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Mr Tiddles
25-08-2019 05:42

what's the coolest creature is in Syrnia?

My personal favorites are the Kobans. *yes i know thats a group class but they all rock*

make your answer and give a small description on them based off their exp, drops, name or whatever reason you think they are the coolest.
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Mr. Addy
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25-08-2019 05:45

I personally love the serpopard because it's exactly what it sounds like, a serpent leopard. These are a mythical creature that just seem so wonky it's hard not to love them.

#2 is Gaman because they have a racial hierarchy based on what they're made of so obviously they're more than mindless exp fodder we just don't understand them.
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25-08-2019 05:48

The Roodarus stands miles above all other creatures due to its exceptional ability to drive Tiddles past the brink of insanity
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Evil Mage
25-08-2019 06:37

I was always a fan of the evil mage
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*Ad Astra*
26-08-2019 02:43

I think bees are pretty cool.
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Ignis Mundi
26-08-2019 09:01

Expert Jesters! The name suggests they're extremely adept in the art of trolling
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30-08-2019 00:55

bonebreakers always drop the most expensive things
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09-09-2019 15:21

I think mummys because they are easy kills, give nice exp and drops and are also cute!
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10-09-2019 23:53

I like bonebreakers, and any creature with a tie to mythology.
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Cruz Nairb
11-09-2019 07:32

Mayan warrior.
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11-09-2019 14:57

The Dragons... nothing is cooler than a Dragon!

Edited on 11-09-2019 14:58
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11-09-2019 21:59

big bad bugs, the name alone says it all
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12-09-2019 22:10

gnomes gare gmy gfavrotie gcreatures
"That's What"
19-09-2019 02:51

Burnt Cod... You hit them hard enough (anything over 1 will do) and they tinkle and drop all of their stuff.
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Burnt Cod
19-09-2019 16:44

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19-09-2019 23:41

Vermin because its easy to kill and usually drops enchanted armor

On a serious note, I think the lizard family is cool. Sophisticated enough to kidnap anyway.
21-09-2019 19:23

2015-08-20 02:38:27 Lamb killed Lambchops
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