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09-08-2018 12:23

Please ignore title
And Dregozone has pass due to my current afkness he is leader for a bit. My second in command.

Clan Snake welcomes all

This post will be different. We have since i came back gained five new permanent members. Now we are settled and everyone has all the items they need. Time to explain what is currently lacking in clan, with an aim to trimming down the fat from a rather wordy previous post.

So to sum up, we have fighters and cooks. Still seeking more in these roles. However we lack the following, miners, fisherfolks, woodcutters. These skills will feed others in clan. Now we will supply anything needed. We will pay market value in gp, or other items for any excess items you have.

That is it really, i am either loved or hated. I care little which, as the kind posts below show I am a clanleader with a vision who works his own personal tail off to help all in clan. That is how i am as a person. I don't really have goals until a clannie says he needs something we or I do not have. Now we do have fun, banter. So chat is only suitable for 18+. My one and only exclusion.

Edited on 07-10-2018 05:09
Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits
Both by Albert Einstein

[2]08:49 (Mod)Moderator: Pawned by Vipers :(
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09-08-2018 12:46

Thought this might crack you up. This is from our forum area where we have a list of enemies and this was the dialogue in there:

To: scaregilly] 00:29 stinkyjoe[MUTED]: which members have you talked to?
[W] 00:29 ScareGilly[Snake]: I've talked to more than the majority of them
[To: scaregilly] 00:28 stinkyjoe[MUTED]: you have never talked to all our members
[W] 00:28 ScareGilly[Snake]: Because all your members are annoying ?
[To: scaregilly] 00:28 stinkyjoe[MUTED]: and how do you know it you have never been in our clan
[W] 00:27 ScareGilly[Snake]: Because I know it
[To: scaregilly] 00:27 stinkyjoe[MUTED]: and how do u know this?
[W] 00:26 ScareGilly[Snake]: Because you're a rubbish clan ?
[To: scaregilly] 00:26 stinkyjoe[MUTED]: so why did u bad mouth [MUTED]?

Scaregilly and Viperslfc think of the back and forth's we've had in this game and the total MUTE time resulting from it. Too bad our clans are both shadows of their former glory.
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee?
With silence and tears.
09-08-2018 12:54

and another classic. Remember to read bottom to top obviously.

[2] 13:30 (Mod)Moderator: Moving along, whats the weather like?
[2] 13:29 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: so sure, calling somebody an idiot wouldn't be a MUTE, until they complain about it
[2] 13:29 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: probably now they would just chalk up you calling anybody a name harrassment and mute you for that
[2] 13:29 Viperslfc[Snake]: Wish mods would make up there minds lol
[2] 13:29 C B[D~M]: i know but that is what i was told just this morning
[2] 13:28 Viperslfc[Snake]: Used to be a mutable offence.
[2] 13:28 Sels[-DRS-]: *feels all warm and fuzzy from all the 'Lurv' in here! C'mon people, lets have a laugh?
[2] 13:28 Viperslfc[Snake]: Never used to be.
[2] 13:28 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: a muppet?
[2] 13:28 C B[D~M]: i was informed by the mods that idiot is appropriate Vipers
[2] 13:27 nirvanaishdude[~DoS~]: Rofl, pot-kettle.
[2] 13:27 Viperslfc[Snake]: Calling players idiot not too good either though really
[2] 13:27 brogs[Core]: calling people idiots what a muppet
[2] 13:27 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: oh, i'm playing alright
[2] 13:27 C B[D~M]: calling people scum? what an idiot
[2] 13:27 OLdemon[DLofD]: you would definitely not be playing, assuming this is your normal behaviour
[2] 13:26 Hotdog[Order]: Sorry, was in the kitchen making a drink
[2] 13:26 Hotdog[Order]: Tom!
[2] 13:25 aditya 21[MAD]: will try to
[2] 13:25 nirvanaishdude[~DoS~]: You're instignating stuff, scum. You don't have to vocalise it to put two and two together.
[2] 13:25 vip[CFH]: anyway leave it carry on what you doing!
[2] 13:25 vip[CFH]: use someother thing man
[2] 13:24 aditya 21[MAD]: why should i is there rule against it?
[2] 13:24 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: if maturation was in teh rules, there are a heck of a lot of you that wouldn't be able to play
[2] 13:24 vip[CFH]: aditya 21 please stop "lol" on everything
[2] 13:24 amwes1[Nem]: hi matt
[2] 13:24 Sels[-DRS-]: No Ami, we had a lovely punny time yesterday, it went to the Birds, not the dogs ;)
[2] 13:24 (Mod)Maggie[Fangz]: hi matt
[2] 13:24 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: lol
[2] 13:24 matt25876[~FaM~]: hey vipers, maggie, amwes,
[2] 13:23 matt25876[~FaM~]: hello wc
[2] 13:23 aditya 21[MAD]: lmao,lol,rofl's
[2] 13:23 Viperslfc[Snake]: Think calling players sickos might be against the rules too.
[2] 13:23 OLdemon[DLofD]: leaponover, very mature...
[2] 13:23 (Mod)Maggie[Fangz]: I expected more from you, you didnt even ring
[2] 13:23 aditya 21[MAD]: lol at leap
[2] 13:23 amwes1[Nem]: all the more reason to mute him then..all saddos together..this game is really going to the dogs
[2] 13:23 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: i expect more from you maggie, i'm disgusted
[2] 13:22 aditya 21[MAD]: dont mute leap he my friend
[2] 13:22 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: you people are sickos and should be ashamed of yourselves
[2] 13:22 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: besides, who's to say you didn't have a nice game of pool, exchange numbers, go home, date, get married, have children
[2] 13:22 (Mod)Maggie[Fangz]: you were the one put it in world chat
[2] 13:22 Viperslfc[Snake]: Innuendos look up the rules that deal with them.
[2] 13:21 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: lmao
[2] 13:21 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: and then the adult would give the answer tehy wanted, and that puts the responsiblity on the adult, not me in world chat
[2] 13:21 Viperslfc[Snake]: No but if a kid, you might then ask an adult.
[2] 13:21 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: so there is your answer
[2] 13:21 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: if you are a kid, you wouldn't assume anything from it
[2] 13:21 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: if you were an adult, you might assume something from it
[2] 13:20 vip[CFH]: *woders drunk mode is awesome*
[2] 13:20 (Mod)Maggie[Fangz]: was the rest of it
[2] 13:20 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: we talk about getting drunk all the time
[2] 13:20 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: i have not said anything wrong
[2] 13:20 (Mod)Maggie[Fangz]: have you forgotten this game is played by children
[2] 13:20 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: some people prefer the bathroom stall
[2] 13:19 aditya 21[MAD]: its ur case not urs leap
[2] 13:19 amwes1[Nem]: *leaves chat once again*
[2] 13:19 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: well, guess that doesn't go for everyone
[2] 13:19 vip[CFH]: haha leaponover
[2] 13:19 aditya 21[MAD]: lol
[2] 13:19 (Mod)Maggie[Fangz]: what?
[2] 13:18 kozmik[Fangz]: Hi Ami *hugs*
[2] 13:18 LeapOnOver[MUTED]: everyobdy give your kids a hug today and say "if mommy hadn't gotten drunk at that bar and there hadn't have been a pool table you wouldn't be here"
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee?
With silence and tears.
09-08-2018 13:00

Rather not comment on my mute time haha. I'm reformed mods honest.
Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits
Both by Albert Einstein

[2]08:49 (Mod)Moderator: Pawned by Vipers :(
10-08-2018 00:32

Best of luck Vipers on the recruitment
Total level is over rated, skilled with average is everything

- The difference between a successful person and others is not the lack of knowledge but the lack of will - Vince Lombardi

Joined: September 12,2009 - 20:10
10-08-2018 02:03

Hey Viper, long time no see.
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15-08-2018 05:37

Love you, Vipes! *hug* People reading this... JOIN. You will be glad you did!
I love my US Navy sailor! Thanks to all who have served or are serving!

[1]02:04 Cradle[~SaS~]: but the other speed items also decrease time? or do you have only boobs?
16-08-2018 02:54

Welcome back viper. I knew you under a different name, I wish you and your clan the best of luck.
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16-08-2018 06:53

Hisss Snake is great, amigo!
I love you so much, da. I know that you are resting in peace now, without pain. Thank you for being my mentor, my best friend, and my hero.

10/30/1954 - 2/25/2018
29-08-2018 21:02

i wish to apply
[2]22:21 VipersLFC[Snake]: Drego is my snugglemuffinlovemonster
31-08-2018 22:38

OMG! It's da Snake. Welcome back.
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