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09-02-2017 01:24

I would love to see an addition of the concept when a players tool breaks that if you already have another of the same type in your inventory your little guy just automatically equips it and keeps on working...
this should work with all skills... but not combat weapons or armor.
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09-02-2017 01:33

I don't mind this idea.

My only issue would be -TT gear. If you had an enchanted tool, you probably wouldn't want that switching into place. That's my only conceivable downside.
09-02-2017 01:46

Think it used to work that way. But it was changed.
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09-02-2017 01:54

It's a neat idea. Maybe make it a selector option? So if the only backup is a -tt it won't automatically equip it if you turn it off.
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09-02-2017 02:59

This is done in every other online text based game I play, I think it would be a nice addition.
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09-02-2017 03:48

Isn't that what + Durabilities are good for? Think it was introduced as a perk for those that are not afk all the time
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09-02-2017 17:07

The game did work this way at one time--and I think it was intentionally changed.

Here's some history: at one time your inventory showed every item you were carrying, including the items you had equipped. When an item broke, your count of that item in your inventory was reduced by 1, but the item itself remained equipped. However, having one +1 durability item equipped that broke would cause it to be unequipped, because it was the last +1 durability item in your inventory, and was removed to be replaced with a 0 durability item that was not equipped.

In the process of fixing the bug with +durability items becoming unequipped when they lose one level of durability, items were removed from your inventory when they were equipped, and items without durability were unequipped when they broke--which really makes sense to me.

If you can have 3 Bronze hatchets or 1 +2 Durability Bronze hatchet, the only differences between them are that you can enchant or silk the hatchets without durability and the fact that the +durability hatchet stays equipped when you break it. If the regular Bronze hatchets get auto-equipped, there is no longer an advantage to having the +durability hatchet instead, and I think +durability items deserve to have an advantage in that comparison.

So I'm opposed to making this change.
10-02-2017 03:19

I see Calvin.... I didnt realize that and forgot about the durability items... and you are right that would be detrimental to the use of durability items....

guess it wasnt as great an idea as i thought it was...
And just so everyone knows it is pronounced Blaad - Droog.

10000 Bronze hammer sold for 100000 gold. (x 17)

I Hate (Make an offer).. tell the the price you want or its not for sale..
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