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05-09-2019 06:34

I would love to see a mode added where players could have a second account with trading disabled to try and play the game completely solo.
Mr. Addy
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05-09-2019 09:49

Let's go with the technical about why this is not reasonable:

First off unless you were to disable the ability to drop/collect items you can bypass the need to trade with the drop trade. Slightly risky but it immediately negates one of your listed "challenges". You'd also have stockhouses if anyone ever joined a clan which again just ignore your challenge.

However if you also just follow one skill path you can pretty much avoid ever needing to interact with anyone. Some people have done this which means erm...we have that already in a sense. Hardly a new concept.

For the rest of it, how does simply removing the ability to trade create a sense of an Ironman difficulty? Traditional definition of it would be a "no going back", with every decision counting for better or worse and to that end to at least go somewhere on that you'd go with a concept of perma-death. I'm not going into that either.

In short: Terribly ill-thought out idea and I'm not even going to begin with why any second account is just daft, that's a given.

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05-09-2019 12:10

When I first started I kinda did that, quickly figured out that it was not fun and decided to interact with people and actually play the game.
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06-09-2019 05:12

Having a second account doesn't sound right to me...even if all potential ways to benefit your original account were blocked.

That said, can't you just choose your playing style as is (not trading with anyone, not being in a clan or using clan SH, etc.) to be fully self-sufficient? I don't see why a "mode" would need to be implemented for this.

Edited on 06-09-2019 05:13
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One Burnt Pea
06-09-2019 15:21

I've personally been suggesting that we add a new server without trades or clan stockhouses, doesnt seem right to have two accts in one servwr though
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06-09-2019 20:35

I would like to try playing syrnia like this, but I don't want to abandon my current account. Doubt this would get added though.
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One Burnt Pea
06-09-2019 23:11

If i was to get source codes for the current game, I would personally host a syrnia clone borrowing assets from syrnia with Borneo's consent. it's going to be exactly what syrnia is except everyone gets a fresh new account to play on
I will burn this world, and rule its ashes!
Scary Bacon
06-09-2019 23:33

Obp, that would destroy the game. This game has 2 things going for it. Old players and new players. That would basically seperate them and both would die.
Also, when would you have to do it again? Every 2 years? 2 months? A second server or a clone wont help the game. Working on this one will.

To the original feedback ideas. I say no to both. Everyone that tries to iron man stops after awhile. This game plays better when people play together. Im not sure if that was the original intent or by accident. Just dont trade or be in a clan, im not sure why anyone needs a game mode to do this. A huge no to second accounts. Others would have different reasons for wanting second accounts, letting everyone do second or more accounts for whatever their reasons also wont work. Just play one account. If you dont like what youve done so far, just change how you play now.

Just my opinions though, carry on with your individual perspectives, I still think the points you make carry weight and matter.
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Marin Karn
07-09-2019 15:30

This worked pretty well for Runescape, I don't see why not.
07-09-2019 15:37

this is not runescape
Dark Neroxus
07-09-2019 16:08

God no to everything on here bar Calgor and Scarebear...
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07-09-2019 16:18

Uh maybe just don't trade?
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09-09-2019 08:36

what Scary said
09-09-2019 13:20

I have basically semi-iron manned myself, I rarely trade *and mostly just for gp I collect and don't spend* and I DIY almost everything not depending on clans. *with exceptions for construction* You don't need a game mode to do it.

You can always have the moderation freeze your account so you can make a new one for a pure ironman attempt.
10-09-2019 17:51

R.I.P. Tony Stark
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10-09-2019 21:45

Thanks king1104, now I want to see IronMan armour options for Syrnia XD

But to go back to the original question, we don't need a mode for that. People can choose to play a hard mode if they wish, no-one is stopping anyone in doing so.
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11-09-2019 00:26

The moderation is stopping me from doing so, because they'd freeze my account if I made another like this would allow me to do.
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11-09-2019 00:27

just restart the game. Its not so bad.
11-09-2019 01:09

Sounds like encouraging rulebreaking to me.
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11-09-2019 02:54

Yes, i am so encouraging breaking the rules. :insert sarcasm:
13-09-2019 00:15

Why not just reset everything upon death
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