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07-09-2018 15:10

Welcome to a game I call Syrn-IAY, here's out it works:

Every week, I will ask a Syrnian related question here,you leave your funniest, craziest, answers below, and the top 3 (or more, depending how many people play) answers that are my favourites, win prizes, including their name in the hall of fame(just there their name in this post)! Each person can only answer once per question, and any donations for prizes would be greatly appreciated. The prizes will vary weekly to change things up.

Remember, all your answers are funny and good, and it is really difficult for me to only pick a few people. If you didn't get picked, better luck next time!
So without further ado:

#1: When/What must be accomplished before one can call themselves a Syrnian? (answered)

The winners in no particular order:
• Glenn
• VipersLFC
• Aglarele

They each win 50 locked toolboxes! Message me to claim your prize!

#2: If you could only do one skill in Syrnia, what would it be? And why? (answered)

The winners in no particular order:

They each win 10 ambers! Message me to claim your prize!

#3 If you could change just one thing in Syrnia, what would it be and why? (answered)

The winners in no particular order:

They each win 10 moonstones! Message me to claim your prize!

#4 What is the best item in Syrnia, and why? (answered)

The winners in no particular order:

They each win their best item they stated. Message me to claim your prize!

#5 Where is the best location in Syrnia, and why? (answered)

The winners in no particular order:
•Cruz Nairb

They each win a Gold scaled gaman summoning orb! Message me to claim your prize!

#6 Give me your best 'Roses are red' Syrnia poem! I'll accept a maximum of 3 per person!

The winners in no particular order:

They each win a 5 roses and 10 locked toolboxes! Message me to claim your prize!

#7 Complete the sentence: "Syrnia is like..."

The winners in no particular order:

They each win a hardened spider silk! Message me to claim your prize!

#8 Give me your funniest/best Syrnian fact!

EDIT: Syrn-IAY has been cancelled due to lack of participation and funds until further notice.

Remember, I'm looking for your funniest/craziest/most original answers, and prize contributors will be much appreciated!

So leave your answers in the comments below, and I'll pick my favourites in the next episode of ̶Y̶I̶A̶Y, ̶L̶W̶I̶A̶Y, Syrn-IAY!

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A wild JR
07-09-2018 15:31

You need to be inducted into the Council of 35 Feesh

Only honest, trustworthy and honest players may enter
07-09-2018 15:40

When someone in real life asks why you save burnt fish instead of throwing them away and you answer so someone can steal it from my shop.
Scary Bacon
07-09-2018 15:50

When syrnias image is burnt into your phones screen.
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07-09-2018 16:27

you become a true syrnian when you live your life around bot checks
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Semper Fi
07-09-2018 17:14

When you're playing Syrnia on your wedding day. #Metoo
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07-09-2018 17:58

when you get your family and friends to join syrnia just to farm resources for you
07-09-2018 18:22

#1: When/What must be accomplished before one can call themselves a Syrnian?

1: Tutorial
2: See world chat
3: Want to quit

All link, in no particular order and having done all 3
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[2]08:49 (Mod)Moderator: Pawned by Vipers :(
07-09-2018 19:50

When the most visited links for your phone history are Syrnia and TLGrounds.
Noot noot!
07-09-2018 20:13

+1 Venus
You have killed 1000000 monsters/creatures,
Evil Mage
07-09-2018 21:32

When googles autofill feature has all possible botchecks entered
Cooking level: 149
Fishing level: 116
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*Ad Astra*
07-09-2018 22:01

Get killed at least once
07-09-2018 23:33

I like to cover up the 100s and 10s column of my timer with the forum page, this way it looks like I cook a swordfish every 10 seconds!
08-09-2018 00:12

When you constantly complain about the game, yet constantly log in and play anyway.
[3]20:29 (Mod)Ibiss[Order]: *Judo chops Thorn*
08-09-2018 00:42

1. Complete the tutorial
2. Accomplish at least one wrong chat.
3. Adopt a sleep schedule in 15 - 20 minute intervals to hit the bot checks.
4. Tick off the moderators for no apparent reason what so ever.
8th Member of the 1000 TL club
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TSoH 4 Life!
08-09-2018 01:28

You get off tutorial island with or without be killed.
2]20:08 That_Guy[Drunk]: Rofl! that was either lunacy or a strange form of genius...
08-09-2018 02:07

When you start making your family members do your botchecks xD
Gods Messenger
08-09-2018 02:25

One only become a Syrnian if:

They were sent a letter from Koolkitty from your outlands death.

Met Thor666 in the outlands and live to tell the tale.

Had a rough encounter with Cradle get by him just to run into Kyouji 6 spots later.

Caught a one way ticket on the Sanfew Express due to a +3 power blue balloon.

Met the 04:20 Lag monster that assaulted all players at the worst time and made you stop and hope or pray to the Syrnian Gods that you lived through it but, come to find out you were in sanfew for a full minute before the game showed you.

Had a shop stocked full with expensive items completely emptied prior to the "close shop" option while you were resting your tired eyes.

Lived through an entire 45 minute world chat seeing "Hail DW" or "Carpe Diem" waiting, just waiting, for the end of it or the end of your life..

Quit syrnia 3 times just to keep coming back because as you grow older you understand that once you are family, regardless of status, you are family for life.

You were decked out in full Gold+ gear on August 30th 2008 and changed into speed gear to go fish for the night to log in to see that you can no longer as of, 01 September 2008, use any of the items you worked so hard to get.

Only after completing one of these brutal tasks can one be truly named "Syrnian".

Edited on 08-09-2018 02:31
08-09-2018 12:09

10,318 hours since John Friddick asked you to bring one Rod to Derek Friddick.

John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Mining level: 103 (11853258 exp, 33333 for next level)
08-09-2018 17:15

When you survive the Lag Monster only to run into Blue Thunder in the outlands and die anyway.
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08-09-2018 17:28

you become a true syrnian when you, can run naked thru the OL ready to go kill some ogres, standing naked in front of a 7ft tall Vururth you then realize that you have no weopon of any sort, you run back naked thru OL, reach your house, grab a bronze dagger. filled with rage you once again streak naked thru OL only with with your dagger in hand, after wasting 1k hp you finaly manage to kill to Vururth and a few more of his buddies. And all you have to show for your efforts are two strawberry seeds lol...
08-09-2018 18:01

When you see smoke coming from a garden and walk in to ask the person behind the bbq if you can have the burnt fish.
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Cruz Nairb
09-09-2018 00:55

Completing the Valera Knight quests and killing the Bunyip at OL 96.
- Cruz Nairb of [InGen] -
09-09-2018 08:17

When the first thing you do when getting back to your computer is sign into syrnia. Even before checking to see if your best friends are logged into Discord.
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09-09-2018 15:33

When you think you leveled up in rl in cleaning and start shopping for an iron toilet brush.

You wonder why you're able to use steel wool to clean the sink when you never had to work your way up from bronze and iron wool.

Edited on 09-09-2018 15:39
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