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21-02-2017 16:07

So I have been thinking about the creature orbs and especially the fact that the number of creatures that you get doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

I mean isn't it a bit weird I can spawn 30 rats but nearly a 100 GSG's?

So here is my suggestion on how to fix this;

First is an example with +10 per level - obviously this is the number to tweak to something sense-able. I can imagine there are 2 camps. 1. The people that think orbs are fun (annoy others/gain xp) 2. The people that hate orbs at their location because it blocks work. So it needs to be numbers that everyone is happy with.

-= Small comment=-
Added per magic level (is added above the orb level)
So Rats gain +X at magic level 26

Orb Orb Level Minimum amount to spawn Added per magic level @lvl 40 @lvl 60 @lvl 80
Rat 25 30 +10 180 380 580
Bonebreaker 35 40 +10 90 290 490
Griffin 40 45 +10 45 245 445
Gold Scaled Gaman 50 55 +10 55 155 355

To show you what a change could mean. The same but only with +5 per level

Orb Orb Level Minimum amount to spawn Added per magic level @lvl 40 @lvl 60 @lvl 80
Rat 25 30 +5 105 205 305
Bonebreaker 35 40 +5 65 165 265
Griffin 40 45 +5 45 145 245
Gold Scaled Gaman 50 55 +5 55 105 205

All numbers could receive a random adjustment (+10% / - 10%) to make it a little bit less predictable.

Also I would suggest rewarding some Magic xp perhaps a standard amount per orb or perhaps something that is connected to the number of creatures spawned. For example 1xp per creature or 1 xp per 2 creatures (this would mean less xp then you get for creating the orb).

At the request of Jeffrey I'll add in some numbers on current spawns:
@lvl 87
An evil mage summoned 137 Rorghark Bonebreakers at Beset.

Edited on 21-02-2017 16:21
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Mr. Addy
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The Couch Yeti
21-02-2017 16:12

Really love this idea, and always wondered if I was the only one who thought orbs were slightly broken in this regard.

Really well thought out Maart, and love the idea for the additional experience for cracking orbs.

Got a +1 from me.
21-02-2017 16:21

Great idea! Good analysis and yes only makes sense! +1 from me!
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G Bob
21-02-2017 16:22

Great ideea, and I like the +10 per lvl one, or even higher, a few hundred creatures is not much.

+1 for me

or maybe +2 for rats + 5 for BB + 7 for grifins...etc
the higher the creature the higher the number. It will be same amount cause you need a higer lvl for it
almost the same amount..
This way we will not see 500-600 rats one orb after another.
Or cap them. Lets say +10 / lvl. But with an 200 cap for rats, 300 cap for BB, 400 for grifin... and so on

Edited on 21-02-2017 16:32
Whats a G without a Bob?
Whats a Bob without a G?
21-02-2017 16:38

I'm on the fence on this one. What I think should be changed with creature orbs is the -fame part: I would suggest changing the -fame calculation to be determined by how many people's work is stopped by setting off the orb.

For example, the evil mage setting off the orb could lose 1 fame for each person working at the location. Then, if nobody is working there, the mage loses no fame. Perhaps each new person who tries to work at the location could contribute to the -fame of the player setting off the orb--not sure if that's a good idea, though.

Maybe for fighting locations, where fighters aren't forced to stop working to clear the orb, the mage could gain fame instead of losing it for setting off orbs (or at least at locations where the creature summoned is comparable to the normal creatures being fought there). This would make sense, since those players would be happy to get the extra xp from an invasion.

Edit: Especially if magic xp is added for orbs, it would be nice for those of us who are looking to collect positive fame would have a way to take advantage of this experience.

To allow comparison for Maarten's ideas, I think this is how orbs currently work:

Rat orbs: summon a random number between 25 and 50, regardless of mage's level
Bonebreaker orbs: summon mage's level + 50
Griffin orbs: summon mage's level + 25
GSG orbs: summon mage's level + 10

Please correct me if these numbers are incorrect.

Edited on 21-02-2017 16:40
21-02-2017 16:56

It all looks reasonable but the numbers gained per magic level are far too high.

Maybe +1 or +2 creatures per level but certainly not 10, that makes them far too powerful either as a source of combat exp or as a method of annoyance.

And no for gaining exp for setting them off. You gain exp for making them already, wanting extra exp for setting them off seems a bit greedy tbh.

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21-02-2017 17:35

I'd really support gaining exp for setting them off, at X exp per creature summoned! (More exp for larger creatures)

The rest of the idea's good too

Edited on 21-02-2017 17:36
21-02-2017 17:37

I agree fully with TG.
21-02-2017 20:51

I agree with everything but getting xp for setting them off
21-02-2017 21:17

I am not a fan of seeing the rat population increased
R2 D2
21-02-2017 22:10

I like C4L's idea of having - fame be based on the number of workers interrupted. Heh.
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21-02-2017 22:57

How about there be a minimum, plus a variable of say 2-6 (1+1d6) critters per level over the minimum?
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22-02-2017 00:42

i like the orginal posters entire idea, the more creatures the merrier. I also like C4ls idea about fame. im fine with magic xp for setting off orbs.
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Cruz Nairb
22-02-2017 07:27

Increased numbers - yes

Magic exp for using orbs - yes

Negative fame based off amount of players interrupted - yes
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22-02-2017 09:07

I don't like the thought of 100+ gsg on a small island like skull where there may not be a lot of high players to clear.
Tiptoeing Rhino
09-03-2017 20:03

I would love to see Positive fame implemented into orbs some way. the usage might actually go up. There are more members with positive fame than negative.

Of the people who have positive or negative fame ,768 of them 569(74%) have positive fame, 199 (26%) have negative fame.Not sure how many have no fame but I would suspect the %'s would be similar.

(888 users logged in the last 7 days) not that all these players have negative fame more to show player base.

So I think it would be nice to implement something for the higher percent player base
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Thank you!
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