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12-05-2007 23:22

1. Can I see myself?
Nope, this is a text-based game. Try it anyway - you might just like it

2. How do I make money?
The quickie way to make a little bit is to clean jail cells at Sanfew for 2gp a minute. This is a good option if you've died and lost everything. A better way is to either woodcut or mine, then sell the resources. This method gives you xp, which has benefits for gathering times. You can also do quests for the Friddik brothers, but again you don't get xp for these. They *can* be lucrative if you act fast. If you don't have the resources and can't get them just let the timer run out and go to the brother. You can do another one after you've talked to him.

3. How do I fight?
Start with rats in Valera. You should get full bronze armour, a bronze weapon and some cooked fish or vegetables before you start. Storing stuff in your house is also a good idea. When you die you lose everything but the gp you are carrying and what you have in your house. Fight rats until you can kill them using minimal food. Then move on to (spiders, although not recommended - uses a lot more food) then gnomes.

4. How do I thieve (a player/a shop)?
Click on a player name in the City Menu. You'll see a link to thieve just under their player name. Click that and prepare to spend time in jail. You need level 10 thieving to thief items from shops. And don't ask to be bailed - you do the crime, you do the time. You can also lockpick locked toolboxes (LTB) for 50xp a go. These are dropped by gnomes, or can be bought from players for about 120-350gp per LTB.

5. How do I trade?
Go to Eully. You can sell things to Eully market (the NPC store), trade with players at the Trading Post, or auction resources at the Cave of Trades. You can also use trade chat to set up deals - see the question 'why is your name blue' below.

6. Why is your name blue?
Different chats are different colours. Off white is world chat. Blue is trade chat. Green is clan chat. Orange is pirate chat. Yellow is help chat. White is region chat. Pale blue is a whisper. Switch chats by selecting the one you need from the dropdown to the left of the chat box.

7. How and where do I build a house?
Get 250 or 750 wood (former is for smaller starter house) from Isri. Equip your hammer, go to the place you want to build your house and click 'construct' in the City Menu. You should build in a place you visit often, such as the city where your main skill is located.

8. How do I make a clan and how?
You need 25h playing time. Click the 'clan' button on the left. Fill in the stuff and hey presto, clan. Recruitment: you can advertise in world chat, but not more than once per hour. A better option is to use the recruitment section of the forum.

9. How do I build a shop?
Study at Rile and get level 5 construction. Then build a shop in the same way as you would a house.

10. What is the maximum level?
There is no known maximum.

11. Can I swear?
You can, but chat is all ages and you will be muted by the mods. Don't try "clever" ways of spelling swear words - mods are people, not automatic. Also, putting asterisks instead of letters is *still* seen as swearing. Pleading ignorance doesn't work - you agreed to abide by the rules when you signed up. If you don't remember what they were there's a link to them to the right of the chat box.

12. Do higher levels improve times?
Yes, but by a minimal amount. This is usually not very noticeable due to large numbers of players using the same location. Each player adds 2secs to the base time, which quickly eliminates most of the level advantage. However, at higher levels you have the option of going to different, less crowded locations.

13. Is there a bank?
No, your house is your bank. Nobody can steal anything from your house. Any gp you are carrying *can* theoretically be thieved by other players. Don't bother asking people not to thieve you - it will make things worse.

14. I died! What do I do?
Clean cells at Sanfew for 2gp a minute until you have enough gp to buy new tools at Eully market. Then continue what you were doing before. Occasionally people will offer things they've found back. Msg them with what you lost. Don't gripe if people *don't* offer: they found it and they are perfectly entitled to keep it. If you don't want to lose your stuff make sure you don't die.

15. Does anybody play Runescape?
Some probably do, but it's not a popular chat subject and leads to flaming. Leave RS in RS. Quoting your RS level in Syrnia chat is as relevant as saying how good you are at basketball while playing a game of hockey. Doing things like 'press 123 if you play RS' is seen as inviting spam, which is against the rules and will get you muted.

aquadark's question: Anyway how large is my inventory? Unlimited!

These are the questions I've seen most often in chat (I probably missed a few). For details on any subject at all I recommend this site has all the information any Syrnia player could ever want really
and Beginners (remove space)
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Mr. Addy
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12-05-2007 23:34

This should be stickied.
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12-05-2007 23:37

What Rudilyn said

edit to add: WTG mods, great call on the sticky.

Edited on 12-05-2007 23:46
12-05-2007 23:40

Ya it should its great info for new players hope it gets sticked.
12-05-2007 23:43

it woudl be a great guide for new people, it should definitally be locked. it would save alot of questions for new people.
13-05-2007 07:08

You forgot one of the most common question "How do I move?!?" ....
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Selling PTOs, LTBs, Ogre and Elven items also other goodies in my shop at Valera.
13-05-2007 07:39

Now lets hope someone new will read this Good job.
Anyway how large is my inventory?
13-05-2007 08:05

Well I don't think anyone knows yet aqua :-/, M2H might have set a limit but if he did then it hasn't been found yet.
So for time being lets say there isn't a limit

23-05-2007 02:05

For one thing, when you ask a question 1 ? is sufficient, much more likely to get an answer than using a million of them...

P.S. Also if you read through the first post in this topic, particularly question #5, you wouldn't have had to ask at all.

Edited on 23-05-2007 02:06
29-05-2007 04:03

when you sign up to play syrnia you should have to read this before it allows you to log in
05-06-2007 19:33

what is better,first build a house than build a store,first build a store than a house,first build a house and buy a store,or first buy a store than build a house
05-06-2007 20:55

build a house. You can do that with lvl1 construction, and it means you have a safe place to store your gold. It also allows you to store your stuff if you want to go fight. If you store it you still have it if/when you die.

Shops need lvl5 construction, and you need time to gather stuff to put in there anyway. Any gold earned by your store can get stolen by players with a high enough thieving level (and enough patience).

I'd always say build rather than buy, tho others may disagree. Even tho it takes a while it earns itself back in chopping xp and seeds.
Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: WOW, what a ride!
24-06-2007 04:52

Cute Monkey Impi
24-06-2007 09:56

with the 6, about the chats: please add the 5th room too.
yellow colour
03-07-2007 16:47

How much wood do i need to make a shop
03-07-2007 17:11

Excellent post! This should be shoved in the faces of New Players the moment they begin Tutorial 1. No, this should actually BE a preliminary Tutorial section!
23-07-2007 19:20

k well, im new to this game and... im on the tutorial 1 it tells me to click on the view full worldmap right... so i do that but it dont let me go to tutorial 2?

what am i doing wrong?
23-07-2007 19:42

click the white dot next to Tutorial 2 in order to move there.
31-08-2007 09:59

Brilliant! i'm a new player and it's answered all my questions
01-09-2007 03:30

you forgot #16 the most common of all

#16 how do i get out of tutorial 2?
equip your pickaxe, click the mine tin or copper link on the action menu.
once you have atleast 1 copper and 1 tin click the tutorial 2 link on the action menu find the link labelled continue to next tutorial.
11-09-2007 03:09


This is great. You should get a medal!

- Ravir
23-12-2007 08:03

Very nice impi, now i have a non beginner question. Most of the syrnian players didn't know that there are senior mods in the game u can send tickets too should u think the mod ur talking to is being unfair. Would some1 list the mods to contact should a player feel there's a problem?
10-02-2008 07:45

How can i do the Bluebell Q...where can i find the fang???
10-02-2008 07:46

LichEagle, player shops or fight for them at Lemo Woods, but do some combat training before you try that.

Its good to see some of the newer players are actually reading this
28-02-2008 21:15

"8. How do I make a clan and how ?
You need 25h playing time. Click the 'clan' button on the left. Fill in the stuff and hey presto, clan. Recruitment: you can advertise in chat, but not more than once per hour. A better option is to use the recruitment section of the forum. Read Calgor's post on how to write a good recruitment post - it can make the difference."

on the how do i make a clan and how, it doesnt make sense

you repeated how twice
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