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07-07-2019 18:54

Hey guys.

Who do you think shall meet in the finals and who will win?

I am hoping for England vs New Zealand, just so we have a new winner. Would love NZ to win the thing but England are probably the better team right now.

Mr. Addy
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07-07-2019 19:50

India vs Australia
09-07-2019 07:12

Ahnaf..good to see you logged on. With Australia's current injuries I doubt we will even make the final. Might be England /India final.
09-07-2019 11:01

Hey man. Good to see you again.

Yeh the Khawaja loss might hurt Australia, especially if the replacements fail, though if I know right, the replacements were in red hot form. Would be nice to see them fall just for balance, ya know?

5 WCs out of 11 is amazing and Australia have never lost any of the semis they have been in before.

Be interesting how today's match plays out.
09-07-2019 12:40

Khawaja isn't the be all and end all, we have many more suitable replacements.
But having seen what we are up against I would anticipate that the 4 semi-finalists will be from Aust, Eng, Ind and NZ. Given the possible matchups and form of key players, I will say that the semis and final will be a cracker of a game.

Being patriotic I will say AUS will prevail.

NZ are a dark horse and always have been. Lance and Richard proved a LOT wrong.
India are prolific run scorers/chasers, their bowling leaves a bit to be desired.
England - arguably the best all-round team.

My prediction is:
England v New Zealand final
(caused by 2 chokes in the semi)

I forgot to predict the winner - NZ for the win

Edited on 09-07-2019 12:41
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11-07-2019 14:18

My hopes of an England vs NZ final increasing with each aussie wicket, what's happening today? :o
13-07-2019 02:29

Very Glad to see a England New Zealand final. Although I am an Aussie I am still pretty bitter about Smith and Warner even being allowed to play (No cheats tolerated at my club!)

Hoping the New Zealanders take the victory on Sunday but England has the far better team. Kane Williamson for man of the Match with another sparkling innings.
Scary Bacon
13-07-2019 07:15

Go team USA!
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13-07-2019 08:36

@elftron Totally agree about Smith et al. I don't follow cricket anywhere near what I used to before the cheating. It's almost as bad as the Indian ball tampering.
Why would I shoot a bloke BANG, then carry him to the bloody car and wizz him off to the hospital at a hundred miles an hour? It defeats the purpose of having shot him in the first place.
14-07-2019 00:12

I thought this was going to be about wrong chats concerning cricket.
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14-07-2019 20:39

New Zealand had some very bad luck. that 4 off the bat while diving changed the tide
15-07-2019 05:35

Yeh, yesterday's final was a story of all the luck going England's way, not to forget that last catch that was eventually a 6.

Do wish they would have gone for one more super over instead of letting an incredibly random measure decide the winner.

England are worthy winners though. Huge credit to Stokes for finally finishing off a match, he ran out of partners the last few times he tried.
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