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28-02-2015 16:52

Currently there is 41089311 wood in Game, so plenty to spare!

Today we have launched three Contests at Rose Gates, Kanzo and Penteza.

First prize of 6kgp, second place 3kgp, third place 2kgp with an additional First prize of either an Elven Hatchet, Four Leaf Clover or an Invasion of the Winners Choice

These Contests will run for 12 hours - Good Luck!

Rose Gates #1 - 1 DarkFairyKali 1000 Kgs - messaged - chose 4lc
Rose Gates #2 - 1 Solunar 1000 Kgs - messaged - chose 4lc
Kanzo - 1 Talk2Bill 1000 Kgs - messaged - chose 4lc
Penteza - 1 Talk2Bill 1000 Kgs - messaged - chose 4lc

Moderator edit:
Thank You to all who participated in this Contest, Winners have been messaged and all chose a Four Leaf Clover

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Maranda March '13
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Koban Knight
01-03-2015 00:36

Good luck to all who enter! Thanks for the Events!
You and 5 players are attacking a Roodarus (211) at Castle Rose.
01-03-2015 02:17

If we have problems with wood, why not make it a donation process, the more wood entered the better the invasions every week? You want to get rid of wood we want invasions.. It's a win win
01-03-2015 05:40

1 Talk2Bill 1000 Kgs
2 Talk2Bill 999.99 Kgs
3 Kairuku 999.98 Kgs
4 Talk2Bill 999.97 Kgs
5 Warlordthurston 999.96 Kgs

Moderator edit:
Penteza Results
01-03-2015 13:19

How many did this take out of the game?
36th player to hit level 120 mining - 07/06/2013

Top 20 miner as of 23/11/2013 :)
01-03-2015 18:11

Each contest can take out as much as up to 1 million wood each. Considering my activity in the event, the number probably lies between 2 and 3 million wood total.
<--- OL Fodder

[W] 06:33 Doctor Noxious[A.D.]: and 100 players. thanks for being only my 100th :D

[To: doctor noxious] 06:34 Solunar[Choob]: Thank you for being my 100th player killer
01-03-2015 21:11

And with more than 40 million wood in the game I think more than 3 were needed if you seriously want to reduce that amount. A lot more people would participate if there was more chance of winning.
For the best construction service in Syrnia, message or [w] Pandike. At lvl 103 he can make everything! No charges and he can supply the wood!

R.I.P Dad 20.4.13
R.I.P Rizla 18.1.11
R.I.P Marmite 20.8.13
01-03-2015 21:42

I agree TermaMatrix.. I donated a couple hundred,but when i looked and realized that none of them was anywhere near close to winning I stopped since it became a pointless waste of what little wood I have in my opinion. I am not a rich clan or a Mega woodcutter with millions of wood and resources at my disposal.
And just so everyone knows it is pronounced Blaad - Droog.

10000 Bronze hammer sold for 100000 gold. (x 5)
01-03-2015 22:06

i put in 36K and won 2 is not that hard to win!
01-03-2015 22:18

T2Bill and others, how does one person manage to put in 36K+ wood? That's a WHOOOLE lotta clicks.

Edited on 01-03-2015 22:18
[3]19:56 tpbktktm[]BoS[]: Ross, you have gone out of your mind.
[3]19:57 RamblinRoss[]BoS[]: ...what mind?
01-03-2015 22:44

^ And my hand hurt a lot after the 27k I put in.
<--- OL Fodder

[W] 06:33 Doctor Noxious[A.D.]: and 100 players. thanks for being only my 100th :D

[To: doctor noxious] 06:34 Solunar[Choob]: Thank you for being my 100th player killer
01-03-2015 22:54

I sat at the computer all day and clicked as I watched my kids play minecraft
02-03-2015 00:48

Just a thought- maybe future contests we can submit bundles of items?

We'd extract far more wood from the game if you could submit 2, 5, or 10 wood at a time!

Wonder if there's any way the internal mechanics would support this...
[3]19:56 tpbktktm[]BoS[]: Ross, you have gone out of your mind.
[3]19:57 RamblinRoss[]BoS[]: ...what mind?
02-03-2015 06:22

^ Agreed

The heaviest of the bundle weighed 998.89 grams
[2]14:40 Jack the Reaper: I can give you my home address

[2]14:41 Jack the Reaper:

[2]14:42 (Mod)Moderator: Please do not give out personal information
02-03-2015 17:28

I have another solution to lower the amount of wood in the game.

To reach my goal of level 120 construction in the fastest way I need 21M wood
That is only half of what is available.
This wood will just disapear from the game and I'll get the opportunity to serve the community with even better services.

So if the people with the huge heaps of wood would share half of their wood with me, the other half would again be worth something.

Thx for any donation
Lvl 105 constructor at your service !!
I'll build anything available in game, free of charge.

No wood, no problem. I can provide the needed wood in construction at the going market rate
02-03-2015 17:30

So the point of this contest was to remove wood from the game? I don't see that anywhere in the original post.
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03-03-2015 00:58

a multi submit might work if there was 6 digits. As it was set up there was 100K per contest site. Add on digit and it goes to a million. That would greatly alter the outcomes.
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