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One Burnt Pea
03-06-2019 17:33

RIP June 3rd, 2019

Sirbobbyan was my best friend, and the reason why i got into Syrnia all those years ago, but today I got a call from his family saying that he's taken his own life, the stress brought on by student life was too much fot him. While he hasn't been active the past few years, I thought I would share for his former AFK clan members.
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04-06-2019 00:10

It's always sad to hear about the loss of a Syrnian. Condolences to you and the rest of his loved ones.
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04-06-2019 09:28

Im really sorry to hear this
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06-06-2019 23:12

I'm sorry for your loss, and for his.

Syrnia will remember.
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07-06-2019 02:47

Sorry to hear this. RIP
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