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12-03-2023 09:38

Keep it as it is, but with the addition of information on when its opening/closing. When its low tide tell us when its gonna be high tide, and when its high tide, tell us when its gonna be low tide. It's a simple implementation that is a lot easier to work with, and doesn't take back the efforts getting there. Open for just an hour or two? You can check later when its high tide, and figure if it caters to your timing. I feel that is a fair middle ground.

It is nothing but a waste of time if you randomly check whether you can fish, and you can't.
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Mr. Addy
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12-03-2023 10:00

I like this idea but must admit walking around waiting for it open has gained me a fair few speed lvls <3

A few misconceptions you have tho.

It's never open for just and hour or two. It opened last night at 00.00 and is still open now. (09.44) No idea when it will close but will add to this post when it does.

You can not work. The water level is too high. 12.03

It's also never closed for just an hour or two. Sometimes it will close for 13 hours or more.

I spent from Easter to Halloween last year, with the help from Prome, Tess, Cari, Cousin Bubba and afc collecting opening and closing times hoping I would find a pattern. I couldn't it was still 'Around X hours' so I just continued walking and gaining speed lvls till it opens. I then whisper the regulars that it's open.

I gave all my data to Akkarin who was gonna pass it on to ChaosTheory as she is good with numbers and get back to me with any findings but sadly I've not heard anything as of yet. Maybe the data was too incomplete, we wasn't able to collect it every single day unfortunately. Or maybe there is no pattern and I will be forever walking the caves until it opens gaining those speed lvls.
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Dark Nero
17-03-2023 07:24

The idea of having a notice or icon or some form of QOL to see tides is currently under development. I think its a fantastic idea and would definitely aid players in knowing when they could fish or can't fish.

with it being openly available to players that can govern from others when it had changed to the correct tide to fish and if it is worth going there to start fishing.

it could also aid in collecting data without having to actively walk and check which can also cause issues with data if players are missing opening and closing times.
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17-03-2023 16:33

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17-03-2023 19:43

That is awesome to hear Nero!
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18-03-2023 01:06

That's excellent news, looking forward to that.
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Mining level: 104 (12233344 exp

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