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04-12-2018 00:21

My Christmas wish is to talk to my daughter who is having an 'independance' fit.
What is you Christmas wish?
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04-12-2018 02:16

The health of my mother who is fighting a cancer.

I'm going to visit her this x'mas at a town 900kms away from where i'm staying with my own family. She doesn't want to move in with us.

thanks Calliope
well done Karisade and good luck for the fantasy novel

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04-12-2018 03:16

Wishing Edwin and Bella to have their wishes granted...Also, wishing that me and sailor will prevail in our custody battle for sailor's daughter "Fashion", who is growing and thriving with us every day!
I love my US Navy sailor! Thanks to all who have served or are serving!

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05-12-2018 22:37

Make it through this semester, the next, and the nclex.

Hope you get yours OP.
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05-12-2018 23:07

For my recently separated(you know who you are) to be alright and know I still very much care and to know you can still talk to me about anything/everything should you need to, I will ALWAYS be here for you...I wish for my newly found relationship to fully thrive and flourish and for us to make this house into a home, for him to gain custody of his son and things to go smoothly when that happens- I wish for those in this thread to get their wish

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One Snap Pea
05-12-2018 23:13

I would like to find purpose in life
06-12-2018 00:08

I wish for my fantasy novel to get published!
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Blackout Vision
06-12-2018 05:00

I wish to get custody/come to an agreement for my 11 month old sons sake. Would love to have him and spend time with him as his mother is making it hard for me.
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07-12-2018 17:24

I sound so shallow now with my wishes, but I want a gaming mouse and keyboard.
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Forum -> Off-Topic -> Christmas Wish

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