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05-04-2016 12:02

Prices as you can imagine fluctuate depending on supply and demand as they do in RL, however with GP having no actual value there is fluctuation here based on sheer desire of items also. I will try to keep this thread updated every month or so with prices I see. If you feel a price is wrong here, please message me and ill have a look.

Last Updated: 6/03/2019

1. Ores
2. Bars
3. Equip-able Items
3a. Smithed Armor, Weapons and Tools
3b. Special Armor
3c. Special Weapons
3d. Special Tools
3e. Speed Gear Including Boats and Horses
3f. Vanity Items
4a. Raws
4b. Cooked/Grown/Drinks
5. Gems
6. Containers/ Lockeds
8. Orbs
7. Other

1. Ores

ItemPlayer PriceEully PriceNotes
Tin 1.5-3gp
Copper 1.5-3gp
Iron 6-8gp
Coal 6-9gp
Silver 6-10gp
Gold 10-15gp
Platina 25-40gp
Syriet 100-250gp
Obsidian 100-200gp

2. Bars

ItemPlayer PriceEully PriceNotes
Bronze 2-5gpIf smithed into hammers can be sold for 10gp per to Eully Market!
Iron 5-8gp
Steel 5-10gp
Silver 10-14gp
Gold 80-120gp
Platina 200-300gp
Syriet 250-400gp
Obsidian 500-1000gp

3. Equip-able Items

3a. Smithed Armor, Weapons and Tools

Using the table below you can work out prices for smithed items based on the prices of the bars it is required to make the item.

ItemBars Required
Cauldron x3 Bars
Pickaxe x1 Bars
Dagger x1 Bars
Hatchet x1 Bars
Hammer x1 Bars
Sabatons x2 Bars
Medium Helm x1 Bars
Short Sword x2 Bars
Scimitar x2 Bars
Small Shield x1 Bars
Mace x2 Bars
Hands x2 Bars
Long Sword x2 Bars
Medium Shield x2 Bars
Chainmail x4 Bars
Legs x4 Bars
Large Helm x3 Bars
Axe x3 Bars
Large Shield x3 Bars
Two Handed Sword x4 Bars
Plate x5 Bars
Safe x6 Bars

3b. Special Armor

ItemPlayer PriceEully PriceNotes
Ogre Boots600-800gp600gp
Ogre Gloves500-800gp500gp
Ogre Legs1500-3000gp1000gp
Ogre Medium Helm325-500gp300gp
Ogre Plate1000-2500gp1000gp
Ogre Spiked Helm1000-1800gp500gp
Rose Crest Shield3000-5500gp
Rose Crest Plate Mail3000-5500gp
Lizard Headdress700-1500gp
Bat-Hide Gloves750-1500gpCosts 500gp and 8 Bathides to make
Bat-Hide Boots750-1500gpCosts 750gp and 10 Bathides to make
Centaur Helm1500-3000gp
Elven Helmet800-1500gp
Elven Gloves750-1000gp
Elven Legs4000-5000gp
Elven Plate3000-5000gp
Elven Boots8000gpOnly found at elven shop
Elven Shield5000-10000gp
Saurus HelmCosts 3 Saurus Scales, 3 Saurus Hides and 3000gp to make
Saurus ShieldCosts 6 Saurus Scales, 4 Saurus Hides and 3500gp to make
Saurus LegsCosts 5 Saurus Scales, 6 Saurus Hides and 4000gp to make
Saurus PlateCosts 8 Saurus Scales, 6 Saurus Hides and 5000gp to make
Dragon Gauntlets200K-350Kgp
Dragon Boots200K-350Kgp
Dragon Helm200K-350Kgp
Dragon Shield200K-350Kgp
Dragon Legs200K-350Kgp
Dragon Plate200K-350Kgp
Equites Manica50Kgp
Equites Tunic50Kgp
Equites Shield50Kgp
Equites Helm50Kgp
Equites Sandals50Kgp
Retiarii Extended Manica50Kgp
Retiarii Gaunlets50Kgp
Retiarii Boots50Kgp
Hoplomachi Leg Wrappings100Kgp
Hoplomachi Brimmed Helmet100Kgp
Hoplomachi Manica100Kgp
Samnite Shield100Kgp
Samnite Plumed Helmet100Kgp
Samnite Legs100Kgp

3c. Special Weapons

ItemPlayer PriceEully PriceNotes
Valera Sword1500-4000gp
Ogre Club900-1100gp850gp
Ogre Mace900-1100gp900
Rose Crest Sword500-1500gp
Pirate Falchion50gp
Lizard 2H Spear500-1000gp
Bear Claw3000=5000gp
Koban Axe750-2000gp
Centaur Axe500gp
Elven 2H Sword400-500gp
Stemosaurus Tail Spike2000gp
Waranerus Spike1000gp
Roodarus Horn90K-130Kgp
Pirate Cutlass250K-500Kgp
Pirate Hook250K-500Kgp
Keelhail Golden Cutlass1.5Milgp+
Retiarii Trident25K-40Kgp
Hoplomach Long Spear30K-40Kgp
Samnite 2H Sword30K-50Kgp

3d. Special Tools

ItemPlayer PriceEully PriceNotes
Ogre Pickaxe500-600gp500gp
Koban Pickaxe750-1000gp750gp
Elven Pickaxe500-850gp500gp
Bone Pickaxe5000gp
Bone Hammer5000gp
NetBought at Eully Market for 10gp
RodBought at Eully Market for 75gp
Bone Fishing Rod10K-15Kgp
Ogre Hatchet500-600gp500gp
Lizard Machette600-1000gp
Elven Hatchet60KgpOnly available at Elven Shop
Bone Hatchet5000gp
LockpickBought at Eully Market for 50gp
Bone Lockpick
TinderboxBought at Eully Market for 25gp
Bone Tinderbox15K-35Kgp
Witches Cauldron30K-75Kgp
Bone Cauldron5Kgp
Bone Spade5Kgp

3e. Speed Gear Including Boats and Horses range includes -6tt enchant

ItemPlayer PriceEully PriceNotes
Cheetah Boots2000-6000
Eagle Boots1500-6000
Witch Broomstick50Kgp
Lion Vest2000-6000
Wildebeest Pants2000-6000
Antelope Hooves2000-6000
Elk Horns2000-6000

ItemPlayer PriceEully PriceNotes
Beginners Horse1000gp
Brown Horse500-1500gp
White Horse1500-3000gp
Skeletal Horse5K-10Kgp

ItemPlayer PriceEully PriceNotes
Small Fishing Boat1000-1500

3f. Vanity Items

ItemPlayer PriceEully PriceNotes
Koban Shirt100gp
Koban Mask35K-100Kgp
Frost Hat2000-5000gp
Frost Shield2000-5000gp
Frost Vest2000-5000gp
Frost Staff2000-5000gp
Frost Legs2000-5000gp
Frost Shoes2000-5000gp
Frost Gloves2000-5000gp
Witch Hat2000-5000gp
Witch Cloak2000-5000gp
Witch Skirt2000-5000gp
Witch Gloves2000-5000gp
Witch Boots2000-5000gp

4. Food

4a. Raws

Note: Raws sell for 1.5-3gp - the table below will help you to calculate prices

ItemHealth Recovered
Shrimp 2hp
Frog 2hp
Sardine 4hp
Piranha 3hp
Herring 5hp
Catfish 5hp
Mackerel 6hp
Queen Spider Meat 6hp
Trout 7hp
Cod 7hp
Pike 8hp
Salmon 9hp
Giant Catfish 10hp
Tuna 10hp
Lobster 12hp
Bass 13hp
Swordfish 14hp
Shark 20hp
Parrotfish 22hp
Eel 24hp
Snapper 26hp
Crab 28hp
Grouper 30hp
Saurus Meat16hp
Platina Dragon Meat 18hp
Syriet Dragon Meat 21hp
Obsidian Dragon Meat 25hp

4b. Cooked/Grown/Drinks

NOTE: Food is 2.7-3gp PER Hp. Use this system to figure out the value using the Hps below.

ItemHealth Recovered
Radish 1hp
Beet 1hp
Carrot 2hp
Cabage 3hp
Bread 3hp
Onion 4hp
Tomato 5hp
Corn 6hp
Strawberry 7hp
Green Pepper 8hp
Spinach 9hp
Eggplant 10hp
Cucumber 11hp
Pumpkin 12hp
Apple 13hp
Pear 14hp
Broccoli 15hp
Peach 16hp
Orange 17hp
Plum 18hp
Avocado 19hp
Pineapple 20hp
Watermelon 21hp
Vervefruit 22hp
Fruit of Life 30hp
Cooked Shrimp 2hp
Cooked Frog 2hp
Cooked Sardine 4hp
Cooked Piranha 3hp
Cooked Herring 5hp
Cooked Catfish 5hp
Cooked Mackerel 6hp
Queen Spider Meat 6hp
Cooked Trout 7hp
Cooked Cod 7hp
Cooked Pike 8hp
Cooked Salmon 9hp
Cooked Giant Catfish 10hp
Cooked Tuna 10hp
Cooked Lobster 12hp
Cooked Bass 13hp
Cooked Swordfish 14hp
Cooked Shark 20hp
Cooked Parrotfish 22hp
Cooked Eel 24hp
Cooked Snapper 26hp
Cooked Crab 28hp
Cooked Grouper 30hp
Cooked Saurus meat 16hp
Cooked Platina Dragon Meat 18hp
Cooked Syriet Dragon Meat 21hp
Cooked Obsidian Dragon Meat 25hp
Keg of Rum 50-75gp
Beer 5gp
Elven Cocktail 5-15gp


Radish 2gp
Beet 2gp
Carrot 3-4gp
Cabbage 6 - 10gp
Onion 8 - 12gp
Grain 9 - 14gp
Grown Grain 5 - 6GP
Green Pepper
Fruit of Life

NOTE: Seed price vary greatly but a good rule is 2.5 or 3 times the amount of xp gained.

5. Gems

Amber 800-900gp
Avril 2000-2500gp
Beryl 2500gp
Diamond 750-850gp
Diaspore 3000-3500gp
Garnet 1000gp
Moonstone 600gp
Quartz 750-1500gp
Spar 2500-3000gp
Amethyst 6000gp
Lapis 10K-30Kgp
Carnelian 15000-20000gp

6. Chests

Small Chest 600-1000gp
Locked Tool Boxes (LTB's) 200-250gp
Locked Moldy Chest (LMC's)700-850gp
Locked Ancient Chest (Lac) 2500-3000gp
Locked Sarcophagus 3000-4000gp
Locked Small Chest 700-1000gp
Green Gift 20-45gp
Blue Gift 1000-4000gp
Red Gift 3000-5500gp

7. Orbs

Rat summoning orb 1500-2000gp
Heerchey teleport orb 17500-25Kgp
Pentenza teleport orb 1500-2000gp
Kanzo teleport orb 1500-2500gp
Bonebreaker summoning orb 5000gp
Griffin summoning orb 4000-5000gp
Gold Scaled Gaman orb 5000-7000gp
Gnome summoning orb 5000-10000gp
Elder eagle summoning orb 35000-50000gp

8. Other

ItemPlayer PriceEully PriceNotes
Wood 0.75-1.2gpFluctuates highly with amount
Saurus scale 3,000 - 6,000gp
Saurus hide 2,000 - 4,000gp
Hard Spider Silk 3,000 - 5,000gp
Soft Spider Silk 1,000 - 2,000gp
Bat hide 5 - 20gp
Torch 100
Fox Tail 5gp
Venomous Fang 5gp

Thank you to Tazz for adding table BB codes

Please note again this is just a guide, players can and will overcharge for items or may sell a lot lower to get rid of items they have and do not need if they have urgent needs else where...

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Cruz Nairb
05-04-2016 12:53

Nice work. I'm sure many in the community will appreciate the effort you have dedicated to this
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- Cruz Nairb of [InGen] -
03-05-2016 07:27

Thanks for this!
03-05-2016 13:03

This is a great guide.

Thank you Z3ll
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08-06-2016 11:37


Can you add in the seed xp?
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08-06-2016 11:46

TLGrounds can help with that
08-06-2016 18:55

cooked keg of rum .. that's new!
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23-07-2017 10:10

Say who pays more for platinum than 21 gp per ore, I'll sell it to him.
Platina ore - 20 - 21 gp per ore
Platina ore Eully price - 20 gp

Edited on 23-07-2017 10:12
23-07-2017 20:54

Last Updated: 03/12/2016

Edited on 11-03-2017 23:33

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24-07-2017 17:20

Thank you this is a really good guide, nice one ;)
30-11-2018 14:34

Just check

Lizard Machete, eully price = 100gp
Silver plate = 40gp
10-11-2019 18:41

Is the price or spider silk the same with the drop rate reduced?
11-12-2019 02:14

Is this still accurate?
03-02-2020 17:14

What about flowers? How much are the holiday flowers worth?
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04-04-2020 23:31

Hey everyone. Am trying to actively make a new one of these. Any prices of anything, even collectibles, please send to my inbox tyvm
02-08-2020 17:39

LLPCs and lpcs ?
26-11-2020 11:39

Can anyone tell me the current prices for the following please?
- Copper Ore
- Tin Ore
- Bronze Bar

Thank you!

Trade chat said 1.5 / 1.5 / 6 ea., if anyone else is wondering or can offer a perspective on differing values. Thank you again for any information you can provide.

Edited on 26-11-2020 14:48
27-12-2020 04:12

Platina, syriet, and obsidian ore are definitely in need of an update on this list. xD
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27-12-2020 10:19

I will try to get new items added and prices updated this week.
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