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Mr Tiddles
09-04-2019 01:40

Touch screens and technology are outpacing the outlands...

Please look at the above picture and ask yourself.. Why not?

Edited on 09-04-2019 01:53
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Mr. Addy
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09-04-2019 02:29

It seems like letting players keep their cursor to heal hovering on the same side of the screen as the attack link would be an unfair advantage to donators in my opinion.
09-04-2019 04:57

Auto healing would make outland unfair
One Burnt Pea
09-04-2019 06:10

You know what would make the outlands really nice?

Having an option that turns off friendly fire between clannies and listed allies
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09-04-2019 22:13

+1 OBP
10-04-2019 01:08

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10-04-2019 01:17

No, seems rather uneven at that point. Also no to OBPs idea, it's part of the risk, deal with it.
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10-04-2019 01:39

No ... giving people who donate an advantage over others unable to do so would start leading this game toward a pay to win. That would destroy the game with that kinda nonsense
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10-04-2019 02:04

only donation option for OL i can think of is if tells you how many people there are in OL before you sail, will help noobs now how dangerous it is to cross at that time, but in general i say no to any changes

Edited on 10-04-2019 02:06
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10-04-2019 13:16

No to all of it xD keep it how it is.

There is not a lot really wrong with the concept and delivery of the Outlands to warrant any donation options.
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Rex Homicidium
10-04-2019 17:26

The real question is why didn't you kill Borneo?
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11-04-2019 01:09

^^^^ lol Rex

I don't do much OL combat... but I love this idea. People will complain because it's an 'unfair' advantage but that's kind of the point, no? All the other donor options that are in place give some sort of an advantage over others so why beef on one more? People expect creators to pump their sweat and tears into a game and give it to them for free. This will help people who are active in the OL (who all pretty much support the game in one way or another) who don't have a touch screen.

With that said... could maybe nerf it so it caps? like 5 heals in a minute using the quick link? IDK :/

Edited on 11-04-2019 01:16
11-04-2019 01:58

solid idea but if its added it should be added for everyone
[2]02:15 (Mod)Moderator: Twitchiwhatchamicallit!

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11-04-2019 05:24

Dont change it let it be the way it is.
16-04-2019 13:34

Corps for Syrian Life.

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[2] 13:27 (Mod)Moderator: Ankit muted

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18-04-2019 04:02

I like the idea minus the donation part. Put it in to play for everyone. That way no p2w complaints.
Also: add a level 25 forest to OLs
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