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Nothing quite beats a good stroll in the countryside of Syrnia. In order to get around Syrnia, a player must move between locations. Walking takes time, and this time can be affected by several things. If you are using a horse or a mule, your journey will be a lot quicker but you gain no experience from it. Using Leather Boots or Eagle Boots reduce travel time by a few seconds, so too does the affect of Travel Time enchantments (See Magic).


Using animals can get you to a place a lot faster. Each one takes a large amount of time from your journey, with better animals taking even more time off your route. Using animals though, has a slight penalty, you do not gain any Speed Experience for your journey and you will not find flowers. Also, animals have a slight and random chance of dying. If it dies it is removed from your inventory and you will then have to walk.

Image Name Gold Cost Purchase locations
 Beginners Horse
 -  Only available as starting item
 Mule  100  Valera, Rose Castle
 Brown Horse
 1000  Unera, Rose Castle
 White Horse
 2000 Penteza
Reindeer 5000 Available from Party Island from 2011
Skeletal Horse 5000 Available during Halloween  2012
Clydesdale   Available during Easter  2019


Wearing boots speed items also decreases travel. Leather boots decrease them a fair amount, but there are plenty more different types to be found that make you even faster. Some can be found in combat, others bought. Watch out where you step though, as your boots might break and leave you barefoot.

Image Name Gold Cost Level Requirements Location
Leather Boots 500 None Available from Eully, dropped by monsters or as drop from fishing
Bathide Boots
10 Bat hides and 750 GP
Defence: 25 Available from Tempas Tent, Arch Caves 4.2
Cheetah Boots 3000 Speed: 35
Can be bought from Per Ankh (Abydos - Anasco Island)
Eagle Boots
- None Only available as monster drops from Eagles
Witch Broomstick - 40 New witch set item for Halloween 2011
reduces travel time by 10%


Other Speed Items

There are also other items that decrease your traveltime.
Together with the Cheetah Boots below items form the Anasco Travel Suit.
Be careful when you wear this, these special items might break while travelling with it.
Image Name Gold Cost Level Requirements Location
Lion vest 1500 Speed: 35 Can be bought from Per Ankh (Abydos - Anasco Island)
Wildebeest Pants
1500 Speed: 35 Can be bought from Per Ankh (Abydos - Anasco Island)
Antelope Hooves 1500 Speed: 35 Can be bought from Per Ankh (Abydos - Anasco Island)
Elk Horns 1500 Speed: 35 Can be bought from Per Ankh (Abydos - Anasco Island)


While walking from place to place, you may find flowers. You will not find them while using a horse though. When you reach your destination, you might have picked them up on the way. The chances of finding flowers increase as your Speed level increases. These flowers can then be sold to the flower shops at Harith or Elven Gate. You will need to have Trading  Level 25+ to use the Flower Boutique at Khaya on Anasco Island.

Some flowers can only be found at special locations.

   White Remer Rare: Some locations at Remer island.
  Rose Rare: At some mountains.
  Carnation Very common: Everywhere.
  Tulip Very common: Everywhere.
  Elven flower Rare: At some places at the Elven island.

Rare: At high snowy places where no blood is shed.

  Lady sunshine Very common: Everywhere.
  Purple rha Very common: Everywhere.
Silver widow Rare: At dark places only.
  Skull Rose

Rare: At dark places and at the island shaped like a skull.


Uncommon: Found on Kanzo


Uncommon: Found on Anasco

Witches Foxglove Rare: Found during Hallowe'en  celebrations 2011

Rare: Found everywhere during Christmas 2009/2011

  Christmas Cactus

Rare: Found during Christmas 2011 celebrations

  Four leaf Clover Very rare: Can be found while walking about. 
Pulsatilla Rare, found during Easter 2012
Canna Lucifer Rare, found during Halloween 2012
Glacial Lily Rare, found during Christmas 2016
Gladiola Very common: Everywhere.
Pirate crimson Uncommon: Found on Skull
Easter cosmo Rare, found during Easter 2015
Gardenia Very common: Everywhere.
Syrnian snow petal Rare, found during Christmas 2018
Easter Lily Rare, found during Easter 2019

If there are 10 or more of a type of flower in the flower shops, they will create a bouquet. These can be sent to any player of your choice. Simply go to the flower shops, pay a fee, choose a person and then add a message. The player will then receive the bouquet of flowers and your message.

White Remer   Wedding. 150 gold
Rose   Love. 500 gold
  Carnation   Thanks. 100 gold
  Tulip   Congratulations. 100 gold
  Elven Flower   Birthday. 250 gold
Meznolian   Get Well. 150 gold
  Lady Sunshine   Friendship. 100 gold
  Purple Rha    Apologies. 100 gold
  Silver Widow   Condolences. 200 gold
  Skull Rose   Threat. 200 gold
  Matricarias   Best Wishes. 200 gold
  Plumerias  Good Luck. 250 gold
  Witches foxgloves  Halloween 5000 gold
  Pointsettias  Christmas 5000 gold
Christmas Cacti  Christmas 5000 gold
Pulsatilla   Easter 5000 gold
 Canna Lucifer   Halloween 2012 5000 gold


This allows you to travel from island to island. There is only one port on an island, this is your gateway to other lands. From each port you can only sail to certain locations. You may have to go from that new port to another one to reach your destination. There is a fee for using a boat there, however if you have your own boat, travel is free. The only exception is Heerchey Island, which to get there, you must pay 500 gold. Travel back from most islands is usually free, however Exrollia and Webbers are not. Make sure you don't get stranded on there!

Port Where you can go Cost to travel
Port Senyn Port Dazar
The Outlands*
50 gp
Port Dazar Port Senyn
150 gp
Xanso Port Dazar
Web Haven
Port Calviny
Crab Nest

Burning beach
Heerchey Docks
25 gp
50 gp
Keg of Rum and a Pirate Invasion
250 gp
Burning Beach Crab Nest
Port Calviny
75 gp
Crab Nest (Only Reachable by Pirates
or when joining the pirates)
Port Senyn
Outlands 1 or 13
Port Calviny
Burning Beach
Heerchey Docks
Small Fishing Boat
50 gp
50 gp
250 gp
500 gp
Outlands 1 or 13 Port Senyn
Crab Nest
Port Calviny Crab Nest
Burning Beach
Heerchey Docks
50 gp
75 gp
500 gp
50 gp
Heerchey Docks Xanso
Crab Nest
Port Calviny
Web Haven Xanso 25 gp
Kanzo Island Arriving at
Returning from
Kanzo Orb
Penteza Orb
Eylsian Docks
Thabis 1000 gp (free if you own a canoe)
Eylsian Docks
1000 gp (free if you own a canoe)

The Outlands requires mininum Total levels 60 or Combat level 5 to enter.
Travel To all but Skull Island, Heerchey Island, Anasco or Kanzo is free if you own a small fishing boat, Sloop, Boat or Trawler.

Sailing however does not gain any experience points and is not affected by horses, mules or travel time enchantments (see Magic).
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