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10-07-2019 02:20

I'm sure this has been suggested in the past--to have an entirely novel idea these days for a thirteen-year-old game would be impressive--but I would be remiss if I were not to at least bring this up when it came to me.

Four-leaf Clovers are incredibly rare items found by leveling the 'Speed' skill--by walking. I've personally not found one myself in my time, but I'm sure it would be a strongly dopamine-filled moment.

Four-leaf Clovers are also highly valued items, sought after by collectors simply because of their rarity.

The same sort of thing applies to any item, character, et cetera... in any sort of game that has a low drop-rate / encounter rate. (e.g. shiny Pokémon. [Pretty much my favorite part of Pokémon games is shiny hunting.]) It just feels good to beat the odds and stumble upon something rare.

My suggestion:

I personally believe that adding a unique, elusive item to each skill would be a great way to "spice things up" here. Unnecessary in the face of other, bigger updates? Sure. But they could be a ton of fun, and shouldn't be too cumbersome to code. These items could be something decorative like the Four-leaf Clover, or something with an actual in-game use. I know personally, I would always be hoping in the back of my mind to get one of these with whatever I'm skilling at the moment.

Let's talk specifics. They should be rare. Really rare. Like.. it's a huge deal when someone posts in the chat that they found "1 Golden Anchor while fishing!" (terrible example, I know.) and collectors are messaging him/her en masse to purchase it. I'm not certain the actual drop rate of a Four-leaf Clover, but Speed is an active skill, so the drop rate of items from any afk-able skill should be massively lower. (If Four-leaf Clover is say.. 1/10,000, make these other items 1/100,000 to balance active vs. inactive reward.)

Heck, the items could all be lore-driven if you want to take it that far. (Looking at you, Kari. ;) ) They could tie into stories from the Legendarium, or simply parts of the Syrnian world to make them more than just basic, uninspired items. (Just an idea, and not necessary.)

I just think it would be fun to always have that teeny tiny chance to get something super rare from whatever you are doing in Syrnia, and I rest my case.

Edit: I also want to say that I know a lot of vanity items have been added in the recent years from events. I don't want it to be anything like that. Honestly I'd be happy if these were never given out during events to keep the rarity how it should be. I don't want there to ever be an overabundance of these items like what sort of ends up happening with the new vanity items.

Edit 2: Electric Boogaloo: Changed, "so the drop rate of items from any afk-able skill should be massively higher." to, "so the drop rate of items from any afk-able skill should be massively lower." Also added an example to help you understand.

Edited on 10-07-2019 06:34

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10-07-2019 02:26

I like it.

Edit: Can the fishing item be a golden anchor, actually? I like that.

Edited on 10-07-2019 03:45
10-07-2019 02:30

Great Idea
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Ignis Mundi
10-07-2019 02:36

I don't have any qualms in this being implemented. Nice idea!
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Scary Bacon
10-07-2019 02:36

I have always been all for this idea. Yes, its been suggested before, and i think well received too. We have had some like this added, the special gems for mining, woodcutting, and fishing. I am sure you mean more something that represents the skill, like a golden rod anchor, or a scale for trading, fancy garden rake for farming. Another suggestion I've seen is skill outfits. We have one for thieving. All that being said, I do believe these have been considered and are likely on the list already. It cant hurt to keep resuggesting them to keep them fresh in the developers minds though.
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10-07-2019 03:08

This is an amazing idea & would bring loads of excitement
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10-07-2019 05:09

It's always nice to have an additional reason / incentive to train or spend time on a or another skill.

I like the idea mate, lots of potential there.
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10-07-2019 09:33

As long as it has some kind of use for the skill. im all for it.
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10-07-2019 09:56

Yes I like this idea
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10-07-2019 18:59

"dopamine-filled moment"

What I had when I found my first clover. Had been playing 7 or 8 years, high speed level and I just sat there stunned.

So yes, fully support, adds a very nice element.
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10-07-2019 21:43

very nice idea, and including all skills would be cool
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10-07-2019 21:47

Jade, Serendebite, and Lapis already exist, but I suppose more could be added to skills that don't have em

Edited on 10-07-2019 21:47
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10-07-2019 22:01

I would like a wide range of rare items to be unique, so that only one player at a time can own one. This would allow players to truly personalise their look, and to possess unique power-ups, instead of merely suiting up from a wardrobe of generic items.
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11-07-2019 21:42

Great idea, when I found my 4 leaf clover I roared with delight, I had to then explain it to my wife!
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