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11-11-2010 09:22

Please note that Game Staff are fully aware of the practice by a few players of Harassment by Reports/Tickets.

This is done in one of several ways;

  • Baiting Players in Chat and trolling them until there is something to report, then repeatedly sending Chat Reports in on the same Players.

  • Posting inflammatory comments in the Forum and waiting for their target to respond and then sending in a Ticket to the Forum Dept, repeatedly requesting Action from Staff upon the reported Player.

  • If there is someone you seem not to get along with, please add them to your Ignore List and ignore any Posts in the Forum.

  • Game Staff will not consider any Harassment orders on one or two insults, Harassment is a long and prolonged situation and Harassment Orders are the last resort. Another Thread will be posted shortly on the topic of Harassment

    If the Reporting Player is found to have been creating the situation, they will be punished as well. Please read Section 8 - Player Harassment

    This is a Game where People come to log in and have fun, please respect others rights to enjoy a friendly chat and if you have issues with another Player then try to resolve it amicably first.

    Repeated offenders will be severely punished, this applies to Chat as well as Forum.

    Any queries or issues arising from this notification, please contact Game Information/Registration.
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    Only users can reply.

    Forum -> Announcements -> Player Chat Reports/Tickets - Harassment

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