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Quests and Jobs

Syrnia has in addition to the skills, many quests and jobs which you can do for rewards and experience. These are a great way to earn money and keep yourself busy, if you die before completing the Quest it will be reset and you will have to start again!


Quests vary in size and nature. Complete these and good rewards will come your way...

Witch Bluebell Easy
Witch Bluebell needs some ingredients for a potion. Can you help her? (Finish this to unlock "Witch Bluebell 2")

Witch Bluebell 2 Easy
Witch Bluebell needs an Amber gem. Are you up to the task?

Valera Knight Easy
A Valera knight wishes to become famous again. He seems to have lost his equipment though. Will you help him find it? (Finish this to unlock "Monster Training")

Monster Training Easy
The Valera knight thinks you're not ready to face the dreaded Bunyip. It might be best to train up a bit to make sure you're ready. (Finish this to unlock "Slaying the monster")

Slaying the monster Medium
Do you think you're ready to face the Bunyip?

The abandoned Shopping list Easy (You will need Combat Level 10 and Woodcutting Level 15 to take this)
Oh no there's a storm coming. Can you keep the monsters away while two brothers rebuild their house?

Thieving Guild Trail Easy
Think you are good enough for the Thieving Guild? Prove your worth and see...

Got to love locks Easy
Do you know how to open locks?

Earning the family respect Medium (You will need Combat Level 20 and Mining Level 10 to take this)
Can you make friends with the high born Heerchey Family, The Lady of the family likes pretty things.

The kidnapped lunchbox Medium
(You will need Combat Level 25 to take this)
Can you help Tep Diggins find his lost lunch?

Frogs and Monkeys Easy
Which do you think is better, Frogs or Monkeys?

Lonely bard
The Bard has lost his inspiration, can you help him find something to sing about?

Sick fisher or sick of fishing?
The old fisherman is sick, can you help him bring in his catch? (Finish this to unlock "Damsel in distress or just clueless")

Damsel in distress or just clueless
A young lady is lost outside of the castle walls, go find her and bring her home. (Finish this to unlock "Damsel in more distress or really clueless?")

Damsel in more distress or really clueless? Medium
She's gone and run off again.  Time to find her and bring her back.

Protect the ancient woods Hard
Chippeways are eating all the farmers seeds, can you help kill some of them and protect the farms?

Huge problems Hard
A gambler offers information on a huge problem in the Exella Mountains but the Canlo Giant will protect its domain and has slain many foolish adventurers will you take up arms and deal with the problem or will you fail like the others?

Clearing the Tomb Easy
The Catacombs of Beset have decayed and stone blocks halt the way of anyone wishing to pay their respects perhaps someone could mine the rocks out the way let’s just hope you are not afraid of the dark.

Repair the Smokehouse
You approach the Smokehouse seeking to benefit from the delicious taste of grilled meat but you see it has decayed overtime and will need to be repaired in order to use it, repair the smokehouse to its former glory and reap the juicy rewards.

Hidden Forest Easy
Legends tell of a sacred forest of Ammon but as you near close to its ancient lands you see no form of passage to cross perhaps there is someone with knowledge to enter the forest that can assist you.

Mighty Warrior Hard
Ancient tales tells of the Goddess Sekhmet and her cruel and evil abuse of the Anasco residents, perhaps the catacombs were sealed for a reason but she has returned and seeks revenge on the one who defeated her. Take a torch and help stop her before Anasco is ravaged by her evil once more.

Squid of the Deep Hard
Fishing isn’t an easy task especially when you enter the domain of an ancient creature. These mighty creatures will defend their home to the death so if you plan on fishing here you had best take up arms and fight off the creatures or you may never fish in peace.

Accessing Arch. Cave 5 (difficulty unknown)
Fighting your way through the lost caves and still your task is not done as you seek entrance to the newest of the cave system. What bounties await you there you are not sure all you know is you must earn passage there. Perhaps if one is handy at mining or constructing they could earn passage to the Cave 5.

Protecting the Camp (difficulty unknown)
A poorly equipped camp stands before you, they seek help in their efforts to better understand the caves. Aid them in their efforts and slay the foul beasts that threaten the camp or you may never find the secret to defeating the greatest of enemies.
(Finish this to unlock "Killing the Dragons?")

Killing the Dragons (difficulty unknown)
For years you have fought to get here, your final act awaits as the mightiest creatures stand before you, slay the foul beasts and reap the greatest honours a warrior can get but be warned dealing the final blow to such beasts may not be an easy task.

Securing your Shops Easy
Make your way to the masters of trading, each of which can teach you a little more about securing your shops to help you grow your wealth in Syrnia.



Friddik Brothers
The Friddik Brothers, found on Remer Island, are known to give odd jobs and rewards. Fancy giving them a hand?

Thieving Guild
The Thieving Guild is known to give jobs to its members for good rewards.
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