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One Burnt Pea
11-08-2019 00:02

Almost every game has a changelog and/or a patch note of some kind, I believe syrnia should be no exception even if it is as vague as:

New island added
Sloop fishing drops changed
Some creatures hit harder
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Mr. Addy
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11-08-2019 00:08

Kinda used to. Would like to see one restarted.
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Scary Bacon
11-08-2019 00:38

We probably will, but I believe Borneo wants us to discover things first, when and if theres an update. Usually it will be put in the announcements or help sections though. Borneo will probably read this, so if he likes the idea of a change log, we might see something like that.
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11-08-2019 00:59

I do like this idea, however i've always enjoyed how updates have happened in the past. It's usually a lot of forum posts and discussion of people collating informaation theyve gathered and trying to piece it together. That's something that's made this game. So my thoughts lie split 50/50, both are exciting!
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Anascan and Proud
11-08-2019 01:30

I fail to see what the element of surprise has to do with whether or not to implement a series of patch notes, you just keep them quite vague enough to make it clear something added but doesn't give anything major away.

This is just a basic design principle to inform your user base of changes, allow them to be on the look out for bugs in relation to that new feature area or interactions with existing and the new content and general evidence that something is actually happening.

...of course to have patch notes there has to be something which actually is new/changed.

Edited on 11-08-2019 01:31
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Mr Tiddles
11-08-2019 01:41

Red chat.
keep it vague.

Inform players of the island the update has happened.

"Redchat: Something strange has been happening around Lisim"

players will discover it and then the players will usually make notes on it and get the details out via forum post..
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Ignis Mundi
11-08-2019 01:56

+1 Yuuko, pretty much my thoughts as well
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Dark Neroxus
11-08-2019 11:58

I agree with keeping it vague, I would like a record to show players new and old that stuff has happened at intervals.

I would love to see them on the log in screen again showing like.

xx.xx.2019 Update to combat drops.
xx.xx.2019: Bug fixed that now forces players to log out.
xx.xx.2019 new creatures found in syrnia

even if incorporated in forums, have bug fixes explained a bit but any updates in terms of content can easily be shared without giving any of the surprise and joy away.

I mean it aint like we have a whole forum post of hints from the admin what a lot of stuff is and will be ;)
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16-08-2019 07:34

I will intentionally keep some things vague as it is part of the idea itself. Other things will be fully disclosed and explained with details being given to guides to answer questions. If we do a "fix" or "change" to something like drops at a forest or by a specific monster, I will probably discuss in world chat and update the manual accordingly. This is why we are working on getting it sorted right now.

Not everything fits in a nice pretty box so things will be released in different ways.

Hope that helps
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16-08-2019 16:38

There is a changelog brief in home page after login
You can make it a separate page with timestamps
Many people return to game and ask about new changes, they can just visit this page and check changees.
16-08-2019 19:20

So, what about a public log containing all [0] red chat, update related thingythings, somewhere on the website for all to see?
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16-08-2019 20:52

If I was a new person, seeing patch notes with recent updates would make me feel more excited about the game and more likely to stay playing.
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One Burnt Pea
17-08-2019 08:04

Like i said in my original post, it can be very vague, as vague as

New island added.

What i want to see is that statement and a date attached to it, preferably in the login screen where the latest update states game hasnt been touched since 2008.

Tl;dr can someone with working knowledge of game updates post red chat as soon as changes roll out, and maybe someone else can sum up "interesting things borneo says" thread into a date and change log?
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