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12-06-2019 04:52

Welcome to Syrnia's first ever player and clan based event. Over the next few weeks, all players and their clans can fight invasions, work extra skill events, open chests and donate items to their favourite (or all) Master of Magic.

Myzad the Fearless
Master of Tides, Seawolf of the Storm ridden Seas.
Water Wizard.
Seashell Symbol.

Midnight Silverbeam
Grand Druidess of the Stars.
Nature Druid.
Acorn Symbol.

Archmage Kreechor
Koban Sorcerer, Underlord of Arch Caves and the Silver Scaled Gamans.
Earth based wizard.
Emerald Symbol.

Helping the different masters will gain symbolic points from that Master that will count towards your clans’ total favour in the eyes of that Master. While helping the others will count against your clan, although personal rewards are unaffected by whichever Master you assist (after all swaying players to their side is what they desire). The more active your clan is towards a certain Master the greater your chance of become that masters Chosen Clan.

While a little vague and no doubt some players will have many questions. Just enjoy the events and see what happens during the events.

Grand Prize
A full day of celebrations in honour of the chosen clan.

What does this mean?
IF your clan ends up being the chosen clan of the Master that is victorious, that master will dedicate a full day of events for your clan, created by your clan. The leader of the winning clan will get to work out a full day of events celebrating your clan. What creatures invade, what skill events happen, what descriptions are on each skill event (i.e.: Mr Moddles gold mine at Ogre mines) all in honour of your clan. There are a lot of restrictions (both by guidelines and availability in Event tools) so flexibility by clan leader is needed and lots of working out before all details can be ironed out to make the day fun.

These restrictions will be sent to the clan leader in a ticket so the chosen clan can work around them. If you have an inactive clan leader, you will be given the chance for your clan to nominate a spokesperson for your clan.

There will be many rewards and prizes given away to players over the following weeks, including a lot of random prizes so players of every level will have chances of being rewarded by the Masters. Also, random clan prizes will be awarded, as the Masters try to bribe everyone and every clan to help their cause as they fight to become the ultimate Master of Magic!!!

Back Story -abridged version

3 wizards learn magic.
3 wizards shape various parts of Syrnia.
3 wizards have a falling out.
2 wizards banished, 1 wizard leaves.
They have all returned.
There can be only one!

Full story available in Legendarium.

More in-depth details of the event.

Hail Syrnians (and ex-DW members)

I am the new Event Mod (going by REM or Roleplaying Event Mod) and using Bex as my go-between just to give her something to do (and hide my identity like all super heroes/villains). I am hoping to make Syrnia just a bit more interesting while we wait patiently (well somewhat patiently) for some real updates to happen. So this MoM contest is the first of what I hope will be many interactive (for Syrnia at least) events to enjoy in the near future.

Time to answer a few questions regarding this contest to help players and clans get the best from MoM.


There will be many rewards/gifts/bribes for players as the Mages throw seeds/locked/gems and more, to get you to work or fight their invasions. So don't worry too much about the clan aspect of rewards, while it is the Grand Prize it is nothing compared to the amount of player prizes that will be given out over the next month or so.

Symbolic points - how do I get and for which Mage?

There will be themed invasions/events/chests starting very soon (This first large set of events was just the Prelude so no Points involved). They will be based on the personalities of the mages with certain skills and creatures under their control.

You will get points just for doing any event no matter whether you get top spot or last spot but the number of points will naturally differ.

With one catch, the bonus Points. Bonus Points will be random given at most locations just by participating so newer and not so active players can get lucky and gain some nice points for their clan (although it could mean the top players gets first spot points and bonus points, the greedy little so-and-so).

Entering the various collection events will provide nice points for your clan as will opening Combination chests. Also keep an eye out for a forum contest or two.

The red chat plus event descriptions should inform you which Mage is currently sending that particular event and which mage is trying to counter it (they are fighting each other after all). Some events will be preset to hit while I sleep so no Red chat but I am sure the smart, intelligent and good looking players of Syrnia will soon work out which events are associated with which Mage.

Skill events
Skill events will give you points towards the Mage that sent it and should have the mages name in description.

Creature invasions
Creature invasions will also give points towards the mage that sent them, with each mage assigned certain creatures (covering all CLs) to match their personality. (eg, Kreechor will send Gamans while Myzad likes sending pirates.)

How points will work?

"While helping the others will count against your clan" this line was actually a misrepresentation on my part.

It should have been "While helping the other Mages will count, it will be at a reduced rate."

Basically means you will get full points for the Mage you get the most points for but less for the other two Mages. Half of Symbols for Mage your get second amount of points for and One Third for the Mage you get least amount of points (rounded up).

Using Bex as an example; after all the events have finished, she has 20 acorn points (Midnight), 10 Seashell points (Myzad) and 6 Emerald points (Kreechor)

So TLO would receive from Bex's effort:

20 points to Midnight. (full points)
5 points to Myzad. (half the points she got)
2 Points to Kreechor. (third of the points she got)


Being the first event of this type attempted, there will be teething issues but I will be learning from it as well as taking many notes/data in hopes of improving future events and I do hope to bring back Capture times to invasions soon but for now collecting as much information from these events first.

Hope you enjoy the events and it improves your Syrnian experience even if just for something different for a while.


Creatures of the Masters

Hail Syrnians,

Latest update on what is happening with the Masters of Magic. I was able to infiltrate the camps/lair of all three Mages and seen what armies they have been able to recruit to their causes. I figured it was only fair to warn all Syrnians which creatures will be sent by each Mage. Also fighting these creatures will gain you points towards the Mage that sends them/army they belong to.

Note: the number in the bracket is the CL of the creature.

Myzad the Fearless...(Seashell points)

Rat (1)
Pirate (6)
Dread Pirate (12)
Keelhail Pirate (18)
Roughneck (24)
Pegleg (34)
Buccaneer (47)
Hooked pirate (60)
Deep sea monster (125)*Group fight.

Midnight Silverbeam...(Acorn points)

Bug (1)
Young eagle (5)
Big bad bug (7)
Elder eagle (18)
Black bat (22)
Dark widow (31)
Centaur (38)
Griffin (44)
Giant scarab (50)

Archmage Kreechor...(Emerald points)

Giant spider (2)
Bandit (8)
Sorer hunter (17)
Sorer queen (19)
Stone gaman (24)
Iron scaled gaman (33)
Koban miner (34)
Koban mothman (36)
Steel scaled gaman (52)
Koban protector (58)
Gold scaled gaman (66)
Platina scaled gaman (79)
Syriet scaled gaman (92)
Obsidian scaled gaman (105)
Puranium scaled gaman (118)

Group Fights
Waranerus (128)
Honurus (149)
Stemosaurus (183)
Roodarus (211)

All the Mages look ready for action and I imagine that the campaign will begin in earnest any day now.

12:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: cant believe i agree with bex, but she is right!

06:58 Borneo[C.]: Bexy is a rockstar

15:50 Evil Mage[~ADV~]: I am a pretty much useless tool on most days :P
Mr. Addy
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24-06-2019 11:39

Here is the current MoM Leaderboard*

Hail Syrnians,

After 1st round of events, here is the current clans and players with the most Points*. The points are very close for most mages and no doubt still any player or clan could emerge victorious.

Acorn points


1st - World
2nd - CLEAN
3rd - ~FoS~
3rd - CFH
4th - TSoH
5th - TLO
6th - Choob
7th - A.D.
7th - Corps
8th - O.G.
9th - *TF*
9th - ~one~
9th - Hobos
10th - Drunk


1st - Alissera
2nd - One Burnt Pea
3rd - Gargonite
3rd - lilfirecracker
4th - Greensky
5th - Aelias

Seashell points


1st - CFH
1st - World
2nd - CLEAN
3rd - Corps
4th - TLO
5th - ~FoS~
6th - TSoH
7th - *TF*
8th - Choob
9th - O.G.
9th - Zen
10th - Home


1st - Lamb
2nd - Arivae
2nd - Foozard
3rd - Duppi_Dude
4th - tim408
4th - Z3ll
5th - 00hed
5th - Dark Neroxus
5th - jamestowner
5th - Raj
5th - Takisha
5th - TermaMatrix
5th - Xerano

Emerald points


1st - CLEAN
2nd - TLO
3rd - World
4th - O.G.
5th - CFH
6th - ~one~
7th - TSoH
8th - Corps
9th - A.D.
10th - ~FoS~


1st - Bratuuu
2nd - Integral
3rd - Felix
3rd - Foozard
4th - Charest
4th - hillys
4th - Miss Bubbles
5th - John

A full list of clans and players with all their points will be available once the events is finished, for those that wish to see a huge pile of numbers.


* This leaderboard is the unmodified version - as it says above, players will only give full points to clan for the mage they helped the most, then half points for the next best and a third of the points for the mage they helped the least and the leaderboard is only showing full points in all mages as a guide to how things are looking so far. This should also even out the points more for the smaller clans and organised clans that target certain mages.
12:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: cant believe i agree with bex, but she is right!

06:58 Borneo[C.]: Bexy is a rockstar

15:50 Evil Mage[~ADV~]: I am a pretty much useless tool on most days :P
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