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Scary Bacon
29-10-2019 18:51

I kind of want to take a poll here. What new or returning part/parts of this halloween did you like? What didnt you like. I think there is a lot to do. This may help with future events. Thank you for participating.

For me, I like that we have a first ever farming event.
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Mr. Addy
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29-10-2019 19:12

I like the fact Skull was given invasions to participate in. I do not like the fact that the NPC, as of writing, has not been to Skull. The event is still young and I remain hopeful Skull will receive their share of the NPC chase.
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29-10-2019 19:19

I think the mods/admin have outdone themselves this time. A lot of interesting things going on, a variety of creatures to fight, new items, anticipation built up before with long boats and invasions. Fantastic!

I'm not sure if the new location was part of Halloween or was just released at Halloween, but new locations are always awesome!

The artwork was incredible.

If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the invasions as I've been working my combat levels recently, so I'm right into the extra exp (although with the crowding, I think it evens out, lol). But there are more interesting drops that are probably only around for a short time.

Edit: After spending some time at Serpenthelm Farms, I would have to say it was a really excellent event. A whole lot more exciting than searching for Christmas decorations, for example, as a player could sit there the whole time and get some really nice things that they may not otherwise have been able to get plus a little bit of farming experience. This was the first year, for example, that I got any bone items, and I got all of them at the farm.

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29-10-2019 20:00

(+) I liked being able to pick up flowers while I was walking, like the Bloodmoon dahlia.

(-) I love reading, roleplaying games and games with well-developed lore like Renaissance Kingdoms (my fave), so I thought the legendarium entry for this event was well below-par.

(+) I also liked the massive range of events and monsters there were to fight. Alas, I'm too low level to fight them! Now I'm looking forward to fighting them in the future! xx
Ignis Mundi
29-10-2019 20:40

I really like pretty much all of the new items (Coral fish!! <3). I love the images from all of them. I like how there's simultanousely combat and skill events to clear. This holiday is by far the best and every team of the staff has done a field job. I'm floored by how much there's to do. The Syrnia team has done an outstanding job, and have outdone themselves by a huge margin. I'm sure there's been a lot of effort to making this possible, and i'm very thankful as a player and member of the community.

I'm very excited for the present, and future, of Syrnia.

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29-10-2019 21:21

I loved everything about this event. Specifically the new mechanic at Rose Gate with the farm was incredible.
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30-10-2019 00:29

I'm always a sucker for new content. Syrnia needs and deserves it. Event is 9.9 outta 10--just under Supah Mario Bruddas!

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30-10-2019 01:29

I love it all, new content Rocks!
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Mr Tiddles
30-10-2019 05:12

I like it all. It's awesome fun!
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30-10-2019 05:24

I like the new fishes,npc and the harvesting event at rose gates
30-10-2019 06:34


This is the best holiday I have seen in 12 years+ of playing.

And I always thought Halloween the weakest of the three.

What to like:

1. I like that updates were included in the holiday, it added more
force to the event. Made it fun overload. "Have you seen this?"
"What about this??" Hit us with impact, loved it.

2. Of course the new items and creatures are great, always are.

3. New locations, always.

4. Thank you for the flower updates. Slightly overdue if I have
to offer some mild criticism but hey, it's a free game.

5. Blood Assassin is a good riff on the NPC tradition.

6. I liked the spooky movement screen changes.

7. By far though I thought the Harvest the best. Broke some new
ground, nice rewards and you could do it AFK. I love chasing the
NPC but I have to work so the Harvest was well done. It was a great
and new thing.

For as long as I have been playing I would tie The Farm Event with
the Arch 5 expansion event as the two best things I have seen.
Original and fun.

What annoyed:

1. Small complaint. I may be wrong but I think you used to be able
to + dura bone equipment. I tried it with a bone spade, told I
couldn't. I understand the Skeletal gear is new, can't dura fine.
But why change the bone equipment?


Best holiday ever. As always, sincere thanks to Borneo for keeping
out refuge running and getting better. And all thanks to the Mods,
Programmers and Staff who work hard even with the big paychecks.

My Sincere Appreciation,

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30-10-2019 09:30

Things I Liked:

1. Images. The artist(s) really outdid themselves this year. My collection of things that look "neat" is really growing with this one.

2. The general camraderie shown by users every holiday. This is /always/ my favorite part of the holidays. Being able to chat with people who normally hide out in their clan chat as we try to discover where the NPC is hiding.

3. The Overall amount of the invasions. There are so many and obvious though was put into what was going to be placed where.

4. The quickness in which the orb issue was settled. I know I wasn't the only one a bit miffed at Rose Gates when the gsgs appeared.

5. The Harvest event! Its so nice to be able to do something that I've never seen in game before. I am really enjoying finding the random items and being able to swamp the clan sh with seeds ;P

6. Having the permanent location update during the event. Was like an extra little "Treat" for the holiday. (Even if I can't do anything there at my current level XD)

Things I didn't Like:

1. The person popping the orb at Rose Gates (This has apparently been fixed for all future holidays so Kudos to the staff!)

2. Not being able to get to my things at my Skull's Nose house! (You'd think during the banter in red chat before the event started just /one/ of the NPCs could have been like "Don't forget to grab your boats and horses so you can chase!" You know...before 5k+ creatures get whacked down everywhere.)

3. The general lack of the NPC going to places that pirates can get to easily. Mainlanders on the Mainland side of the OLs are getting 3 times as many chances to get something from the Assassin as Pirates on the same side. Would like to see him stop on skull occasionally.

Overall am having a blast! Thanks Game Staff!
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Dark Neroxus
30-10-2019 14:37

I thought the events so far are incredible the sheer amount received is very good but I think more so than anything I loved the response from the mods.

The Bug mod was incredible at communicating and getting to the root of problems as well as the coders in getting a fix quickly.

having communication to the staff is something long missed and I am really hoping it continues down the line with updates and older bugs fixed.

having the orb block out literally within 12 hours showed willingness from the dev team to listen and approach stuff either verbally or through action.

overall 10/10 hope they keep it up.

PS I am gonna be biased here but the art work is something I am very proud of and I am loving the feedback both positive and negative! it is how we grow as people and here is to many many more additions.
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30-10-2019 22:34

Dark - afaik the issue with Mariners Locker is not fixed, though that takes nothing away from the fact that I really loved the events If somebody has a fishing level between 55-64, and has no issues at Mariners Lockers, feel free to correct me!


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31-10-2019 04:03

I liked so much of the event. The new graphics on the travel pages were cool. I liked the amount of invasions, and the size of the invasions. Serpenthelm farms was awesome!

But really, the thing I liked the most...
I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. So many choices.

Well done to the staff that worked hard on this. I can't hardly wait to see what Christmas has in store for us.
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TSoH 4 Life!
01-11-2019 05:59

I don't have a single complaint. I'm pleased with every new thing that has been added this Halloween, and I don't take issue with any changes either. Thanks to everyone who made this possible
I love you so much, da. I know that you are resting in peace now, without pain. Thank you for being my mentor, my best friend, and my hero.

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01-11-2019 15:28

Thought this was the best event since i joined xx years ago.

The surprise updates, creatures, chests, farming dig, locations etc were great.

Thanks for all your hard work

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01-11-2019 18:24

I very much enjoyed the art work and combat events this year.

Thank you Holiday Team!
01-11-2019 20:21

I thought the team did a great job,I think we can tell alot of work went into this,
enjoyed the graphics made a nice change loads of events to choose from we were spoilt for choice.

Well done all mods who were involved in doing this ;)
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Mrs Dash
02-11-2019 01:37

Loved this halloween, especially the farming event at Rose Gates- Job well done team!
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02-11-2019 22:09

This was the best holiday I can remember in my 8 years. There was so much to do it was hard to settle. The farming event definitely stands out and I really loved the ghost text (after someone pointed it out). That would be fun to see occasionally at random times, random locations. New flower, new outfit, new creatures, all the lockeds... fantastic job. Thank you to all the team!
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02-11-2019 22:17

Seeing an active admin around chat for a while.

best event in years due to variety.
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