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24-07-2013 12:39

Haz: Oh, I see! That makes sense.
03:35 (Mod)Moderator: Player with inapprpriate name - muted.. the rest of you, time to stop repeating it ;)
03:35 Thorntree[Choob]: *innapropiate
03:40 Makeshift[Choob]: *Cough* Inappropriate*. TT spelled it wrong too.
Mr. Addy
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03-09-2013 02:53

When trying to escape the pirates and failing:

A pirate spotted you trying to escape! You are sent to jail. Continue

You are sent to jail.
*You have been sent to jail.
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14-09-2013 20:23

Your Saurus shield was damaged, the durabilty bonus was reduced by one.

Durability got its I poked out. Please help find it. Missing an I is detrimental to ones self image.
04-10-2013 18:29

Penteza > Elven shop

"Welcome to Pentezas shop. We have got some valuable stuff for sale."

That doesn't sound right. Perhaps call it 'Elven shop' in the description as well for uniformity?
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13-11-2013 05:02

There is * Cooked Mackerel, * Mackerel and * Wood in the stockhouse. left.

two periods (starring the numbers so as not to ruin our pirate fun ;)

Edited on 13-11-2013 05:04
13-11-2013 05:15

You could not thief Halloween witch since Halloween witch is not at Unera

It actually should be Thieve. and a comma inserted

You could not Thieve the Halloween witch , since the Halloween witch is not at Unera
13-11-2013 07:18

This goes along with what Blaidd said and I don't know why I haven't mentioned it before because it bothers me every time I thieve someone

"Thief ShapeShifter"

It should be "Thieve Shapeshifter"

Edited on 13-11-2013 07:23
haajykhaobbiet drank Keg of ruh*burp*and gaiened 1 HP
You cut down a hollow tree, a 14 was hidden inside it!

Thieving (#222) 10/28/12
Thieving (#1000) 4/28/12
18-12-2013 03:42

At Sanfew Jail there is a capitalization error.

Text below taken from Sanfew Jail description:
Got nothing left? you can clean the Sanfew cells for 2 gold pieces per minute.

The "you" should be capitalized.

26-12-2013 04:29

Is "manrobert ate Beet and gained 1 HP"
What I think it should be "manrobert ate a Beet and gained 1 HP"
27-12-2013 22:55

I am sure my stuff is still around in the Outlands. The people who attacked me are rich enough to buy beter equipment, they only wanted revenge.

At Valera, beter<better>.

Lord RTM
24-01-2014 19:27

Yesterday I remember seeing quest text saying "trow" gnomes rather than "throw" gnomes on Penteza.

Edited on 24-01-2014 19:31
01-02-2014 06:34

You have 458 Iron plate, you have 198 Iron bars left.
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21-02-2014 08:12

Elven floral boutique:
bouquet is spelled bouquette
21-02-2014 19:41

From the first post

Item names and city names can not be changed

Edited on 21-02-2014 19:43
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06-06-2014 21:01

Buying a Purple rha bouquette for 100 gold.
For occasion: Appologies.

Also on the main House of Floral list under occasion.

"Appologies" should be "Apologies"
haajykhaobbiet drank Keg of ruh*burp*and gaiened 1 HP
You cut down a hollow tree, a 14 was hidden inside it!

Thieving (#19) 2/20/14
Thieving (#222) 10/28/12
Thieving (#1000) 4/28/12
06-06-2014 21:28

Noticed this when I started playing. Tutorial 9:

"It's now up to you to decide what you will be doing with your Syrnian live!"
Live should be changed to life.

"Want to become a pirate and send pirates to Kill other Syrnians ?"
I believe the K in kill is currently capitalized. If it is, it should be lower case.
25-06-2014 05:45

There is 85 Cooked Mackerel, 2004 Mackerel and 49908 Wood in the stockhouse. left.

Shouldn't be a period after stockhouse.
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22-09-2014 23:56

"The current fight has been cancelled, the combatants took to long to kill eachother."

This should read (2 corrections):

"The current fight has been cancelled, the combatants took too long to kill each other."
13-12-2014 20:17

And - 'recognise' is the correct English spelling, whilst 'recognize' is the correct American English spelling.
[2]00:19 Restrict[#Anon]: havent you all realized? typo knows all <3
19-12-2014 14:06

You found 4 White Remer while walking!

shouldnt it be 4 White Remers? (plural)
04-02-2015 09:18

I need to question why item names cannot be updated, EG:

string query = "UPDATE items SET name='Fixed up name' WHERE name='incorrect name'";


Also, "access" is missing an "s" at Elven Gate.
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03-03-2015 02:58

Not sure if this has been noted or not, but since it hasn't been fixed for ages...

Rose Mine description (when you click on Rose Mine):

Named after the city that uses this mine for (it's) rich iron and coal veins.The city guards watch carefully to protect the miners here so they can work in peace.

Should be: Named after the city that uses this mine for (its) rich iron and coal veins.The city guards watch carefully to protect the miners here so they can work in peace.
03-03-2015 16:42

Elven Floral, The apology flower is spelled wrong
i mustache you to not make fun of me

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08-04-2015 10:59

In the Mini-map (Exalla mountain)

Everywhere else shows Exella

You just need an updated image with Exella in the Mini-map

Also change

Edited on 08-04-2015 12:31
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Goal 5: Health 60 (69 hp)
Goal 6: Def 69 (full gold)
17-05-2015 19:30

this has probably been mentioned but if not...

All Silver barss are currently being worked on, so you are unable to join the work.
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