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16-02-2017 20:53

I'd like some feedback about a small idea I had.

If you are "Fighting All" you get a 10 second timer between fights, but if you click "fight 1 more", you then have to click "fight all" again, and I'd like to see it continue you "fighting all" instead of making you click "fight 1 more" or "fight all"

I don't want to remove the 10 seconds. I want to not have to click fight all after I'm in my next fight

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16-02-2017 20:56

Ah like I do alot of times, that would be interesting, I like the idea.
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16-02-2017 20:58

This is actually the way it used to be, no 10 secs between fights, was taken out I think as some players found it unfair for some reason.
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Thank you!
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16-02-2017 22:47

I agree. I sometimes click F1M in class but end up having to pay attention and when I do, it gets stuck on F1M instead of continuing on "Fight all" even though I originally had it on "Fight all"... if I could click F1M while it's still on "Fight all", that would be perfect.
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16-02-2017 22:54

+1 Love this idea
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17-02-2017 04:55

This was originally the case..."Fight All" used to be a link that allowed you to continue fighting all creatures.

I wouldn't mind seeing it being brought back.
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Mr Tiddles
17-02-2017 12:29

There's reward for paying full attention vs not.

And that reward is sometimes 3k + extra exp per hour.

Some players click fight 1 more because that's all they can fight like me at beset.

I can fight 1 without dying maybe two but if it keeps going I'd have to pay full attention
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17-02-2017 13:05

Mr Tiddles - I suggest making the fight all button togglable, and making it so clicking fight all doesn't untoggle it like it does now.

All I want to do is take out 1 click that I have to do while my timer is counting down to hit. Won't change my exp/hour in the slightest

Edited on 17-02-2017 13:06
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17-02-2017 13:58

I sort of understand what you mean but think if you can click "one more" (which skips the ten second countdown) then you can click the fight all that comes after it also

The option is there to choose between fighting all or fighting one more so I don't see the need for a clickable fight all (to skip the timer) when your already fighting all

Edited on 17-02-2017 13:59
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17-02-2017 14:01

Just to clarify, I would rather it not have a ten second timer after a fight when fighting all and think it should go to the next fight straight away
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17-02-2017 16:59

This would be awesome, great idea!
17-02-2017 19:01

Clicking fight one more to skip the timer and then clicking fight all frequently screws up on my computer causing it stop fighting after the next creature. This change would also fix this. I like the idea.
17-02-2017 19:59

and get rid of the bot throwing you back into the town screen doing nothing.
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18-02-2017 01:52

I agree with this and Whisky's comment
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18-02-2017 03:08

I like the idea of having a fight all creatures link that also acts like fight 1 more creature. The words are already there, they just need to be made an active link. Not sure how difficult it would be to add, but it would be a nice feature.
18-02-2017 07:36

There are a lot of things coming with regard to fighting in terms of drop adjustments, new creatures and such. I kinda like this idea but will have to look at the technical aspect of what it would entail. I will copy to my personal forum to look at on a future date when Im not so busy with the current updates.
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23-02-2017 02:10

+1... This can be very annoying for mobile players
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