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09-10-2019 11:54

Before my disappearance due to a rl family death amongst other thing I loaned money from two players in repayment i was fishing at 1.1gp per hp.
I remember i owe barun but one other person who lent me some cash eludes me. I will know them once they speak to me.
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[2]08:49 (Mod)Moderator: Pawned by Vipers :(
Mr. Addy
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09-10-2019 12:12

Not I, but nice to see you back.
Eryn, Daddy loves and misses you.
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09-10-2019 16:34

Good to see you back mate - I'm really sorry about your loss
Glenn killed you at The Outlands 49.

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09-10-2019 20:38

Welcome back

Hopefully when you find them you can negotiate a better deal than 1.1gp/hp.
11-10-2019 05:34

It wasn't me but glad your back.
12-10-2019 04:32

Welcome back, Vipes. Sorry for your loss, happy to see you return.
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Forum -> General -> I lent money, no idea who from

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