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21-11-2018 09:23

hey, with the big wood stockpiles in the game I'm thinking what the maximum amount of one item you can have in your inventory?

How's it handled withing the javascript and database? Did M2H foresee that this game would run for this long? The max value an integer can hold is 2147483647, so just over 2 billion. Bigger number would cause problems, I wouldn't want for players to lose their massive stockpiles.

Just got me thinking, thought to bring it up.

edit: oh yea I'm probably overshooting the individual amounts but if the total number of wood or gold or whatever is stored somewhere in the code and it exceeds 2 billion that might cause problems too, just something to keep in mind for the future.

For example, aussiebeast is slowly creeping up towards the 2billion xp mark, I hope his xps aren't stored in a standard integer

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Mr. Addy
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21-11-2018 18:03

No one in the game has 2 billion items, don't you worry about that
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21-11-2018 18:24

I will, in a few years if wood prices won't improve LOL

no but like I said, aussie is creeping up on 2billion xp

I still remember were the staff setup a quiz competition and all the answers were plainly written within the HTML of the page xD

yea.. I'm just a little concerned that aussie might accidentally 'break the game' lol
Mr Tiddles
21-11-2018 19:20

at 3 million exp / week it would take aussie another 6 and half years to get another 1 billion exp.

That's also roughly around level 455... so.. good luck with that..

On another note.. around level 450 you'd need near 15 million exp per level so..

yea... but putting a cap on the final 100's mark would be cool..

That's 1.3 billion exp at level 400..

May wanna hurry though if staff decides to end the level caps at a hundreds mark.

However.. I think It can go farther >

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21-11-2018 19:28

luther88 - sadly the game you mentioned received virtually zero playtesting on its rushed original release. The error was speedily fixed but the senior at the time chose never to re-release the contest. Instead I adapted it as a clan game, which you can check out here:

Regarding your point about integers, I'm sure our coder has it covered. He's had over 2 years to get to grips with the game code. He also has a careful, methodical approach plus the time in which to exercise it.
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21-11-2018 20:43

cool, cool, yea I feel reassured again xD

A level cap would be cool because this endless grind is kinda meh, but at level 400? might as well keep it open now

gotta teach my future son to play this game and carry on the torch so to speak lol

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Zero Two
22-11-2018 00:31

I for one welcome an integer cap error breaking the game. Then maybe we can all be free.
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22-11-2018 10:12

aussie, you are the Chosen One, you've got to free us LOL

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28-11-2018 08:31

We're Breaking Free!
30-11-2018 03:00

a_f_c probably has like 2 billion in negative IQ points or swipes-left on tinder... *snicker* Sorry afcnubblikins, I see you so rarely these days I have to speak up, right? *hug*
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Forum -> Off-Topic -> max amount of items?

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