the game suffers as a result.

to me personally, enforce the rules with an iron fist and do not look at amendments or allowances.
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15-04-2019 18:57

People getting absolutely blitzed and going on a tirade in chat: okay
People literally playing real life drinking games in chat: okay
Mentioning weed: oh god, think of the children
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16-04-2019 02:08

^ lol twitchy, completely agree...

It's completely harmless as compaired to drinking and smoking cigarettes. Think how backwards we've come since the 60's.
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16-04-2019 02:44

Yeah. No moderation. No updates.
16-04-2019 03:15

my simple question would be what do you feel the need to talk about it for? just for the record i drink like a fish, smoke like smokestack both cigs and the unmentionable. but lets be realistic.

do you feel the need to talk about aspirin? it is the same as the other but i guess it isn't as cool to chat about? when i see a bunch of people talking about how they went to the dr to get prescribed aspirin and how great it's health benefits are, i suppose we could look back at this topic?

btw this is why we have clans chat.
16-04-2019 05:19

lmao at most of this

We joined a free game, and it has rules. Yes, the rules were written long ago by someone very young (with input I'm sure), but we agree to follow the rules when we join the game.

Sometimes the Mods are too uptight and sensitive about words and phrases used, sometimes they are non-existent or just don't give a damn. Frankly, if the Mods weren't the way they are, who would everyone complain about?? lol

Deal with it. As pipster said, that's why we have clan chat. If you wanna talk about things the "rules" don't allow in main chat, then do it in whisper or in clan chat. I too disagree with mutes and warnings for discussing a plant that many of us consume. However, it is what it is .. we have "rules".

Maybe in another 10 yrs it will be legal everywhere (is where I live) and people won't be so uptight. Until then, deal with it.
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16-04-2019 12:07

Marley people will be uptight no matter how "legal" it is. There are folks who are uptight about tobacco, alcohol, even caffeine and sugar!
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17-04-2019 02:49

I love reading posts like this. So much fun. Now for my opinion. If you smoke pot, you should be shot or locked in one of our overfilled prisons for the rest of your natural life. Damn junkies. Bet you probably jaywalk too. Nothing but a bunch of criminals. Kill em all!
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17-04-2019 11:04

I'm with Frag for a change ... no
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17-04-2019 13:14

To quote brogs... No
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