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Arch Enemies newEvert22-08-2017 22:238609 Hours, 22 Min ago.0
New [World] Adventure! newMarley01-08-2017 07:339116 Hours, 14 Min ago.0
The Art of War newAero14-03-2017 19:4012475 Hours, 6 Min ago.0
Are you looking for a new clan? newZ3ll04-04-2016 12:0812543 Hours, 14 Min ago.7
Fangz recruiting newkozmik16-07-2016 11:5418267 Hours, 51 Min ago.0
Golden Legion newLatvian_Knight08-04-2016 15:0720200 Hours, 18 Min ago.3
Order of Rose Knights [OrKs] newlister16-04-2016 21:4020442 Hours, 6 Min ago.0
The Syrnian Adventurers [~ADV~] newWalker10-11-2014 19:2232995 Hours, 24 Min ago.0
TKBs [The Killer Bears] newRydda06-12-2013 05:2641141 Hours, 47 Min ago.0
Possible solution. newMaggie20-02-2009 12:5667510 Hours, 54 Min ago.60
Snake basically restarting, newVipersLFC09-08-2018 12:238 Hours, 53 Min ago.9
Zen is looking for new members newGaztplymouth02-08-2018 17:04324 Hours, 6 Min ago.2
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