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12-03-2019 19:00

We at WAR, We Are Raw, are recruiting, we know that quite a few players have been around for quite a while, and some who are new to this game, we would like to communicate that we are recruiting.

What we are looking for in a new recruit:

1)Communication (if after 90 days without prior communication, we will consider you inactive and no longer playing. We will also consider having you rejoin the clan with reasonable communication.

2)Team work- in any individual player. There are many skills to work on. The goal of any game is to have FUN. What you find fun is what is important. But we will not likely adhere to laziness or any sort of taking advantage. With that that being said, this is a game and we are willing to share to get you started, restarted or help you along. But we will have to reconsider doing as such (when this becomes a trend)

3)If an inability occurs to not being able to PLAY. Do your best... to communicate, if possible or feasible. We won't take anything personally unless you act with malice. But either way. Have fun, and ask how we can improve your GAMING experience.

If you would like to join our clan, we are all for considering you and would love to interview/have a talk with you.

If interested, please send a message to Aero's inbox.

Pleasant Gaming!
“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Mr. Addy
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20-03-2019 05:01

Only users can reply.

Forum -> Clans -> WAR is opening its doors & recruiting!

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