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29-11-2018 07:14

I have had some past ideas and have gotten some newer ideas what you think?

One of the ways I was thinking a new event mod might make the game fairer for the pirates is to send an invasion to Skull. With about the same numbers of creatures as sent to mains (500) ish, a short capture time so they can spawn and get extra xp. I would also throw in some randomness about the invasions as follows

1-10 days after pirate invasion
2-8 locations on skull attacked
CL anywhere from 10 -66 (not added them all up but around 55 creatures could fit in that) this would also have a chance of being pirates of some level giving them a chance to get pirate weapons when they get coded .

these would be figured out from a random # generator or could go old school with DnD dice.

*** Probably better recent ideas

--Be able to make armor too at SH, to make profit

--Better gp rewards if captured a place, also more depending on time to defeat. market prices+ bonus 1gp per each item made in sh.(this would also mean resources used deducted from total.

-- maybe give top pirates 3 months? 6 tries each then get sent to Sanfew losing neg-fame.

--Take away captaincy, make invasions automatic when a predetermined amount of resources is donate.

any other ideas?

what you think?

**sidenote** When was the last time pirates were defeated? Last invasion I think?. when was the time before that? was it a year,maybe more? **

Edited on 29-11-2018 07:39
The citizens of Skulls nose wanted to thank you for your efforts in freeing the city from the Peglegs. You got 1285 gold bounty for your kills.

Zebby added 24 Pirate Crimson to Port Senyn
Mr. Addy
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Mr Tiddles
29-11-2018 17:45

eh.. just open up skull island.. full time...

that would take 30 seconds.. literally 30 seconds..

Invasions are a dead hobby.. but at least give chance for newer players to experience the island and training in stockhouse hang out in new chat channel and new forums thread...

players can go and leave as they please via using a keg at xanzo...
You and 5 players are attacking a Roodarus (211) at Castle Rose.
30-11-2018 09:57

No to everything apart from they can end player pirate captains anytime they want.
2/102 The Skeleton king struck at Deedar and did 99 damage., Your TRUE Syrnia resource!
30-11-2018 23:56

Love All!
All for one and One for all!!

The Gnome died. You got 13 strength experience.
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Strength level: 20 (41357 exp, 2083 for next level)
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Forum -> Feedback -> Pirate fixes? make it more even

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