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10-01-2021 01:45

[2]01:44 JoveS[-TL-]: time to make so trading level protects you against thieving and thieving level only work in offense?xD
[2]17:25 Isaac[AdC]: it amazes me how people keeps dying
[2] 17:04 Isaac[AdC]: well i would be dumb if i died again

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10-01-2021 01:46

You silly goose.
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10-01-2021 01:47

10-01-2021 01:52

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10-01-2021 02:01

you'd think a better trade would be better at hiding their money so I dont see why not
[2]17:25 Isaac[AdC]: it amazes me how people keeps dying
[2] 17:04 Isaac[AdC]: well i would be dumb if i died again

104 Critical hit: You struck and dealt 104 damage to the Rima General.
10-01-2021 03:22

Nope, thieving is already nerfed enough... Foolproof and safest method of trading is to trade rocks.
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10-01-2021 08:43

I say no as well.

We use to be able to thieve offline players until someone got thieved while offline, after winning a contest and got upset.

Safes were added to stop thieving everything from shops after some people got upset about shop thieving.

Now one person gets publicly upset about getting thieved and the first option thrown out is to nerf the rest of the thieving skill that doesn't revolve around locked or burnts.

Seeing as it's been this way for over 15 years and not been looked at as anything other than training a skill, the warning added to the manual about money going right into your pockets should be enough.

The thinking behind the idea, that higher level traders being better at hiding their gold is good, but maybe adding something to thieving, actual thieving, before taking more away is a better option.
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10-01-2021 08:44

10-01-2021 10:41

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10-01-2021 11:50

10-01-2021 12:01

What Bex said.
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10-01-2021 16:20


Trading shouldnt be a walk in the park make all the money in the game without any risk.

Thieving should be fun, challenging, and have the occasional big score, if not, its just lockpicking skill. Its already taken big nerfs, lets not make it worse.

Thieves take time, plan out, research. I see no reason why traders shouldn't do the same to protect their riches.

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Lost Soul
10-01-2021 16:32

Yes. Having a higher trading level should protect you more against thieves but I also agree that the person with the gold should know the basics around storing the gold safely aswell as being prepared to be thieves if selling high value item.

Instead of merging thieving you could implement it so houses could also be thieved but allow the use of safes in your house also. Therefore the thieving would get a buff but would also encourage people to level up trading. Safes useable should be varied base on the level of the persons trading level so to use iron safe level 10 trading that way both skills get an upgrade/update.
10-01-2021 18:41

I think theiving from houses would be a really bad idea. There needs to be one place in the game you can protect money from thieving entirely.

There is already a way to protect yourself from thieving, that is to level up your own thieving skill. Trading helps protect your shops with the use of safes too.

Any further attempts to make thieving harder to use in a practical sense would just make the whole skill redundant, and it would basically just become a tally of how many lockeds you had opened.
Captain Morgan
10-01-2021 20:33

I would be for having trade level protect gold from thieving, but maybe open up thieving so can choose to thieve random items from person or gold? Why is gold the only thing you carry that isn't protected?

Edited on 10-01-2021 20:34
10-01-2021 23:04

In Regards to people saying thieving is messed up from safes and no offline thieving, back when there was an issue the simple and better fix would have been to not add safes, take away offline thieving, and whatever else...

A better idea is the first half of what joves said, Just have made your trading lvl reduce the odds of you getting thieved. then if someone had an issue, they would just have too train trading for a week and they wouldn't have such an issue anymore...

So if the whole game see's it as a dead skill, reverse the safes and make trading lvl count instead...
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13-01-2021 03:10

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15-01-2021 15:27

First of all saying Trade makes money is flat out ridiculous. How, where? Trade level allows you to then work your tail off to fill up stores if that is what you want. Being on the top of the list does not guarantee a thing, having a price people want to pay would be more successful even if your store had 10 items and was on the bottom of the list.
Trade costs millions of gold to get it to the upper levels of what is currently available and flat out has close to no impact. I spent years to get past Esnow who was #1 for years, maybe even 5+ years.

So having a high Trade level does not need to have anything to do with protecting you from thieving on your person. If your trade level is high you can have the nicest safes to protect some of the gold in your shop if you have them.
15-01-2021 15:33

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