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12-02-2020 21:59

I hear Borneo is suffering from lack of ideas. We need to rally and help our island if we want to get a new island. Put your basic ideas forward or make new posts so we can make Borneo happy.

I propose we finally find the continents and stop running around on islands. That way you can add exploration and shared public project works for the community to feel involved.
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Mr. Addy
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12-02-2020 22:03

I want cats in Syrnia.

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12-02-2020 22:04

“You have found one Orange Cat!” 💜

Tigers, not cats. Another form of transportation

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Koban Knight
12-02-2020 22:06

New enchants which give more than 3aim or 3pow but also decrease the opposite stat

so +5Aim enchant which also is a -2pow enchant
or +5 pow enchant which also is a -2Aim enchant

A Dragon which changes colors while fighting so players have to suit swap throughout the entire fight making it extremely difficult

A speed suit which you can buy from npc which helps you find seeds while walking instead of only flowers

New lockeds passed level 40 thieving

New tools which have a use to use even after you obtain minimum timer with lower type tools
perks being things like finding extra gems while mining or the ability to mine double ores randomly while mining

Combat locations with bigger creatures impossible to afk and are extremely hard unless you are wearing a special type of armor or weapon

Those are some of the ideas discussed today.

keep em coming make em fun!
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12-02-2020 22:09

I want a tiger to ride like he-man too ! Good job ToterHat.
[2]17:25 Isaac[AdC]: it amazes me how people keeps dying
12-02-2020 22:10

New ores and mines which aren't gated behind spawn events. We need the next ogre mine.

New metal tools which cannot be silked

Make using orbs give magic exp

New pirate mobs

A tweak to the pirate capture timer to allow larger invasions to be sent, with larger rewards if they succeed.
13-02-2020 03:23

I did submit my thoughts to Borneo a couple of years ago. No cats however can not wait to see the finished result and if any of my ideas are taken into consideration.
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14-02-2020 20:33

[2] 20:32 Pendragon[*TF*]: Somebody put this conversation in the "New Ideas" thread in the forum
[2] 20:32 Preff[Pub]: At the end of the day the problem remains the same, Sure I could be out there with a Pura Pickaxe but when some noob with a high CL can still
[2] 20:32 barun511[*TF*]: and somewhere in the middle you pick up the syriet pickaxe and that drops the timer
[2] 20:32 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: Yeah, something like that.
[2] 20:31 barun511[*TF*]: From 70->90 you gain a 5% chance to gain 2 gold per action, until 90 where you always get 2 gold per action (but exp stays same)
[2] 20:31 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: Thanks
[2] 20:30 barun511[*TF*]: But I think it's a beautiful well thought out idea
[2] 20:30 barun511[*TF*]: That makes way too much sense to ever be implemented, Excess
[2] 20:30 Pendragon[*TF*]: I like that a lot, Nate.
[2] 20:29 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: At least from levels, tools would be the next way to lower timers after that.
[2] 20:28 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: I was thinking make it so you start at base timer for say gold at 55, by level 70 the timer has dropped 25% but no longer goes lower.
[2] 20:28 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: Yep, makes everything easier to control as well. You can easily see max exp per resource.
[2] 20:28 barun511[*TF*]: I still think levels should have some effect, but otherwise this is really good
[2] 20:27 barun511[*TF*]: And since it's capped at 4x, it doesn't drive those markets crazy either
[2] 20:27 Ansem[~one~]: It would definitely give at least some incentive to mine lower level ores
[2] 20:27 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: Make tools be what lowers timers, not levels.
[2] 20:27 Preff[Pub]: Oh and I'm an ex OL miner, I was out there 10 years ago. Always hated it
[2] 20:26 barun511[*TF*]: Actually the best idea I've heard yet
[2] 20:26 barun511[*TF*]: Yes, that's much better.
[2] 20:26 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: The fix for low timer is to boost exp per action across the board, raise min timers by a lot. Levels give chance for 2-3-4X resources per action.
[2] 20:25 barun511[*TF*]: that doesn't really fix the low timer issue
[2] 20:25 Preff[Pub]: The OL' s have never made sense to me, so lazily thought out
[2] 20:24 Brom[Choob]: I'd be fine doing a quest to kill like 10 obsidian gamans to get pura in the ol, i'd chew through tons of food but I could do it
[2] 20:23 Brom[Choob]: Then gate it behind a high-cl quest
[2] 20:22 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: The OLs needs combat zones. One spot with best in game exp, another with amazing loot. That way PvPers have some better OL fights.
[2] 20:22 Ansem[~one~]: That would kill the price of pura for those who have low timers already though
[2] 20:21 Brom[Choob]: Or tit. We need ores which don't require you to be at endgame combat and constant fighting even after that!
[2] 20:21 Brom[Choob]: I would love an OL pura mine
[2] 20:20 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: Or you can afk mine the OLs and get killed occasionally. We should just make all the ores safe with how empty OLs are normally.
[2] 20:19 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: Hehe
[2] 20:19 Hagar[Fangz]: Speed of Light- Iron Maiden
[2] 20:19 Brom[Choob]: I'm cl68, and still the only time I can do mining in Arch is as a parasite who gets everyone to hate him XD
[2] 20:19 Felix[AdC]: i wish tiddles came, i cant be one of the few that havent killed him still xD
[2] 20:18 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: Yeah :'(
[2] 20:18 Brom[Choob]: Arch? A good method for exp? Hahaha... haha... *cries*
[2] 20:17 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: Oh I guess arch too.
[2] 20:17 ExcessBadger[O.G.]: Poor miners, only have one good method for exp and get murdered.
[3] 18:38 Foxy[~one~]: *pushes all out of the way* no squishing my son >:(

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Dark Neroxus
14-02-2020 21:59

No to the above xD.
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14-02-2020 23:48

Ditto, Changing OL mining in any way will affect the ore prices.
15-02-2020 13:13

There should still be a change to the current mining endgame, so you don't need to also be at endgame combat to do it independently.
Dark Neroxus
15-02-2020 14:37

Thats just how it has developed over time. the coding consensus as it was.

whast to say mining does not change with the new island Born mentioned? whats to say there is a new end game for mining that may not involve as much high end combat?

we dunno the plan and I do not think restructuring now helps anyone in the long term bar amke mining a hell of a lot easier than it already is and lets be honest it already is.

anywhere from 5 to 12 people sit at ols 66 a day they die they go back.

Arch 4 is by no means a massive requirement if you want to sit at 4 and 5 on spawns.

arch 5 is yes because Puranium and titanium need to stay rare thats borns reasoning and thats fair.

I am all for fixing the abomination that was Anasco but it has to be done that affects the skill in a positive. but I believe more thinking and more understanding as a whole needs to be addressed before simply saying affecting the high timers is an improvement or we want a safe mine because I hate dying.

(Not saying thats peoples reasonings just saying in general)

Edited on 15-02-2020 14:38
God' is nothing more than a construct created by man to inspire fear and promote order.

If you wish to see me struck down, for all these atrocities, use your own hands to do so, not 'God's'.
15-02-2020 21:13

Excess' idea was great. Goodness, Nero. XD I know it won't be added, but I love hearing unique ways to change skills and progression.

John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
15-02-2020 21:29

Updates to trading:

1) When reaching a certain trading level there are no longer fees on the cave of trades.

2)On the new island make a shop analogous to the Eully market but with like 75 trading level to access or something very high. People with this trading level can now sell items to the game for 1.5x price or some other multiplier. This is the only incentive I've been able to think of for a reason to train trading; i.e. Someone wants to sell 200 diamonds to the Eully market, they would normally get 150k. If I sold them I would get 225k. I could offer service in which I sell them to the other market, give them 185k and I take 40k, so we both profit.

3) Reduce the trading crowding from 5 seconds. That is absolutely insane and unbalanced, it is already the slowest skill to train and this heavily disincentives multiple people studying trading.

EDIT: Koban Knight I like your enchant ideas.

Edited on 15-02-2020 21:32
You've gained a trading level (60)
Dark Neroxus
15-02-2020 23:30

@Pendragon, I do not dispute someones opinion on an idea I merely voiced my own and then followed it up with more explanation and my take on a suggestion.

I am not saying I am right they are wrong and their idea should never be incorporated I am saying drop me some numbers, drop me some concepts based on what they think their idea will change.

show me progression and changes and how it helps the skill and game, over the sole benefit of a player.

The process should be post;

. Post Initial Idea
. Gather feedback from community
. Piece together feedback
. Put together new concept of the positive and negative feedback from the community and post it
. Get 2nd stage feedback
. If all is fine and fleshed out send to the devs for their assessment if liked or not and implement if approved or discarded if not.

I was merely following stage 2

Edited on 15-02-2020 23:55
God' is nothing more than a construct created by man to inspire fear and promote order.

If you wish to see me struck down, for all these atrocities, use your own hands to do so, not 'God's'.
16-02-2020 22:44


1.) Yes.

2.) I really have no idea how much this would affect the economy to say yes or no.

3.) Yes.

John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
17-02-2020 01:28

Updates, fix lag, or find a new owner
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