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23-02-2017 07:09

I sometimes wonder what Borneo says in chat that I wish I'd been around to read. I figure other people might see some things like this, too, and be willing to help me find out what they are. So I'm starting this thread so people who want to help each other keep up on Borneo's interesting chat comments have a place to post what they see.

Here's a bit he said today:

[2] 06:45 Borneo[C.]: will lead into some other things
[2] 06:44 C4LV1N[SWC]: What's wrong with dino fighting that it needs updating?
[2] 06:43 Borneo[C.]: getting close on the dino combat updates
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23-02-2017 08:10

I was wondering how long it would be before someone thought of this
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25-02-2017 07:32

The most exciting totally is:

[2] 07:16 Borneo[C.]: if you move the old ones I will sort them out
[2] 07:16 Borneo[C.]: oh damn - choob
[2] 07:22 Borneo[C.]: that wasnt an important note for the forum...just cleaning up some tickets that I should address personally

oh and then there is...
[2]07:26 Borneo[C.]: huge spiders coming soon
G Bob
25-02-2017 07:56

[2]07:54 Borneo[C.]: I do know there are a lot of things coming
[2]07:55 Borneo[C.]: I am hoping to start Easter planning next week
[2]07:55 Borneo[C.]: right after the other update I have been working on
Whats a G without a Bob?
Whats a Bob without a G?
28-02-2017 00:05

[2]23:56 Borneo[C.]: no you cant buy the game Sub
[2]23:56 Subman[Cloud]: Told u it's a good day to be me I'm having fun lol
[2]23:57 Subman[Cloud]: What's your plan of attack then born to increase players? And how long have u owned the game?
[2]23:57 Borneo[C.]: almost a year and nothing happens here fast
[2]23:58 Subman[Cloud]: Ain't that the truth, sure your doing a good job everyone seems happy
[2]23:58 Borneo[C.]: for now my plan is to keep the game running and slowly work on the fixes and updates
[2]23:59 Borneo[C.]: Ill worry about new players when the old players have something to stick around for
[2]23:59 Eric[CLEAN]: We appreciate your work
[2]00:00 Subman[Cloud]: Now that sounds good.. Old players will always be around though
[2]00:00 SpellBinder[CLEAN]: sweet new items and fixes sounds like an even mix for a solid fix
[2]00:00 Borneo[C.]: true but there are so many things that have been capped out
[2]00:01 Borneo[C.]: our highest skillers simply dont have any challenges
[2]00:01 Borneo[C.]: I think we are roughly 2-3 levels of work that need to be caught up
[2]00:02 SpellBinder[CLEAN]: there should be bigger jumps for godly items in resource gathering
[2]00:02 Borneo[C.]: bigger fish, bigger ore, bigger seds, missing items, etc
[2]00:02 Subman[Cloud]: will never keep up with outright skillets though.. And smiths haven't kept up anyway
[2]00:02 SpellBinder[CLEAN]: like 150 level axe and than a 275 upgrade or something
[2]00:02 Sweet_Thing[TLO]: what are seds :o
[2]00:02 Treve[Nox]: More booze
[2]00:02 SpellBinder[CLEAN]: like you cap out, than ten years later your a master
[2]00:02 Borneo[C.]: >.<
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[W] 06:33 Doctor Noxious[A.D.]: and 100 players. thanks for being only my 100th :D

[To: doctor noxious] 06:34 Solunar[Choob]: Thank you for being my 100th player killer
28-02-2017 00:24

[2] 00:21 Borneo[C.]: I am not making a big deal about the birthday this year because there are plans to incorporate birthday and transfer of ownership into one celebration
[2] 00:22 Borneo[C.]: this new island will help the coder to establish an easy way to introduce new islands and locations going forward
[2] 00:23 Borneo[C.]: so, because we want all the set-up done correctly to make it easier going forward, dont expect it soon...may just have to come when it comes
[3]20:29 (Mod)Ibiss[Order]: *Judo chops Thorn*
There are 66666 Halloween gnomes left.
(Mod)Borneo[C.]: we didnt fail Arioch...we were simply misunderstood

[2]17:31 (Mod)Moderator: *hands thorn a cookie*
28-02-2017 10:22

[2] 10:10 Borneo[C.]: I will say this though...its almost a year since I bought the game and I am as excited as when I bought it
[2] 10:10 Taze[CFH]: like 6 headaches born.. should invest in some tylenol for him
[2] 10:09 Jeffreyj[Pond]: Well I look forward to what that will be then
[2] 10:09 Borneo[C.]: coder is already indicating many headaches I am creating with that one
[2] 10:08 Borneo[C.]: I cant say how long that update will take but there is going to be a massive sink for many over-stocked items coming
[2] 10:07 Jeffreyj[Pond]: haha alright
[2] 10:07 Borneo[C.]: oh...and rocks
[2] 10:07 Borneo[C.]: probably gp in some capacity
[2] 10:06 Borneo[C.]: I would say if I was saving up anything it would be wood, broken glass, steel and iron bars
[2] 10:05 Borneo[C.]: concept and drop rates and such all worked out
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28-02-2017 10:33

[2] 10:15 Borneo[C.]: WARNING:

[2] 10:16 Borneo[C.]: I will not be warning about new creatures for those of you that afk combat

[2] 10:16 Borneo[C.]: they will just show up one day and surprise you
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07-03-2017 22:25

Read from bottom to top; I cleared out some of the lines I thought were less relevant; others I left in for context, or just because I enjoyed them:

[2] 22:16 Borneo[C.]: remember, I have been a mod that long
[2] 22:16 Acnologia[oA=]: I has a long record :3
[2] 22:16 Kunzite[TLO]: thats a good idea kari i think
[2] 22:16 Borneo[C.]: the same players that had long records back then have long records now Kari
[2] 22:15 Kunzite[TLO]: bad i mean
[2] 22:15 Karisade[TSoH]: It was when everyone's punishment record got wiped to encourage players to start again with a fresh attitude
[2] 22:15 Kunzite[TLO]: gad boyu sean
[2] 22:15 Acnologia[oA=]: I like my dirty slate, the dirtier it is, the heavier, means i can bludgeon people with it
[2] 22:14 Acnologia[oA=]: Kari that sounds dangerous
[2] 22:14 Karisade[TSoH]: remember when M2H did the clean slate?
[2] 22:14 Karisade[TSoH]: I think we should have a 'clean slate' day
[2] 22:13 Acnologia[oA=]: mind you, you just busted my logical unit with your logic, so i have no idea if its logical
[2] 22:13 Kunzite[TLO]: plus im nosey, i lkke to see what other are chatting about lol
[2] 22:13 Acnologia[oA=]: it saves time and energy and lets you focus, only logical
[2] 22:13 MissMarley: keyboard bullies are the worse .. ruins things for everyone else
[2] 22:13 Acnologia[oA=]: That's a better option, you apparently have little time, that you're consuming by complaining about a few people, so just remove them
[2] 22:13 Kunzite[TLO]: thats ok but if ur in a clan that quiet that wold be hard
[2] 22:13 Prometheus[TSoH]: Devil's advocate here, what if the obstructionists are staff.
[2] 22:13 MissMarley: I feel bad that poor Born can't enjoy his own game, all because of a small handful of discontents
[2] 22:12 Count Chocula[CLEAN]: makes em feel big
[2] 22:12 Dawnare[TSoH]: he could just make it so we only have clan chat till he gets things resolved
[2] 22:12 Count Chocula[CLEAN]: not everyone, kunzite. some like to mess with the majority
[2] 22:12 Borneo[C.]: I can simply eliminate obstructionists form the game
[2] 22:11 Karisade[TSoH]: I think most of us do want the updates to go ahead asap
[2] 22:11 Borneo[C.]: well I do have another option and Im fine with using it...
[2] 22:11 Count Chocula[CLEAN]: lol
[2] 22:11 Kunzite[TLO]: why would it count, ? everyone want progress
[2] 22:11 Acnologia[oA=]: my logical unit is now malfunctioning due to the logic
[2] 22:11 Treve[~AE~]: You need a second in command Born, get woody to help that slacker does nothing
[2] 22:11 Acnologia[oA=]: So this is a complaint about 1 or two people, taking up your time that you just said you spend dealing with this?
[2] 22:10 Borneo[C.]: if this is how you want me using the time, I think its a waste and we cant get the other stuff done
[2] 22:10 Count Chocula[CLEAN]: if you tell them they are holding up progress, it will only encourage them
[2] 22:10 Borneo[C.]: I have a few hours a day I can fully dedicate to the game
[2] 22:10 Karisade[TSoH]: Do you know how I got these scars?
[2] 22:09 Count Chocula[CLEAN]: some people just want to watch the world burn
[2] 22:09 Cast[Choob]: Make chat a free-for-all
[2] 22:08 Borneo[C.]: because of this the changes that are ready to go arent getting rolled out
[2] 22:08 Acnologia[oA=]: tbh, i hadn't even noticed the rules being relaxed, seemed the same old to me
[2] 22:08 Borneo[C.]: every day I spend 2-3 hours dealing with messages and tickets that have to do with chat
[2] 22:08 Treve[~AE~]: *Shakes finger like a head teacher*
[2] 22:07 Borneo[C.]: if you all want to go back to extremely rigid rules enforced to the letter then by all means continue
[2] 22:07 Prometheus[TSoH]: not me Borneo. I would never test them.
[2] 22:06 Borneo[C.]: Im getting pretty tired of the ridiculous back and forth
[2] 22:06 Acnologia[oA=]: Lax? you tell funny joke, tell another!]
[2] 22:06 Borneo[C.]: a lot of you feel the need to "test out" Borneos more lax chat rules recently
[2] 22:06 Kunzite[TLO]: lol silly billyh marley
[2] 22:05 Karisade[TSoH]: Attention please! *blows whistle*
[2] 22:05 MissMarley: I;m too poor to pay anything, but I'll listen
[2] 22:05 Kunzite[TLO]: all ears
[2] 22:05 Acnologia[oA=]: Not that it matters, we still have a chat where the rules are for kids, so the age limit is pointless
[2] 22:05 Borneo[C.]: so since a bunch of peeps are around you may want to pay attention...
[2] 22:02 Borneo[C.]: FYI Subman was muted for a bit for one of his comments...a bit over the top
[2] 22:02 Borneo[C.]: I see we still feel a need to push the envelope...
10-03-2017 09:54

[2] 08:58 Borneo[C.]: only hint I will give is that the first new monsters will be a new elf and a new ogre as described in Legendarium
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13-03-2017 01:53

[2]01:43 Borneo[C.]: all good...I see the coder dropped some new options out there

I think these are what he was referring to, on the How to support Syrnia ? -> Purchase premium points page:

500Event list is ordered (Edited via options)
250Check what is planted at your farms in the stats pop up
500Check the date and time each crop was planted
250Disable SH messages from chat
250Be able to mass message (Separate names with comma. To send mass messages to the whole clan use [CLAN] instead (requires permission))
13-03-2017 02:06

[2]01:59 Borneo[C.]: just for the record be careful afk fighting ogres and elves at their sites after the next ogre/elven wars
13-03-2017 02:40

(Bottom up)

[6] 04:15 (Mod)Moderator: yes I know on lvl 200 fishing in a cave
[6] 04:15 (Mod)Moderator: yes and no
[6] 04:14 craftmeister[TAG]: I hope lvl 200 fish is added to caves as a spawmn like high lvl ores

[2] 02:13 Borneo[C.]: dino meat drops are more in line with dragons now
[2] 02:12 Borneo[C.]: cave 4 has already started getting some changes
[2] 02:11 Cast[Choob]: *Ponders what is first, cave 4 or Easter*
[2] 02:11 Borneo[C.]: once the cave 4 update is completed I will start on the next things...Easter is just around the corner
[2] 02:10 Karisade[TSoH]: I wouldn't say a year... more like 525600 minutes
[2] 02:10 craftmeister[TAG]: 😲
[2] 02:10 Borneo[C.]: pirates will need it first
[2] 02:09 Borneo[C.]: Cast - it will be a while but it IS coming
[2] 02:07 Cast[Choob]: When am I getting rid of all this broken glass, Born?
[2] 02:01 Borneo[C.]: several will pop up soonish smeagol
[2] 02:01 m00nfire[~LS~]: the effect of vodka is a very good one born ;)
[2] 02:01 Smeagol[Turbo]: new creature?
[2] 01:58 Borneo[C.]: ogre/elven invasions are being held back by admin for "something bigger" in the works

Edited on 13-03-2017 04:26
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[2]20:28 Cast[Choob]: To send off M2H, someone should kill him in the OL so he lays to rest at Sanfew.

[2]20:28 (Admin)M2H: lol thats sick
15-03-2017 07:57

]07:56 Borneo[C.]: dinos no longer drop 2, 5 or 6 saurus meat...they now drop 10, 15 or 20
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15-03-2017 09:08

Read bottom to top.

[2] 09:01 SirBatfink[Snake]: leave my hide alone
[2] 09:01 Borneo[C.]: oh...did I mention pirates should be holding onto bathides as well?
[2] 09:01 Thorne[=A=]: really cool
[2] 09:00 Borneo[C.]: ...but other than that, nothing new
[2] 09:00 Borneo[C.]: I have messed up and other cave 4 adds are delayed because we gotta get to work on Easter
[2] 09:00 Borneo[C.]: couple new options, changes to meat in cave 4...
[2] 08:59 Celebi[CLEAN]: That's fun.
[2] 08:59 Borneo[C.]: heya Thorne
[2] 08:58 Thorne[=A=]: hey Borneo, whats new?
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[W] 06:33 Doctor Noxious[A.D.]: and 100 players. thanks for being only my 100th :D

[To: doctor noxious] 06:34 Solunar[Choob]: Thank you for being my 100th player killer
17-03-2017 22:23

[2] 22:19 Borneo[C.]: some of you need professional help
21-03-2017 07:33

7:21 Borneo[C.]: *cleans hands*
[2]07:21 Borneo[C.]: there...lets see how that works
[2]07:21 Onslaught[(WAR)]: who doesnt want to sit around a smoker and drink?
[2]07:21 ShatterStar[Pond]: Hunt them onslaught, there is plenty of them on my property in the mountains.
[2]07:21 Onslaught[(WAR)]: ill drink and smoke all day m/
[2]07:22 Bakaris[CFH]: ohh lawd now you fullas have made Borny hungry
[2]07:22 Onslaught[(WAR)]: well nobody died here
[2]07:22 Onslaught[(WAR)]: so looking ok so far borneo
[2]07:23 Borneo[C.]: wonder who will see what I did
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23-03-2017 08:33

[2]08:28 Solunar[Choob]: Borneo Anything new and exciting?
[2]08:29 Borneo[C.]: not today...just cleaning up some things
[2]08:29 Borneo[C.]: I was busy most of the day
[2]08:29 Solunar[Choob]: Fair enough
[2]08:29 MayContainNuts: *wonders why borneo dosnt change it from (Guide) TO (King)
[2]08:29 Solunar[Choob]: ^
[2]08:30 Borneo[C.]: we did fix the farming page in the manual though...will be fully repaired soon
[2]08:30 Solunar[Choob]: What was wrong with it?
[2]08:30 Borneo[C.]: because when Im in Chat 5 Im a guide, not King
[1]08:30 Toffy has logged in
[2]08:31 Borneo[C.]: the pics of planted, grown and spoiled were in the wrong format
[2]08:31 Borneo[C.]: little thing but needed fixing
[2]08:31 Solunar[Choob]: and what's still wrong with it?
[2]08:32 Borneo[C.]: the pics are the old pictures before we changed formatting...I want everything uniformed
[2]08:32 Solunar[Choob]: Ahh :o
<--- OL Fodder

[W] 06:33 Doctor Noxious[A.D.]: and 100 players. thanks for being only my 100th :D

[To: doctor noxious] 06:34 Solunar[Choob]: Thank you for being my 100th player killer
27-03-2017 03:59

[2] 03:57 Borneo[C.]: other skills have new tools being made and have to be tested in dev site before they can be implemented
[2] 03:56 Borneo[C.]: so with regard to updates, I can work on drops, and drop rates without involving the coder...they run at my pace
[2] 03:56 MissMarley: see? combat has tools, but other skills have toools! so other skills obviously have more buttons for Born to play with lol
[2] 03:56 Borneo[C.]: other skills do not have such toools and they are being designed
[2] 03:55 Borneo[C.]: combat has quick tools that I have access to
[2] 03:55 Borneo[C.]: pretty sure I have mentioned this but in case some have missed it...
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[2]20:28 Cast[Choob]: To send off M2H, someone should kill him in the OL so he lays to rest at Sanfew.

[2]20:28 (Admin)M2H: lol thats sick
04-04-2017 05:31

[2] 05:26 Borneo[C.]: after all, when I mute Cast, who could he complain
[2] 05:25 Borneo[C.]: to do so I dont think its appropriate for me to mod
[2] 05:25 Borneo[C.]: I only oversee controversial issues as the final say on resolving player-mod issues
[2] 05:25 Borneo[C.]: I dont mod any more
[2] 05:24 Borneo[C.]: for those that dont understand the cryptic message and wonder what the hell is going on...
[2] 05:24 Borneo[C.]: rofl
[2] 05:21 Cast[Choob]: What kind of world do we live in? lol
[2] 05:20 Cast[Choob]: [6]05:19 (Mod)Moderator: once again, just to be very clear - I am not a mod
2011-12-08 00:32 Levels: 10 - 19
lastknight won and got a Desert arena medal and 200 combat experience (3 players)
11-04-2017 02:27

[2]02:21 Borneo[C.]: just for everyone to understand along with some of the lesser ban hammers that have now taken place, the punishment during events will be much stronge
[2]02:21 Borneo[C.]: I have informed the mods that those that create issues during events are to be locked out for the duration of the events
[2]02:23 Subvene[-TMP-]: what is considered "creating issues"
[2]02:23 Acnologia[oA=]: What so if i thieve a bailer, you are gonna hit me with a ban hammer?
[2]02:23 Borneo[C.]: no Acno
[2]02:23 Treve[~AE~]: if you need to ask your probably on the short list
[2]02:26 Borneo[C.]: Im not interested in getting into a bunch of what if scenarios...simply put, if I don't like it we will see you on Tuesday after Easter
12-04-2017 21:21

[2]21:20 Borneo[C.]: there is a new holiday island that will be in place someday but not this holiday
13-04-2017 08:09

[2]08:08 Borneo[C.]: we did that after going sunrise boy-surfing at the same beach

I like surfing but what with the boys? xD
15-04-2017 21:34

I lost the first part of this conversation from history before getting it copied, but we were talking about possible changes to how the NPC thieving worked, and one suggestion (I think it was from Dragosani) was that bailing might improve your chance of getting rewarded when the NPC moved. So my first line was one of the arguments about why that wouldn't be a good idea to implement (there were a couple other good reasons suggested before that); read from bottom to top.

[2] 20:29 Borneo[C.]: perhaps thats because some items may disappear
[2] 20:29 DAZE[TSoH]: and drop rates! im getting wayy too much borneo
[2] 20:29 Onslaught[(WAR)]: 20 seeds some eggplants and eggs
[2] 20:28 Borneo[C.]: rabid bunnies are low
[2] 20:27 Borneo[C.]: one other thing that will hopefully be addressed is the chests at Quest locations
[2] 20:27 SirDiesAlot[TSoH]: Used to have them for low level new people i believe
[2] 20:27 SirDiesAlot[TSoH]: I was wondering where the creature bugs went this easter around
[2] 20:26 Borneo[C.]: now that the 3 holiday NPC have been addressed and the monsters are balanced we will deal with another issue - like too many garnety being given away
[2] 20:26 MissMarley: Born .. feed the bunny an extra carrot so I can get a basket lol
[2] 20:25 Borneo[C.]: my 2 main concerns for this event were update some of the NPC stuff and add the bunnies to make it comparable to other holidays
[2] 20:25 king1104[Seek]: Fix one thing, break three, move on to the next. << That's how real programming works.
[2] 20:24 Borneo[C.]: fix one thing, move onto the next
[2] 20:24 Borneo[C.]: not everything can be addressed in one cycle - we just dont have the manpower (or womanpower)
[2] 20:23 Borneo[C.]: if you got something on remer just now you shouldnt be able to get something on Skull this round
[2] 20:23 SirDiesAlot[TSoH]: Ah that explains stuff, thanks for that info. Will save some time
[2] 20:23 SirDiesAlot[TSoH]: ^
[2] 20:23 Borneo[C.]: unless you are just trying to steal stuff yes
[2] 20:22 Gargonite[TSoH]: for others
[2] 20:22 Gargonite[TSoH]: so if you get a prize you should stop ? ie if you get one on serp and it goes skull you should leave it ?
[2] 20:22 C4LV1N[SWC]: I see--makes sense to add those criteria, I suppose, and I could see how they could introduce some subtle bugs, too.
[2] 20:21 Borneo[C.]: all I could do was monitor the location
[2] 20:21 Skyte[O.G.]: They are like raisins born
[2] 20:21 Borneo[C.]: unfortunately after I got an item in dev I couldnt continue to test Bunny droppings
[2] 20:20 MissMarley: I would be happy to get 1 item at least, but I don't think I have the luck so many multiple winners have lol
[2] 20:20 Borneo[C.]: see one of the issues was some new criteria was added - you cant win at back to back spots and the bunny cant return to the same island back to back
[2] 20:20 C4LV1N[SWC]: I'm happy to chase the Easter bunny just for the easter eggs I get from walking--but I wouldn't mind getting a bunny suit out of it, too...
[2] 20:20 DAZE[TSoH]: C4 you need more cheese for your wine broski
[2] 20:19 Borneo[C.]: no, thats just normal whining
[2] 20:19 C4LV1N[SWC]: Thanks--so that means only about 3 of my 19 hours of my chasing and getting nothing really counts for complaining now.
[2] 20:18 Skyte[O.G.]: w/c
[2] 20:18 Borneo[C.]: the 3-person giveaway is fully in effect now
[2] 20:18 Skyte[O.G.]: thief!
[2] 20:18 Dragosani[Wino]: I look amazing in these bunny legs
[2] 20:18 Gargonite[TSoH]: so its fixed now ?
[2] 20:18 Borneo[C.]: thats why we started it early
[2] 20:18 Borneo[C.]: it was...and it had to do with some other fixes with the NPC system
[2] 20:17 Dash[C.]: *Follows Nao in chasing Borneo*
[2] 20:17 C4LV1N[SWC]: Borneo, you just started--chase for another 14 or 15 hours, and your complaints will have more weight!
[2] 20:17 Nao[-TMP-]: -chases borneo-
[2] 20:16 Borneo[C.]: *heads off to house and grabs his bunny suit*
[2] 20:16 C4LV1N[SWC]: Borneo, can you verify whether there was a bug earlier when there were people who had thieved and were at the location, but less than 3 were rewarded?
[2] 20:16 Borneo[C.]: fix!!! I never win >.<
[0] 20:16 The Easter Bunny was spotted hopping to Skull island.
[0] 20:16 Astiel got a Easter chick.
[0] 20:16 Leny got a Bunny legs.
[0] 20:16 Twitxhy got a Easter chick.
[0] 20:16 For their efforts in stealing The Easter Bunny's prized possessions, the following players were rewarded:
[2] 20:14 Borneo[C.]: let me help with that myth right now - its random
[2] 20:13 C4LV1N[SWC]: Or to players who have a moral objection to bribing jailors.
[2] 20:13 Gargonite[TSoH]: well no because unless it had a spending cap , ie spend 10k+ you could just Bail a 10 gp left person
[2] 20:12 SirDiesAlot[TSoH]: So bailing a person increases the chances then?
[2] 20:12 anitamoorehouse[CLEAN]: also would not be fair to smaller players that cant afford to bail others
[2] 20:11 Dragosani[Wino]: Another possability is I just want more bailers so I don't have to sit in jail for as long xD
[2] 20:10 C4LV1N[SWC]: Also, rewarding players for bailing that way wouldn't necessarily reward players who were being nice by bailing.
18-04-2017 16:31

I should mention that borneo has mentioned there being THREE distinct holiday suits for each respective holiday, and some may be rarer than others.
There may be an island that opens on certain times on certain days (no idea what you do on it yet)
I would copy paste the original msg but it was 1 am last night and i have a final today so sleep > forum post
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