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09-03-2013 23:31

So sorry to hear this

RIP Maranda
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RIP Habibi Vincius
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09-03-2013 23:31

RIP Maranda i'm simply lost at this news, but dreamer has caught you i'm sure.i'm totally lost for words, SYOTOS...
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10-03-2013 00:11

rip :/
10-03-2013 00:23

Very upsetting to hear this...

RIP to her and deepest condolences to her loved ones and thoose closest to her.
10-03-2013 00:34

RIP Maranda I will miss you so much.
I never had no one
I could count on
I've been let down so many times
I was tired of hurtin'
So tired of searchin'
'Til you walked into my life
10-03-2013 00:35

I have no adequate words to describe the sadness of this news. Totally devastating. Will miss her.
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10-03-2013 00:41

RIP Maranda

You will be very missed! <3
You have Married Lazarus Black! <3

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"Be kind to all you meet, for everyone is fighting a hard battle" - Plato
10-03-2013 00:46

Heartbreaking. My deepest condolences - Maranda was always kind, she will be missed.
"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets. For it and knowledge can raise men to the divine." -Beethoven
10-03-2013 01:14

A person who always made things a bit better with her presence. We are all diminished with her passing. RIP
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10-03-2013 01:33

The Father has called her home. My thoughts and prayers are with both her real life and her Syrnian families at this very tough time. She always had a kind word and was very helpful in the game. She will be greatly missed.
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Burnt Cod
10-03-2013 01:35

This amazing woman is one of the reasons I came back to Syrnia after a long Hiatus. She was one of the only people who were always there, no matter what. She was amazing person, and will never leave my heart. RIP Maranda. :'(
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10-03-2013 01:50

What an amazing person you were/ are Maranda

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10-03-2013 01:59

R.I.P mara good person wil lbe trully missed and will be in my prayers
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10-03-2013 02:12

*doffs cap and bows ... and wipes away a tear*
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10-03-2013 02:14

a big farewell wolfie hug mara you were a true lady rest well
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stickvilla 6/1/11 R.I.P gone but not forgotten
10-03-2013 02:21

My deepest sympathies to her Syrnian Family as well as Her RL family. She will be deeply missed her in Syrnia. Always very friendly and a lot of fun!!

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10-03-2013 02:22

Rest In Peace Maranda. I didn't know you very well but all the interactions we had were always good. Condolences to her friends and family
Thank You to Spartaness for the awesome avatar!!

Like a BulbaSir
10-03-2013 02:56

Rest In Peace Maranda
10-03-2013 04:07

she was a great friend and i will miss her dearly.
10-03-2013 04:07

Sometimes my words are crass and crude

And sometimes come off sounding rude

There's days that I shall simply lack

Diplomatic grace and tact

One thing certain, one thing true

Tis honesty I speak with you

So heed my words and listen well

There's something here that I must tell

For those who've lost someone so dear

And have had to shed a flood of tears

Your heart is blue, these words are true

For losing someone close to you

Cheer up, don't frown, please dry your face

They've gone on to a better place

No pain, no fear, no worries there

For love's abundant everywhere

The memories they leave behind

Are treasures of a different kind

They must not be hidden or locked away

But must be brought to the light of day

To be totally fair, we all must share

And show our loved ones How much we care.

May you watch over your WILD ones from that clan cave in the sky
Love You
10-03-2013 04:23

please tell me this is some kind of horrible joke... Maranda was such a great person and a kind and gentle soul as far as i am concerned, even though i did not speak to her on a regular basis whenever we did there were nothing but smiles and good conversation that would follow... Syrnia has lost a true good hearted person and im am very sorry for her family and friends... it is a sad time indeed
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10-03-2013 05:00

My dear Maz, I can barely believe this

I was always so impressed with the strength and dignitity you went through life with.
The world truly will be a little darker without you in it.
My condolences to her family and clan, what very sad news


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10-03-2013 05:03

Going to miss her, prayers are with all of her family and friends during this time.
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10-03-2013 06:11

Rest in peace Maranda.
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10-03-2013 06:13

Wow this is shocking :/
R.I.P You will be missed
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