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06-03-2019 12:05

To be fair who would have said when they first signed up that 14 years later we would still have this game?

When Born took it over there were mixed feelings from most, shock, excitement, doubt, worry but collectively we all wanted to see new things.

I want to thank the mods for a fun little birthday bash because without them I feel it would have been overlooked again and we would have maybe had some events but this was actually fun, the pinatas are cute and it was nice to see something different and new. especially Bex and the Coder.

People might feel the candy was just another food source but again it is something new so let's try and look at the positives .

So Again Thank you for a fun day, I mean if anyone else wants to say thank you are welcome to show your appreciation here.

*I guess we are calling it a Birthyday now xD

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19-03-2019 17:05


As always, deepest appreciation to the mods who keep the game running everyday.

Especially The Ever Wonderful Bexy, who puts in the time and trouble for the extra events each holiday.

Also, the amusing red chat sparring with Borneo. Which brings me to Borneo.


No matter what you do or don't do with the game, just keeping it running is enough and greatly appreciated.


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19-03-2019 18:38

Syrnia now under Borne's regime = a working game with updates and an admin that actually cares, mod staff that is better trained and much more professional ( I will still draw faces on any of you when you pass out) all in all 100% improvement from what Syrnia was before.
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Forum -> Off-Topic -> It was indeed a Happy Birthyday

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