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Demon Zito
14-03-2019 10:00

I have begun development on a singleplayer Syrnia-like text-based game but now realize that the whole concept may be fundamentally flawed... because personally, the whole enjoyment of Syrnia is the community aspect.

For example:
- Leveling stats is useless because the whole fun is competing against others for highscore rankings.
- Can't see others in towns so the world would feel empty. (Mitigate somewhat with the addition of NPCs but it wouldn't be the same)
- No chat to break the monotony of waiting for timers to tick down.

Well anyway, I'm interested to see if anyone here has any ideas as to what could make this sort of game feel less lonely
Shizuma mai waifu
Mr. Addy
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14-03-2019 10:06

when you said single player, I just thought you meant no clans, so you could still see people in towns and have a general "world chat", just no clans and clan chat... but if that's totally not what you intended it to be I have no idea how to fix the "problems"
Demon Zito
14-03-2019 10:14

Yeah its pretty much going to be completely singleplayer. Probably will just implement a leaderboard at the bare minimum. :>
Shizuma mai waifu
14-03-2019 10:23

From a game designing perspective, I agree that the concept is flawed if you just go for Syrnia-clone but...

1)Draw inspiration form the world and feel of Syrnia, to set up a nice, living world of your own.

2)Set the player to start explore the world.

3)Have this world be hostile and rewarding to the player, so by gathering, crafting and combat he'll overcome the dangers of it.

You'll need your player to "compete" with the world in a sense, something along these lines.

Some simple thoughts for now (I'm at work xD)
One Burnt Pea
14-03-2019 11:52

Without the community aspect, syrnia boils down to a incremental game. The trick to keeping the attention of your audience is to keep introducing new mechanics and things to discover:

Titanium is the newest ore right now, but in a single player game that is developed by you this doesn't have to be the case. Keep things fresh and interesting
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14-03-2019 20:26


Every single-player RPG has quests, a story that unfolds and keeps people invested in the game.

If there aren't any players to communicate with, you need some kind of story. That will give a reason to raise levels and make things. Leveling just for the sake of leveling is not going to keep people interesting, the prospect of using better tools at higher levels will not be a good enough motivation if there is no real use for the resources you gather or the things you make.
We can only be who we are, no more, no less
15-03-2019 08:46

Well you'll need to have NPC shops in order to allow the player to be able to buy and sell.
If the player has to do everything himself, takes away a lot of fun from the game. So you need to put up a good price for all the items in-game.

Second, you can have arenas where players can challenge other players (computer controlled), for a fee.

Remember the old days where we had to do quests to unlock locations on new islands? That sounds marvelous- rebuild towns through donating of items, fighting monsters, or even through clearing land (woodcutting).

You'll need lots of NPC quests too- gathering quests, combat quests, or even just action quests. Rewards could be gold, items, or even random exp.
15-03-2019 18:51

What if you do a single player mode, a mode which all data is cached right into the browser, just same old Syrnia but an offline mode, say if I'm on a car trip or on the bus I'd love it if I could play offline, I wonder if that's possible but I'd like it if that was the single player version.
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