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Knight of the Abyss
12-02-2019 12:30

Ladies and Jellybeans, Boys and Gorillas!

The House of Lutrosis is Recruiting!

We welcome members from Remer to Kanzo, Highscorers and Newbies to enjoy a chill relax and very communal clan culture. We are looking for good friends to make and all types of personalities to rock up and active players to relax with and enjoy! Herr JamesLee, the legendary owner of this clan has placed it under me to Make Lutrosis Great* Again!

Flick us a quick message if you want to join, and we'll welcome you with open arms

To Finish, Here is a poem.

There once was a clan which had some fun
A clan which helped everyone
And then people had lives to live,
And had no more time to give,
But now this Clan has come again
Welcoming things that are so foreign
And people that aren't hard to miss,
But ask yourself, why the hell are you reading this

P.S We allow all species of entity from Peas to Balls of Cheese, to Cereals, To Pastas, To madlads, To Amphibians, To Smelly Boots, to Sirs, to Misses, To Teachers and more.

Definition of Great in the sense of recruitment is "an active community"
We Raise Starman Into The Stars ... Hosana to The Star god
Mr. Addy
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Only users can reply.

Forum -> Clans -> [Last]

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